Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Reign of Demon King Skull!

It’s been a couple of years since our last adventure and The Skull Slasher became the new demon king. Now we go to the demon realm in Demon King Skull’s castle where Demon King Skull was having a business meeting with Hades and Rob the Ogre. “So Hades, you want to have the demon realm, so you can merge it with the Underworld, fat chance, why should I give up my power over the demons,” cried Demon King Skull. “Look you, I’ve been ruler of the Underworld since the beginning of time itself, now hand over the demon realm to me, we could be great allies,” yelled Hades. “Sorry, Mr. Arms, escort Hades and Rob the Ogre out of here,” said Demon King Skull. Mr. Arms then opened the door to the exit of the meeting room. “We could have been partners,” said Hades as he was leaving the meeting room. Soon Hades and Rob the Ogre were gone. “Mr. Arms are the villains waiting outside,” asked Demon King Skull. “Yes they are master, want to tell them the orders,” asked Mr. Arms. “Soon, first I want to say hi to an old friend,” said Demon King Skull. Now we go to Demon King Skull in an empty room with a huge frozen glass box with a body inside it. “So, you may be the Chosen One, but I’m smarter than Long, with you out of the way the mortal realm is mine, so have fun being frozen in a glass box, Max Storm,” said Demon King Skull. Then Demon King Skull stared at Max Storm frozen inside a glass box. Now we go to Demon King Skull with all of the super villains. “Gentlemen, the mortal realm will be ours and this time Max Storm won’t stop us,” yelled Demon King Skull. The super villains started cheering. “This day will go down in history, the heroes army won’t win this time, now we will win this war and we will rule together,” yelled Demon King Skull. The super villains started cheering more loudly and then demon soldiers joined them. “Now, let the war begin,” yelled Demon King Skull. Soon blackish-purplish portals appeared and then the super villains and the demons went through them together. Soon Demon King Skull sat on his throne with Mr. Arms by his side. Soon Long, Reaper, Demon King Mogw, and Prince Pouchy walked into the throne room and kneeled before the demon king. “Well graveyard workers, collect the demon corpses and get out of here,” yelled Demon King Skull. “Yes master,” said Long, Reaper, Demon King Mogw, and Prince Pouchy at the same time. Soon Long, Reaper, Demon King Mogw, and Prince Pouchy left the throne room with demon corpses in their hands. “Mr. Arms, I want you to keep an eye on those graveyard workers, understood,” said Demon King Skull. “Yes master, and about Mr. Storm, do you think he’ll be freed from his frozen glass box prison,” asked Mr. Arms. “Hell know, this time, we’ll win the war,” said Demon King Skull. Then Demon King Skull started laughing evilly. Now a new war begins!

Max Storm’s Warning Dream!

It’s been a couple of years since our last adventure and Max Storm and Kim Shotwer are still married and now have a son named Mike. So they are basically living normal lives and are retired from monster hunting. Max Storm is now a bug exterminator and Kim Shotwer is now a school teacher. The Skull Slasher is still in prison and is eligible for parole in 2029. But one night Max Storm’s future and the future of the world was going to change. Max Storm had a nightmare which was no ordinary nightmare, it was a warning for future events. Max Storm nightmare was a warning for the return of the former Red Crickets leader Long as he became the new demon king and was going to take over the mortal realm. Max Storm soon thought about it and he started to get ready for a new battle with Long. Max Storm got out of bed and was preparing for a trip to find the portal to the demon world. Now we go to Max Storm preparing for his journey when Kim woke up and was wondering what he was up to. “Max, what are you doing up at three in the morning,” asked Kim. “I had a nightmare which I think was a vision of the future, I’m riding my motorcycle into the city, because I think Long is returning as a demon king, so I’m going to take him on,” said Max Storm. “What, you can’t leave, we promised we wouldn’t be crime fighters or monster hunters anymore, we have a new life we can’t go back to the old,” said Kim. “I love you a lot, but I’m the chosen one and I need to defeat Long, sorry, but you stay here and take care of Mike, I’ll be back very soon,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm started walking to the garage with his weapons. “Good luck Max, I love you,” said Kim. Then Caper the Dog walked over to Kim to comfort her. Then Max Storm hit the road on his motorcycle to his next adventure, and he’s probably needs a lot of help to defeat Long this time!

Goddiess in the Ring!

Goddiess was getting ready to go on patrol and then Ted walked into the room. “Hey Goddiess, can you help me something,” asked Ted. “What do you need my help with, is there a crime going on,” asked Goddiess. “No, since you’re a big strong man, there’s an open challenge tonight at the KWE Arena, and since there going to give the winner $900, I wanted you to wrestle in the open challenge,” said Ted. “What is this wrestling anyway,” asked Goddiess. Hours later, our heroes were backstage at the KWE Arena. “Alright Goddiess, your stage name is Muscle Man and I want you to put on this mask so no one would recognize you,” said Ted. Then Goddiess put on the mask and he soon started stretching. “And Goddiess, your opponent is a wrestler by the name of Dean Deathlock, and I’ll be acting as your manager okay, now let’s get ready to rumble,” said Ted. Then Ted and Goddiess started walking down to the ring and fans were booing them. “How dare these mortals boo us,” whispered Goddiess. “Don’t worry they always boo the new guy,” whispered Ted. Dean Deathlock was in the ring. “Wow, another loser for the champ to destroy,” yelled Dean Deathlock. Then Goddiess was inside the ring. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Soon Goddiess and Dean Deathlock were fighting each other. Goddiess was kicking Dean Deathlock’s ass. “Come on Goddiess hit him with the chair,” yelled Ted. Then Ted threw in a chair. Goddiess then hit Dean Deathlock with the chair. Then Goddiess gave Dean Deathlock a piledriver. “Goddiess pin him,” yelled Ted. Then Goddiess pinned Dean Deathlock. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. Then the fans started cheering for Goddiess. “Well my friend we fought a good battle, but you failed to win,” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess shook Dean Deathlock’s hand. “Damn, what was your name again,” said Dean Deathlock in pain. “Ah, Muscle Man,” said Goddiess. Now we go to the office of Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly the chairman of the KWE. “So, ah, Mr. Manly, when do we get the money,” asked Ted. “Never, why the hell would I pay you,” said Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “What, it said in the ad that we get $900,” yelled Ted. “Yes, the ad was right, but your wrestler didn’t know wrestling is fake, he broke my current Heavyweight Champion’s arm, now he’ll be out for months,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. Then Goddiess grabbed Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “Look, you promised my friend gold, now you better give it to him or I’ll break your legs, understand mortal,” yelled Goddiess. Soon Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly gave our heroes the money and then they flew back to George’s apartment. “Thanks dude, you made me a little richer,” said Ted. “You quite welcome, and at least I got to fight a good fight,” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess went back on patrol around the city, and went back to being the hero he really is.

