Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dudes & McSpeedy’s!

Our story begins when Super Dude and Young One headed off to a science convention and while Super Dude and Young One were away R-Man and Super Dudette were given the job of watching the apparent while they were gone. Now we go three weeks later and we see Super Dudette jogging on her morning workout. Super Dudette has a career as a supermodel and she has to keep in shape. But one day that would all change! While on her morning jog Super Dudette noticed a new fast food restaurant had opened up and she saw it was very busy. Super Dudette also noticed a lot of fat people were eating at the new restaurant. Super Dudette was very hungry and she decided to eat there. By the way this new fast food restaurant was called “McSpeedy’s”. Super Dudette soon entered the restaurant and when she entered it smelled awful. Super Dudette also noticed a lot of fat people pigging out inside the restaurant. Super Dudette finally made it to the counter. “Hi welcome to McSpeedy’s…may I take your order,” said the cashier. “What exactly do you have to eat here,” asked Super Dudette. “Free sample,” said the cashier. The cashier of McSpeedy’s handed Super Dudette a small slice of a hamburger and Super Dudette ate the hamburger slice. “Give me twenty hamburgers,” cried Super Dudette. Super Dudette became addicted to the hamburgers at McSpeedy’s and she soon ate there every day. Super Dudette was almost like a drug addict she couldn’t live without McSpeedy’s hamburgers. R-Man began to worry about her…but he got over it. Soon after three weeks…Young One came home early from his vacation and he had a surprise waiting for him. What is Young One going to see? Something that will make him sick for sure!

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