Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Stork’s Kart Racing 2010!

“Hello and welcome to Stork’s Kart Racing 2010, I’m your color commentator Deer, and with me is my co-commentator Binky Bear, well we may have said in the past there’ll never be another Stork’s Kart Racing but now in the first time in a year we’re back baby,” yelled Deer. “I can’t believe I’m here right now…like I never even know Stork…but who cares I’m getting paid,” yelled Binky Bear. “Now let’s start the race,” yelled Deer. Then Termite walked down to the race track and waved the checkered flag. Soon it was Hawk in first, Mole in second, and Big Mean Dog in third. “Hold it…it seems one of our racers has a weapon in his hands,” yelled Deer. Mr. Hunter then began to throw pies everywhere and soon Mr. Hunter was in first, Stork was in second, and Hawk was in third. “Also for the first time in Stork’s Kart Racing history…Stork’s Kart Racing 2010 is broadcasting live only on the Coyote Corp Channel,” yelled Deer. “The Coyote Corp Channel…what doesn’t Coyote Corp do already,” yelled Binky Bear. “But at least the only good thing I can say about Stork’s Kart Racing 2010 being televised on the Coyote Corp Channel is this amazing race will be seen by a worldwide audience,” yelled Deer. “Plus that bastard Coyote owes me money…I’m serious…Coyote’s a terrible card player,” yelled Termite. Soon it was Professor Smith in first, Zach in second, and Big Mean Dog in third. “Well folks, we have to take a quick break…but stay tuned,” yelled Deer.

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