Goddiess angers the gods!

“Last night a flying muscular man flew around the city, catching a burglar and throwing him on top of a police car, and he injured a pimp, the pimp is now in the hospital and maybe going to court after the ax mark on his back heals, so if you see a flying man that looks like this…,” said the anchorman. Then they show a draw picture of Goddiess, “Call 911 and protect yourself, in other news…,” said the anchorman. Then George turned off the TV. “Damn, I did all of that, I’m a wanted man, I…,” said George. Then George heard a knock on the door. George answers it and sees a man wearing a robe. “Come with me and bring the Green Ax,” said the mysterious man. “Who are you,” asked George. “Please, come with me, grab the Green Ax and I’ll explain on the way,” said the mysterious man. Then George followed the mysterious man to an alley. Then mysterious man opened a portal. “What’s going on,” asked George. Then the man took off his hood and he was a Faun. “My name is Professor Faun, the gods ordered me to bring you to Mount Olympus, now come on George,” said Professor Faun. Soon George went with Professor Faun to Mount Olympus. Soon Professor Faun took George to the courthouse and then George was handcuffed and sent to the courtroom. The judges were Zeus, Odin, and Brahma. “George, you’re on trial for freeing Goddiess in the mortal world,” yelled Zeus. “But I did mean to, I just found a box on the ground, I didn’t know it was a god tool, why is this about me, its Goddiess fault, he’s a wanted man in my home city,” yelled George. “You know, maybe he’s right, it’s Goddiess fault, look just give us the Green Ax and we’ll let you go,” said Odin. Then George handed the Green Ax to the gods, but then the Green Ax flew back into George’s hand. “Oh know, the mortal has a part of Goddiess in him, we’ll never get the Green Ax back,” cried Professor Faun. “Hmmmmm, maybe he can control Goddiess, Goddiess is quite powerful, if he had someone to show him the side of good, maybe he’ll be good,” said Zeus. “You mean, the mortal can help tame Goddiess, a mortal,” cried Odin. “Hell, mortals can be powerful,” said Brahma. “So, this means it’s up to me to make Goddiess good again, but I don’t even remember being him how can I control him,” said George. “You’ll find away, case dismissed,” said Zeus. Then George was sent back to the mortal world, and a now it’s up to him to make Goddiess a hero!

Goddiess in the city!

“Finally, I’m free from my weapon, now then, where I’m I,” said Goddiess to himself. You see, George was holding the Green Ax in the air for the time he did released Goddiess and soon Goddiess took over George’s body. So basically, Goddiess and George are now one person, and it’s basically like a split personally. Goddiess was flying around the city and looking for a way to get back home. “This place, it’s weird and different from my home, taller buildings and tarry roads, where I’m I,” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess heard a cry for help. It was an old lady and a burglar stole her purse. “Don’t worry miss I’ll get that thief,” cried Goddiess. Soon Goddiess caught the burglar and then threw the purse back to the old lady. “Thank you strange flying man,” yelled the old lady. Then Goddiess flew away while carrying the burglar. “I guess I need to lighten my load,” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess dropped the burglar on top of a police car. “What the…hey Bob, isn’t that the guy who stole that stuff in the ally on Jefferson St.,” asked the policeman. “Yah, that’s the thief, but where did he come from,” said Bob. Then the police saw Goddiess flying in the air. “Bob, who the hell is that flying man,” yelled the policeman. “I don’t know, let’s follow him,” cried Bob. Soon the police were chasing Goddiess with the burglar in the backseat of the police car. Then Goddiess heard a woman scream. It was a pimp hitting his whore. “Halt negro,” yelled Goddiess. Then Goddiess using his Green Ax stabbed the pimp in the back. The pimp fell to the ground. “Run along miss, I have to leave,” yelled Goddiess. Then Goddiess flew away and then the police caught the pimp. “Oh my god, he stabbed this man, call a hospital,” cried the policeman. Then Goddiess flew everywhere but soon he gave up for the night and then flew back to George’s apartment. The next morning, George woke up and saw the Green Ax lying on the coffee table. “I guess I can watch TV before I go to work,” said George. Then George turned on the TV and saw the news talking about Goddiess. “Flying man causes chaos in the city,” said the anchorman. “Oh no,” said George to himself.

Max Storm vs. The Skull Slasher!

Max Storm and Caper were riding Max’s motorcycle when Max saw an old warehouse. Then Max heard screaming inside the warehouse. “Let’s check it out Caper,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm went inside and saw dead bodies everywhere. Then he saw the Skull Slasher killing an innocent person. “Hey, who the heck are you,” yelled Max Storm. “Hey, you’re the legendary Max Storm, I’m the Skull Slasher, now I’m going to kill you,” yelled the Skull Slasher. The Skull Slasher looked like a man wearing a cape, holding a chainsaw, and with a skull face. Max Storm and the Skull Slasher were fighting each other. Then Max Storm with his blade hit the Skull Slasher in the nuts. “Oh shit,” cried the Skull Slasher. Then Max Storm was about to kill the Skull Slasher, and then he chose not to. “Look, if I kill you I’ll be no better then you, so do the right thing,” said Max Storm.  Max Storm was walking away when all of a sudden. “Hey Max, I was wondering, could I help you stop monsters and stuff,” yelled the Skull Slasher. “Man, I don’t know, but, I guess you could join my quest, but you’re going to ride in the bitch seat of my motorcycle,” said Max Storm. “Okay,” said the Skull Slasher. Now Max Storm has a new friend, the infamous Skull Slasher. Would they be a good team, see for yourself!

