Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: KWE 2009!

“Hello and welcome to the KWE, I’m Jack Sports and with me is my co-color commentator Dr. Wrestling, today’s matches are Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto vs. Men in Black for the KWE tag team championship, and our main event Jack Cutting vs. Ned the Neanderthal for the KWE Hardcore Championship,” yelled Jack Sports. Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto walked down to the ring. Then Men in Black walked down to the ring with aliens by their side. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Agent 2 started punching Stan McOtto and then Stan McOtto kicked Agent 2 in the nuts. Then Stan McOtto tagged in Lucha King Jr. Then Lucha King Jr. gave Agent 2 a piledriver. Then Lucha King Jr. climbed the top rope. Then Lucha King Jr. jumped off the top rope and landed on top Agent 2. Then Lucha King Jr. pinned Agent 2. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. Then Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto were given the KWE tag team championship belts and left the ring with them. “Wow, we have new KWE tag team champions Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto, and it’s amazing that both of them come from legendary wrestling families, now then…,” yelled Jack Sports. Now we go to the KWE locker room where Jack Cutting was preparing for his match. Then Fat Ass Sally walked in. “Hey there handsome,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “Oh…Ah…hey Sall…Sall…y, what’s up,” said Jack Cutting nervously. “Say, do you want to do me a big favor, as big as my fat ass,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “What,” asked Jack Cutting. “This title match you have, can you lose on purpose,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “What, I can’t…,” cried Jack Cutting. “Look, lose on purpose and I’ll let you touch my fat ass in bed,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “Sex, with you…alright, I’ll lose the match, but you better know this, I’m still a virgin,” said Jack Cutting. “Okay, now go on to your big match,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. Then Jack Cutting fled the scene. Then Dean Deathlock walked in. “So, he fell for it,” said Dean Deathlock. “Yah he did, the poor bastard thought I would have sex with him if he lost the title on purpose, so once he loses you’ll get a title shot,” said Fat Ass Sally. “You dumb whore, I wanted him to win not lose, now he’s going to lose and…I need to get out there and help him win, “said Dean Deathlock. Dean Deathlock then started running to the ring. “Wait, why are you going to help him, Dean, Dean, get back here,” yelled Fat Ass Sally. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

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