Saturday, March 1, 2014

“Prison Planet” Storyline Idea!

“Prison Planet” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alien overlord called The Warden coming to Earth to collect all of its criminals and bring them to a planet simply called “Prison Planet” which is an alien planet that was turned into a huge intergalactic prison. Since Earth wouldn’t give up all of its criminals, it just decided to give The Warden it’s super villains to take to “Prison Planet” but small time criminal Paul Ziser was actually sent to “Prison Planet” by mistake. Now Paul Ziser must escape “Prison Planet” alongside a couple of other super villains and return to Earth. But it won’t be easy because not only must they try to escape but they must also battle The Warden, The Warden’s guards, and alien criminals imprisoned on “Prison Planet” plus they uncover the truth about The Warden who himself is actually a criminal.  Can Paul Ziser and the enemies of the “That Spells Action Heroes” escape from “Prison Planet” and return home to Earth? Read “Prison Planet” when it comes out very soon!

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