Max Storm: Zombie War!

Max Storm was walking into a graveyard when all of a sudden it was night time. “I guess now is when I need to be watching for anything odd,” said Max Storm to himself. Then little did Max Storm know was that he was being watched by Mogw the demon king. “Now to see how good Mr. Storm is at fighting,” said Mogw to himself. Then he snapped my fingers, and soon the ground was shaking. “What the…,” yelled Max Storm. Then out of the graves the bodies that were in them were dead, were alive once more. “Time for action,” yelled Max Storm. Then he pulled out some guns, and started shooting the zombies. Max Storm soon killed all the zombies and soon it was morning. “That was weird, but I seen weirder,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm heard barking, and he saw a black puppy walk up to him. “Where did you come from little guy,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm picked up the puppy. “Do you have a home,” said Max Storm. Then he saw no collar on him. “I guess I’ll take care of you, I guess I’ll call you Caper,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm started walking away when Mogw popped out. “You’re forgetting the deal, get me the demon ruby or else I’ll take your soul,” yelled Mogw. “Leave me alone, and I’ll try to get the ruby, but I’m not giving it to you, now good day,” said Max Storm. “Fine, and I’ll try to kill you,” yelled Mogw. Then Mogw opened a portal and walked through it. Now we see Max Storm and Caper the Dog by Max’s motorcycle. Max Storm went through his backpack and pulled out a dog collar. “Caper I’m giving you this, this collar was made to catch souls and now I’ll let you wear it,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm put the soul catching collar on Caper. “Come on little buddy let’s go,” said Max Storm. Then our heroes got on Max Storm’s motorcycle and rode off.       

Dawn of the Werewolves!

Max Storm was riding his motorcycle when he soon saw a pack of werewolves. “Man, I’ll be busy tonight,” yelled Max Storm. Max Storm was 28 years old, and he was not very strong, but he is a skilled fighter. Then all the werewolves began to howl. Max Storm then pulled out his gun with silver bullets. “Time to die,” yelled Max Storm. Then Max Storm started fighting the werewolves. He soon killed them all, and it was dawn. “I guess I have to move on, but what should I do now,” said Max Storm. Then out of nowhere a beam of light appeared. “What the…,” said Max Storm. Then a man came out of the portal, and he was wearing all black. “Hello there Max Storm, I’m the Demon King Mogw, and I want you to look for the demon ruby, if you don’t look for it, you’ll burn in hell,” yelled Mogw. Then Mogw disappeared. “Now at least I have something to do,” said Max Storm to himself. Then Max got back on his motorcycle, and rode off.

The Origin of Ms. Condor!

Kelly Refson was a very famous supermodel, and she was engaged to a government agent named Chris Walker (Spy Lion). Then she was told that Chris Walker hasn’t returned to work of two weeks, and she missed Chris a lot. Soon Kelly was told that X-Eye may know something about the whereabouts of her fiancé. So now we go to the prison where X-Eye was being held, and it was visiting hours. Now we go to Kelly talking to X-Eye. “So where’s Chris Walker,” asked Kelly Refson. “Look, a monster named Spy Lion killed your fiancé, and I’ll tell you where he is if you bail me out of jail,” said X-Eye. “I’ll do it, and you’ll help me find my fiancé’s killer right,” said Kelly Refson. “I will, and I’ll even take you with me back to my headquarters,” said X-Eye. Soon Kelly bailed out X-Eye, and now we go to X-Eye’s headquarters. “Now Kelly, I think I can help you out, you see your fiancé killer was an experiment of mine, and I’ll make you into something that can fight Spy Lion, now go open that do and go inside,” said X-Eye. Then Kelly went into the right door of X-Eye’s fusing machine. “Okay now shut it,” said X-Eye. Then Kelly shut the door. Then X-Eye looked at what lab animals he had left and found only a condor. Then X-Eye put the condor in the left door of he’s fusing machine. “Okay, let’s make a monster,” yelled X-Eye. Soon X-Eye turned on the fusing machine, and minutes later Kelly came out of the middle door of the fusing machine and soon became a human-condor hybrid. “I shall call you Ms. Condor,” yelled X-Eye. “What did you do to me, I look like Big Bird, only blacker,” cried Ms. Condor (Kelly Refson). “Now, go and find your fiancé’s killer, and his name is Spy Lion,” yelled X-Eye. Then Ms. Condor flew out of X-Eye’s headquarters and soon X-Eye started laughing evilly. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Spy Lion vs. Spider Hand!

