Saturday, March 1, 2014

Max Storm's Heroes Army: The Final Battle!

Soon the heroes army and the super villains started fighting each other in a mini war. Max Storm started fighting Demon King Skull. Max Storm and Demon King Skull were evenly matched and then Veg went to help the other super heroes. “Max, if I don’t see you again, you were my favorite student, now fulfill your destiny,” said Veg as he was leaving. Soon after a couple of hours of fighting Max Storm defeated Demon King Skull. “My power,” said Demon King Skull. Soon Demon King Skull was knocked out cold and then the demon skin went over to Max Storm. “I have no choice, I’m sorry Mike,” said Max Storm to himself. Then the demon skin formed a cocoon over Max Storm’s body. “Come on, let’s return home,” said Veg. Soon our heroes returned home and then Spy Lion’s clone started to feel sick. “Guys, go without me, my mission’s done,” said Spy Lion’s clone. “Don’t die again, I can’t live without you,” cried Ms. Condor. “I love you too, but I’m only a clone and nothing more, I know there’s another guy out there for you, and I will let you love him, X-Eye failed once again to make me a villain, but, I had control over the light in my heart,” said Spy Lion’s clone. Then Spy Lion’s clone turned into goop and then he was gone. Spy Lion was dead again and the world lost hero once more. “Even though he was a clone, he seemed like the original to me,” said Ms. Condor. Soon our heroes were back in The Gifted’s headquarters. “So, everything will be fine now right,” asked Dr. Strong. “Only time will tell,” said Veg. Now we go back to the demon realm where Max Storm was just crowned the new demon king. The demons in the demon realm where cheering wildly for their new king and Prince Pouchy, Demon King Mogw, Long, and Reaper were also in the crowd cheering with them as well. It seems Max Storm has accepted his destiny, or has he? Now we go to a meeting in Demon King Max’s castle with Hades and Rob the Ogre. “So, you understand the deal Hades,” asked Max Storm. “Yes, you’ll hand me the demon realm if I don’t try to take over the mortal realm, and you want me to take away the demon skin curse,” said Hades. “Now, this is your kingdom now, I guess you want to merge the worlds,” said Max Storm. “You know it,” said Hades. Soon using his godlike powers Hades merged the Underworld and the demon realm into one big world. Now Max Storm was no longer the demon king and the demon realm became a part of the Underworld. “What have I done,” said Max Storm to himself. I guess Max Storm started a whole new war between the darkness and the light!


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