Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Big’s Cafeteria Time: Part 1!

Now we go to the True Heroes headquarters cafeteria, which is run by its only chief Mr. Big. Mr. Big is a fat man who is good at making fast food, he even owned a restaurant that made really fatting food, but the health department closed him down. “Hey Mr. Big, get back to work, now,” yelled Stork. “Ah, alright,” said Mr. Big. Then Mr. Big stopped eating a drumstick, and got back to cooking for the True Heroes headquarters cafeteria. Soon Igor comes running in. “Hello, can we have some more raw meat please,” asked Igor. “Ah, okay, but raw meat doesn’t grow on trees you know, this will be the last time you can get raw meat from me, I ah, need it to make the hamburgers,” said Mr. Big. Mr. Big gave Igor some raw meat. “Damn, I hate my job, but it’s all I got,” said Mr. Big.

(Mr. Big created by AJ Lu)

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