Spy Lion and Deerman were walking in the woods when soon Deerman saw an old warehouse. “Spy Lion, I found a place where we can sleep tonight,” said Deerman. Then our heroes went inside the old warehouse. “Wow, this place is bigger on the inside,” said Deerman. “Alright, so let’s call it a day,” said Spy Lion. “Actually let’s not call it a day,” said a mysterious voice. Then our heroes turned around and saw an upstairs control room in the warehouse. “Does somebody live here,” asked Spy Lion. “Why my friends you’re in the lair of Spider Hand,” yelled Spider Hand. Then Spy Lion turned around and saw Spider Hand. “Who are you,” asked Spy Lion. “Why, I’m Norman Q. brother of Henry Q. I believe he calls himself X-Eye now, let me guess, you’re one of his experiments, and you were created by my fusing machine,” said Spider Hand (Norman Q.). “Wait, you’re X-Eye’s brother, and you were the one who created the fusing machine, then you could cure me right,” asked Spy Lion. “Now why would you want to be cured, why, I gave my self spider DNA with a little radioactivity, and I now have a Spider Hand, and look at my henchman Bug Boy, I gave him fly DNA with a little radioactivity, and now he has antennas,” said Spider Hand. “But I don’t want to be a human-mountain lion hybrid, I want to be just human, and you are maybe my one chase at being normal again,” said Spy Lion. “Why my dumb friend, think of the powers you have now, and soon I will be a spider, I studied DNA my entire life, and my dick of a brother of mine stole everything that was mine, o how I want to kill my brother,” said Spider Hand. “Dude, you want to kill your own brother, you’re nuts,” said Deerman. “Hey, my boss is not nuts, look at me, I could be a fly, I was always teased by bullies because I was a midget, but now look at me, I’m going to be a fly,” said Bug Boy. “Please, cure me, that’s all I ask, I want to be normal,” cried Spy Lion. “Sorry, but my transformation is going to be complete, as of right….now,” said Spider Hand. Then Spider Hand turned into a giant spider. “Holy crap, dude we have to stop this guy,” yelled Deerman. “I’m right behind you,” said Spy Lion. Soon Spy Lion and Deerman were fighting Spider Hand. Then Spy Lion pulled out a bomb and then put it on Spider Hand’s back. “So long crazy guy,” yelled Spy Lion. Then Spy Lion hit a button on his watch and then Spider Hand blew up. Then bug guts were everywhere in the warehouse. “I say we find another place to sleep,” said Deerman. “I’m right behind you,” said Spy Lion. Then our heroes ran out of the warehouse. And off to our heroes went to their next adventure.

Spy Lion vs. Dirtclog!

Spy Lion and Deerman were walking in the woods when all of a sudden, they heard gunfire. “Did you hear that,” yelled Deerman. “Sounds like gunfire,” yelled Spy Lion. Then a hunter came running down towards them. “It’s the kat monster, I can make money off of him, and then everybody would know the name Barney Finpal,” yelled Barney Finpal. “Dude, I think that red neck is after you,” said Deerman. Then Barney Finpal shot at Spy Lion but missed. “Dang, I missed, and I’m out of bullets,” yelled Barney Finpal. “I’ll take care of him,” said Spy Lion. Then Spy Lion picked up Barney Finpal and then threw him down a hill. “Let’s get out of here Deerman,” cried Spy Lion. Then Deerman and Spy Lion ran away. As Barney Finpal was rolling down the hill he was soon getting dirt all over him. Then Barney Finpal rolled down into a lake, and his whole body was covered with dirt. Then Barney Finpal soon was floating in the lake. “Dam it, well I’ll try again, but first let me clean this dirt off,” said Barney Finpal to himself. Then Barney Finpal went underwater to clean the dirt off, and little did he know the water was radioactive. “Man, this dirt won’t come off,” yelled Barney Finpal. Then Barney Finpal touched his hand, and it fell off. “Ah, that didn’t hurt, what’s happening to me,” said Barney Finpal. Soon Barney realized that the radioactive water turned his whole buddy into dirt. He was now made out of dirt, and he was half-human and half-dirt. “Wow, hey my voice sounds deeper, now that I have a new power that made me into dirt, now I can kill those idiots that did this to me, and from this day on I shall be known as Dirtclog,” yelled Dirtclog (Barney Finpal). Now we go back to our heroes as they were lying down. “Man I hope that crazy red neck is okay,” said Spy Lion. “Well he deserves it after what he did to you, hey is it me or is it dustier around here,” said Deerman. Then out of the dust was Dirtclog. “Ha, I’m one with dirt, my body is made out of dirt, and I want revenge on you two,” yelled Dirtclog. “Dude, I think that’s the red neck who tried to kill you, and now he’s a super villain,” yelled Deerman. Then our heroes were fighting Dirtclog, and every time they were punching or kicking him it was just dirt. “Dirtclog can never get hurt,” cried Dirtclog. “I have an idea, Deerman follow me,” said Spy Lion. Then our heroes lured Dirtclog into a lake, and soon Dirtclog turned into mud. “What’s happening to me, I’m all gooey,” cried Dirtclog. Then Dirtclog drowned in the lake. “He’ll return, I just know it,” said Spy Lion. Then our heroes moved on to their next adventure.

Spy Lion in the Woods!

Feeling like a monster, Spy Lion went into the woods outside the city. He lived like a wild animal and missed having a normal life. Little did he know was that Spy Lion was all over the news. Now we go to the city’s news station and see a report. “Hello and welcome to channel 6 news, I’m Curt Babarker, today’s top story is a new monster living right next door, he is said to be a cat man and is very wild, we our offering a reward of $400 to anyone who can catch the mysterious cat man, now in other news…,” said Curt Babarker. Now we go to Spy Lion in the woods, and he is drinking by the lake. “That’s some good water, but I really miss home,” said Spy Lion. Then Spy Lion heard some noises in the bushes. He pulled out his gun. “Who’s there, answer right now,” yelled Spy Lion. Then out of the bushes was a male deer. “O, it was just a deer, go back home little wood land creature,” said Spy Lion. Then the deer got up on two legs. “Wait, can deer do that,” yelled Spy Lion. “Deerman to the rescue, you’re going down evil cat creature,” yelled Deerman. Then Spy Lion and Deerman started fighting each other. Then Spy Lion threw Deerman to the ground. “Please don’t hurt me, I just want the reward,” cried Deerman. “Wait, what reward,” asked Spy Lion. “Well, the local TV station is offering a cash reward for your capture,” said Deerman. “So I’m a wanted man or do they think I’m like Bigfoot or something like that,” said Spy Lion. “I say it’s more of the Bigfoot part, so you mean us no harm,” asked Deerman. “Yah, I’m just hiding, I used to be a human being until a guy named X-Eye turned me into a human-mountain lion hybrid, and I’m scared to go back home,” said Spy Lion. “So you’re not an alien or a wild animal, you’re a lab experiment, wow, I guess you’re screwed huh,” said Deerman. “Yah, but I better go, and I’ll look out for hunters, now good luck, Deerman,” said Spy Lion. “Wait, can I come with you, you could really use a friend,” asked Deerman. “Sure, I guess since you’re a deer-human hybrid,” said Spy Lion. “Actually I can turn back to a human being on my own, and I can turn into a real deer also, it’s all thanks to my magic ruby, I found it in a tree at the city park,” said Deerman. “Well, at least I have a new friend, let’s go find a place to sleep,” said Spy Lion. Spy Lion has a new alley and his name is Deerman. Spy Lion won’t be so lonely anymore. But what will happen next? Nobody knows!

