Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Sith Vs. Sikios 4: Bigger and Bolder!

It’s been a couple of years since our last adventure. Now Sith and Sikios are still W.H.O. agents and they’ve have been tracking down Moeguya’s whereabouts. New W.H.O. agents include Abominable Man, Randy Metal Hands, Super Dude, R-Man, Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow), and Bucky Potter. Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) is the son of Sith and the nephew of Sikios. Bucky Potter actually comes from the real world because our heroes found out that the world they live in is inside a crystal ball keep in the Wise Wizard’s study. The Wise Wizard sent Bucky Potter to Sith and Sikios’ world so he could bring order to it. Plus if Moeguya was to die in Sith and Sikios’ world he would return to the real world. Also it was revealed that Moeguya has another son. Moeguya’s other son’s name is Vach. Vach is a very powerful warrior and the former best friend of Sikios. Before Sith was Sikios’ partner, Vach was Sikios’ partner. Sikios and Vach were probably once the greatest bounty hunter team ever until they broke up after growing apart. Vach soon became the villain while Sikios remained a hero. Our story begins when Sith, Sikios, Lester BarnSwallow, Spotty, and Bucky Potter were on a mission to find light crystals in an abandon light crystal mine. Light crystals are powerful enough to kill Moeguya but they are very hard to find. But when Sith and Sikios entered the abandon light crystal mine the mine began to collapse. Soon Sith and Sikios were trapped inside the abandon light crystal mine. Sith and Sikios awoke after the collapse and Binky Bear soon found them. “Who are you,” asked Sith. “My name’s Binky Bear….I was a miner who got trapped down here…you two better come with me,” said Binky Bear. Binky Bear then lead Sith and Sikios to a campsite deep in a cavern within the mine. Binky Bear along with his co-workers Stork and Claws have been trapped in the mine for more than 18 years. Stork also had a broken wing and Claws wasn’t at the campsite. Claws is a bit of a stoner and wanders off a lot. Luckily for our heroes Claws found Lester BarnSwallow, Spotty, and Bucky Potter while he was wandering. With the help of Claws, our heroes were reunited with Lester BarnSwallow, Spotty, and Bucky Potter. “Thank goodness you guys are alive…come on, we know the way out,” said Spotty. Not only were Sith and Sikios rescued but Claws, Binky Bear, and Stork were finally rescued that day as well. Luckily, Stork kept a backpack full of light crystals and he donated them to W.H.O. so they could use them to defeat Moeguya. Soon Claws, Binky Bear, and Stork were now W.H.O. agents and now worked alongside our heroes. Now we go to a conversation between Max Storm and Lion. “Lion, we found Moeguya and he attacked Cove City recently…people are starting to ask questions about where W.H.O. was when the attack happened,” said Max Storm. “Look…Moeguya isn’t the least of our worries,” said Lion. “What could be a bigger threat than Moeguya,” asked Max Storm. “The secret about our world,” said Lion. What is the true secret about Sith and Sikios’ world. Take it from me…when the W.H.O. found out that they’re world was inside a crystal ball I would question the reality of our world!

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