Dark Fox Returns!

Soon Dark Fox was unfrozen and soon Dark Fox woke up. “Where I’m I,” cried Dark Fox. “Dark Fox, General J. here, you have been frozen for 40 years, it is now the year 2008, welcome to the future,” said General J. “2008, damn, so what’s the mission,” asked Dark Fox. “You will be working with you son and his team, we will fly into space and stop Emperor Rodgle,” said General J. “Wait, my son’s an agent now, what the hell Cool Fox,” yelled Dark Fox. “Dad, I wanted to do what you did, I have a team and everything, I have a wife and son now, I’m totally an adult now,” said Cool Fox. “Son, remember all the years I told you never to do the job that I do, and now you work for the government, you didn’t listen to me all these years,” said Dark Fox. “You missed out on almost half my childhood and you’re not proud of me filling out the family name,” said Cool Fox. “Well I….,” said Dark Fox. “Alright you two stop your arguing, now let’s go over the mission,” said General J. Soon Dark Fox and Cool Fox were hearing the plan on how to stop Emperor Rodgle. “Alright men, the plan to stop the alien emperor Rodgle, we send you two with a crew into our fastest spaceship available, and once you get to the mother ship you’ll plant a bomb and blow the mother ship to smithereens,” said General J. “Who’s a part of our crew,” asked Dark Fox. “I believe that’s your job Dark Fox and son,” said General J. “Don’t worry dad, I’ll get the crew ready,” said Cool Fox. “Okay son, now then, let’s save the Earth,” yelled Dark Fox. Soon Cool Fox picked the crew to go with them into space, and he picked as the crew members Camel, the Scuba Diver Bros., and Gator Guard. Now that our heroes are going to fight the alien empire let’s hope they can save the Earth once and for all!

Cool Fox: A New Threat!

After the death of Dina, the Cool Club didn’t have any worries for a while. Cool Fox and Mary Y. are now happily married and have an eight year old son named Cody. If you remember last time Cool Fox was turned into a human, so his son Cody is human, not a fox hybrid. The Cool Club was now an agency of U.S. Government and all the founding members are government agents. Cool Fox and Camel are still very good friends, and as for the other members of the Cool Club they are just laying low. Our story begins when a new threat appeared, and that threat is an alien empire. UFO’s have been reported more often than usual and the U.S. Government and the Cool Club are secretly at war with the alien empire. The alien emperor named Rodgle has plans of taking over the Earth in the name of his planet. Emperor Rodgle rules by force and his armies are about to attack Earth. Since Emperor Rodgle needs some help taking over the world, he kidnapped three of the Cool Club’s enemies Tom T-Rex, Professor Snout, and Gangster to help him take over the world.  Soon the U.S. military secretly started a war with Emperor Rodgle. Soon Cool Fox and General J. went to get the help of the greatest spy and assassin, Dark Fox a.k.a Cool Fox’s father. Dark Fox has been cryogenically frozen for 40 years because he may be needed for battle in the future. “So, why are we unfreezing my father,” asked Cool Fox. “Because we need his services to stop Emperor Rodgle, your father was our greatest agent we ever had, we never thought we would be unfreezing him now,” said General J. “I can’t wait to talk to my dad again, he was gone for so long,” said Cool Fox. “Your father must of missed out your whole childhood, but remember, he’s be frozen for 40 years, he missed out on a lot, so he may have some future shock,” said General J.  Now we see the Scuba Diver Bros. preparing the unfreezing process for Dark Fox. “General, he’ll be unfrozen in five minutes,” said Rick Diver. “Good, now then, let’s bring back the greatest soldier I ever knew,” said General J. Now Dark Fox is going to wake up in the year 2008, but he missed out on a lot, and can Dark Fox alone be able to stop Emperor Rodgle? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Dina’s Evil Plan!

“Everybody, come in here, now,” yelled Dina. Dina is the Cool Club’s enemy, Dina and his minions Gangster who is a mafia pink cotton puff who wears a blue top hat and Professor Snout who is an evil genius with a ten inch nose try to take over the world and destroy the Cool Club. “What is it boss,” asked Professor Snout. “Well my minions, I found out that the Cool Club was bought by the U.S. government, and now they most find Cryptids, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, and give them to a government lab to study, so my plan is that we must find more Cryptids than the Cool Club, maybe all of them, and we will give the Cryptids that we have away at auctions for money,” yelled Dina. “So we got to find animals that may not even be real,” said Gangster. “They could be real, now go get some god dam Cryptids already,” yelled Dina. “Yes boss,” yelled Gangster and Professor Snout. Who will find the most Cryptids? Nobody knows! But are they really out there? 

Cool Club goes bankrupt!

Cool Fox has just told the members of the Cool Club that they’re bankrupt. Now Cool Fox is going to give a speech to the Cool Club members. “Hello my friends, I Cool Fox, the Cool Club’s leader and founder, is broke, we had good times, we had bad times, but we’ll always be friends, now we all have to find new jobs, but I hope we all can be very good friends, thank you and good luck to you all,” said Cool Fox. As Cool Fox was about to close the Cool Club headquarters for good, a man wearing a business suit came walking down to Cool Fox. “Who are you,” asked Cool Fox. “Hello, my name is General J. the government will like to buy the Cool Club, and make the Cool Club a government organization, will you let us buy you, you and your employees well have jobs and may even be richer than before, so will you,” said General J. “Alright, the Cool Club is yours,” said Cool Fox. Soon Camel comes walking by. “Cool Fox, I just wanted to say good bye, to bad about the Cool Club,” said Camel. “Buddy, the Cool Club is back in business,” said Cool Fox. “What, we all have jobs again,” asked Camel. “Yah, we do, but why does the government need us,” asked Cool Fox. “My friend, have you ever heard of Cryptozoology,” asked General J.   

The Super Dudes join the Fight!

Young One was working out in his apartment when his communicator soon rang. Young One answered it and it was a message to all heroes to report to The Gifted’s headquarters as soon as possible. “What’s The Gifted, I better tell Super Dude,” said Young One. Young One soon went into Super Dude’s room and Super Dude was working on his computer. “Hey Super Dude, it looks like something called The Gifted needs our help,” said Young One. “The Gifted, who are they,” asked Super Dude. “I don’t know,” said Young One. Super Dude then paused and then went back on his computer. He went to and searched The Gifted. Super Dude soon found The Gifted’s website. “It says here The Gifted are a superhero team based in Action City,” said Super Dude. “How far is Action City from Hero City,” asked Young One. “About a couple of miles,” said Super Dude. “Then we better help those guys, should we call every Super Dudes member,” asked Young One. “If they said everyone then we should,” said Super Dude. Soon Young One pulled out his communicator and called all of the Super Dudes. Now for the first time ever the Super Dudes have finally joined the Heroes Army and they’ll fight alongside The Gifted in battle. Soon the Super Dudes flew to Action City and Action City was covered by a huge black cloud. “What’s up with this cloud,” asked Super Dudette. “I don’t know, but I have a feeling Satan’s involved in this one,” said Super Dude. Just then the Super Dudes were being sucked into the black cloud. “What’s happening,” cried Young One. Our heroes were soon sucked into the black cloud and as the Super Dudes were being sucked into the black cloud, The Gifted’s jet broke out of the black cloud and flew off. Young One awoke inside Action City and Action City was crawling with demons. “Great demons, wake up everyone, we have some fighting to do,” cried Young One. Soon the Super Dudes began fighting the demons. Now we go to The Gifted’s jet and inside the jet were Max Storm, Dr. Strong, Dr. Laser, Goddiess and Ted Brook. “Alright, so where does this map say to go,” asked Dr. Laser who was the pilot of The Gifted’s jet. “It says it’s in a temple in South America, so fly their and we’ll have to land in a rainforest somewhere in Brazil,” said Max Storm. “So what are we after anyway,” asked Ted Brook. “This map that Max has I think will lead us to the Holy Armor which Max Storm is chosen to wear,” said Goddiess. “Wait, I’m the only one who can wear this so called Holy Armor, but why,” asked Max Storm. “Because you’re the only former demon king with a heart, and with that the only warrior besides me strong enough to kill Hades….wait…I sense we’re being followed, but I don’t know who,” cried Goddiess. Our heroes were soon being followed by a huge demonic dragon ridden by the Keeper and Chaos the Demon. “Can this jet fight back,” cried Ted Brook. “It can, one dragon to kill coming up,” said Dr. Laser. Soon our heroes began fighting the demonic dragon. But who will win? Only time will tell!

Goddiess and Ted Brook vs. The Keeper and Chaos the Demon!

Goddiess and Ted Brook began to fight the Keeper and Chaos the Demon. It was a long fight but before any of them could finish it, the fighting suddenly stopped. “Sorry, as much as we would want to kill you, we just received orders from Hades to continue our mission, so we have to go,” said the Keeper. Then the Keeper and Chaos the Demon both disappeared out of thin air. “Crap, we must get to the Gifted’s headquarters before they do,” cried Goddiess. Goddiess and Ted Brook soon flew to the Gifted’s headquarters and just when the landed outside the Gifted’s headquarters’ back door…demons appeared and attacked our heroes. “More fighting, just our luck,” said Ted Brook. Goddiess and Ted Brook began fighting the demons. Now we go inside the Gifted’s headquarters where our heroes were waiting for Goddiess. “Hey look at the security monitor, it’s Goddiess at the back door and a whole bunch of demons,” cried Dr. Strong. “I’ll help him out, you two stay here,” said Dr. Laser. “Dr. Strong, call all of the back-up members of the Gifted, we need as much help as we can,” said Max Storm. “Alright,” said Dr. Strong. Dr. Strong then pulled out his communicator and called every superhero. But just then, Max heard someone walking. “Who’s there,” cried Max. Then from out of the shadows walked a mysterious black hooded robed man. “Who are you,” asked Max Storm. The mysterious hooded robed man pulled down his hood and it was Professor Faun. “Max, I’m here to tell you Hades now rules Hell and give you something that may help you fulfill your destiny,” said Professor Faun. Professor Faun then handed Max an old map. “Use this map, it will lead you to the ultimate weapon that you and only you are chosen to wear, I must go, but hurry, the darkness is coming fast,” said Professor Faun. Max then nodded and Professor Faun soon fled the scene. “Hey Dr. Strong, do you still have your jet,” asked Max Storm. “Yah why,” asked Dr. Strong. “Because we have a map to the Holy Armor and it’ll be a long flight,” said Max Storm. Soon Max Storm, Dr. Strong, Dr. Laser, Goddiess and Ted Brook were soon to be off on a quest. Also, Dr. Strong sent a message to every back-up Gifted member and little does he know another famous superhero team will finally join the fight!

Max Storm seeks Help!

In a dark alley a blackish-purplish portal appeared and soon Max Storm walked out of the blackish-purplish portal. Max Storm looked injured and weak. “Must find The Gifted,” said Max Storm to himself. Max Storm then fled to The Gifted’s headquarters, but little does he know is that he is being followed by some demons. Max Storm made it to The Gifted’s Headquarters and he began knocking on their door. “Hey buddy, what are you doing here,” cried a mysterious voice. Max turned around and saw Claws and Claws was smoking weed. “Quiet, they’ll hear you,” cried Max Storm. “What dude,” asked Claws. Now we go inside the Gifted’s headquarters where Dr. Strong was watching the security cameras. Dr. Laser then walked into the room and he looked tired. “Hey Bob, it’s my turn to keep watch,” yawned Dr. Laser. “Hold on, look here,” said Dr. Strong. Dr. Strong and Dr. Laser soon saw in one of the security monitors Max Storm knocking on the back door of the headquarters. “Is that Max Storm,” asked Dr. Laser. “Yah it is Max Storm, you let him in and while I get the first aid kit because he looks hurt,” said Dr. Strong. Max was lying by the door and just then a bunch of demons appeared. “Crap,” cried Max. “How did you know I went #2 in my pants man,” said Claws. Just as the demons were about to attack Max, Dr. Laser came to the rescue. Dr. Laser soon killed the demons with his laser vision and he picked up Max Storm. “Claws, stay alert, there could be more demons coming,” said Dr. Laser. “Okay man,” said Claws. Claws then went to sleep in his dumpster. Dr. Strong soon treated Max’s wounds and Max began to fill them in on what happened. “So let me get this straight, you’re no longer the demon king and Hades took it over after you gave it up and now Hades is plotting to take over the mortal realm, how do we stop him,” asked Dr. Strong. “Look, all I know is if Hades gets Hell we’re dead, now you have to call Goddiess, he’s the only one who knows how to kill Hades,” said Max Storm. “Right, now rest up, but don’t rest for long because if what you said is true, Hade’s army will be here by now,” said Dr. Strong. Dr. Strong then pulled out his communicator and called Goddiess. Now we go to Goddiess and Ted Brook who were on patrol of the city. “So, should we call it a night,” asked Ted Brook. “We should stay out a little longer because…,” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess’s communicator rang and Goddiess answered it. “Hello…we’ll be on our way,” said Goddiess. Goddiess then hung up and sighted. “So, what does The Gifted want now,” asked Ted Brook. “They said Max Storm is no longer the demon king and that Hades has returned, come on we need to…what the, Ted look down there,” cried Goddiess. Goddiess and Ted Brook saw the Keeper and Chaos the Demon walking in the streets below. “It’s Chaos the Demon, but who’s the other guy,” asked Goddiess. “I don’t know, but it’s time for some whoop ass I know that,” said Ted Brook. Goddiess and Ted Brook flew down towards the Keeper and Chaos the Demon and they landed right in front of them. “Halt, what are you two up too,” yelled Goddiess. “Why we’re looking for Max Storm, do you know where he is,” asked the Keeper. “We won’t tell you anything, so leave this place at once,” said Goddiess. “Wrong answer buddy,” said Chaos the Demon. Soon Chaos the Demon attacked Goddiess and a fight soon began. Now Goddiess and Ted Brook must fight the bad guys and also try to make it to the Gifted’s headquarters before it’s too late!

Max Storm Short Story: A New War!

It’s been about two years since Max Storm reign as king of the Demon Realm ended. Max gave the Demon Realm to Hades and now Hades has merged the Demon Realm and the Underworld into one entity. Hades power has grown and now he wishes to rule Hell. Currently Hades is negotiating a deal with Satan to merge Hell with the Underworld. “So Satan, can you give me Hell and make it apart of the Underworld, I already have the Demon Realm but if I have Hell I will have close to everything I need,” said Hades. Satan was sitting on his throne with the Keeper by his side. “I will give you Hell if I can be co-ruler, because I too want to fulfill the prophesy, so do we have an agreement,” said Satan. “It’s a deal, but there’s one last thing I need you to do for me,” said Hades. “What would that be,” asked Satan. “Find Max Storm and bring him back to the Underworld before it’s too late,” said Hades. “Alright….Keeper, find this Mr. Storm fellow and bring him back here,” said Satan. “Right master,” said the Keeper. The Keeper then opened up a blackish-purplish portal and walked through it. Soon Hell and the Underworld merged together and now Satan and Hades are plotting to take over the mortal realm…as goes the prophesy. Now our story begins in a dark alley by a dumpster, where a legendary hero will make his return!

The Gifted’s Enemies!

The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)

A former government scientist who uses mind control devices to control the minds of evil alien species from across the universe so he can take over the world. The Monster Master was then hit by an eclectic cord while he was wearing a mind device and the minds and bodies of the alien species he controlled became a part of him. Now The Monster Master is a shape shifter and has the power to become 1,000 different monsters/aliens.


A living computer virus, he looks like a man with no face but his whole body is green 0’s and 1’s. His goal is to go into every computer in the world and give it a computer virus. Virus can be stopped by downloading him into a floppy disc or a CD, but he’s been known to be freed from it.

Time Man

Has the ability to travel through time, and also has the powers to stop time. He earned his powers by making a deal with the legendary Father Time. But Father Time didn’t know that he would use his powers for crime. Time Man is very cocky and is the most powerful super villain the Gifted has ever faced.

Black Magic

An evil magician with supernatural powers and a crazy crime lord, he is very insane when it comes to his powers. He used to be a dinner theatre magician until he was fired. After that he learned the dark arts and became a dark wizard. Black Magic is a bit of a show-off when he robes a bank, because he steals money like it was a magic trick.


Ivan the Crusher

A Russian dictator who wants to take over the world, and also currently rules his own mini-country. Ivan the Crusher used a professional wrestler and his gimmick was that of a crazy Russian. But after many head injures he really thinks he’s a crazy Russian. He’s The Gifted’s only foe who has diplomatic immunity.

Dr. Hurt

A mad scientist who always finds a way to escape death, even after major injuries. Dr. Hurt used to work for Henry Q. Corp but then turned to a life of crime. He used to be in a wheelchair and had third degree burns all over his body and had to talk through a computer. Dr. Hurt wasn’t a cripple for long, now his head is in jar and he now walks with a robotic body.

Peter P. Pixie

He is from a dimension home to magical creatures. Is a dragon poop cleaner at his village zoo, and now he wants to rule a world of his own. The only way to stop Pixie is to say “Og kcab emoh” which is go back home backwards, and soon a portal will open up and stuck him in. Peter P. Pixie is always seeking revenge on The Gifted and his magic is far greater then Black Magic’s magical powers.

Badger Man

A criminal with the powers of a badger and has many pet badgers. He also has the power of super strength. Badger Man is a pretty powerful digger too and has dug under many banks. Badger Man has been known to get angry easily and known to be hungry all the time.

Dino Man

Dino Man is half-human and half-dinosaur and is Stretch Man’s first foe. Dino Man has the powers of super strength and a very loud roar. Dino Man was once a scientist who studied genetic engineering and he wanted to clone extinct animals like dinosaurs. But when he found dinosaur DNA he ejected it into his blood stream along with some radioactivity and soon it turned him into a monster. Dino Man whereabouts are currently unknown.

Water Man

Water Man was once a U.S. soldier, but he volunteered for an experiment that would make him a perfect soldier. But little did he know was that the experiment would turn his whole body into pure water and that he would basically become a living liquid. Water Man soon went mad and became a criminal. Water Man is Stretch Man’s strongest foe and Water Man hates him for no apparent reason. Water Man’s powers are that he can control water and can change shape. Water Man’s whole body is currently frozen in a block of ice which is stored in a vault in Henry Q. Corp headquarters.

Bogo the Anti-Stretch Man

Bogo the Anti-Stretch Man is a clone of Stretch Man. Bogo looks just like Stretch Man except Bogo has blue skin and red hair. Bogo was created by Dr. Hurt and Bogo thinks Dr. Hurt is his father. Bogo is basically an idiot and is more of a retard than a criminal mastermind. Bogo has actually been known to help Stretch Man instead of hurting him. Bogo’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he’s rumored to be hiding in an old warehouse in the ghetto. 

Turtle Man

Turtle Man has the powers of a turtle and he’s probably the slowest super villain The Gifted has even faced. Turtle Man also has the power to make small earthquakes and his shell is also bulletproof. Turtle Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

X-Eye (Henry Q.)

He is a criminal mastermind and he wants to take over the world. His real name is Henry Q. and he owns a company called Henry Q. Corp. He turned Spy Lion into a mountain lion-human hybrid and thinks Spy Lion is his own creation. X-Eye always tries to kill Spy Lion or hire someone to kill Spy Lion for him. He is now president of the United States of America.

The Gifted’s Members & Allies!

Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean)

Dr. Laser used to be a blind man and now he can’t just only see, but he has laser vision. Dr. Laser is a proud member of The Gifted and is Dr. Strong’s best friend. Dr. Laser also has a crush on Ms. Condor and she’s currently available.

Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good)

Ms. Giant used to weigh 400lbs. and now she’s looks like a sexy thin supermodel. She has the power to grow 80 feet tall and she has super strength. Though she’s beautiful, she’s a super genius. Now she’s engaged to The GreenSpeed and is pregnant with their child.

Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott)

Dr. Strong is the leader of the superhero team “The Gifted”. He was once in a wheelchair and could never walk. But after an explosion of a chemical called Chemical G1 in the government lab he worked at he gained the power of super strength and he could walk. Dr. Strong is a very good leader and is also very intelligent. Even though Dr. Strong’s a superhero he’ll always be a scientist at heart.

The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed)

He was That Spells Action’s first superhero and is currently a member of The Gifted. The GreenSpeed used to weigh 300lbs. and worked for Henry Q. Corp. He was picked to test a replica of Chemical G1 and soon the replica changed him into a whole new person. He now looks like a male model and has super speed. He also has green hair due to the replica of Chemical G1. Originally he would change back and forth from the 300lbs. Gus Speed into slimmer The GreenSpeed. Now he’s engaged to Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good) and is a back-up member to The Gifted.

Stretch Man (Jack Capper)

The current CEO of Henry Q. Corp, and is one of the richest people in the world. Stretch Man has the power to stretch his legs, arms, and neck 70 feet and he’s basically living rubber. Stretch Man used to work at the lab building as janitor when the explosion of chemical G1 occurred that gave The Gifted their powers gave him super powers as well. Now he is a back-up member of The Gifted and secretly spies on his boss Henry Q. a.k.a X-Eye. Stretch Man also funds The Gifted’s research.

Crane Man

Crane Man has the powers of a bulldozer and is super strong. Crane Man is a cyborg and he is best friends with The GreenSpeed. Crane Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he is known to occasionally help The Gifted whenever they need it.

Lester BarnSwallow

Lester BarnSwallow is a former mixed martial arts fighter and he is currently the chief of police. Lester BarnSwallow is best friends with Dr. Strong and they work together a lot. Lester BarnSwallow is a legendary police officer who works well with other superheroes. Lester BarnSwallow is probably a true hero even though he has no superpowers, but he has the powers of an ordinary person. Lester BarnSwallow also fought in the U.S. Army and has earned many medals.


Claws is a green-skinned lobster man and is also a druggie. Claws is half-human and half-lobster and he has the powers to swim and breathe underwater. Claws is an ally to The Gifted because he knows what’s going on in the criminal world. Claws is currently living in a dumpster outside The Gifted’s headquarters.

Orangutan Man

Orangutan Man is a superhero who has the powers of an orangutan. Orangutan Man also has the powers of super strength and the ability to grow 79 feet tall. Orangutan Man is half-human and half-orangutan and he was best friends with Spy Lion. Orangutan Man currently lives in the rain forests of South America and has been also known to work with The Gifted whenever they need help.

General J.
General J. is an army general and he is the head of the paranormal/superhuman affairs division. He is an ally of Max Storm and The Gifted. General J. is also very good friends with some of the heroes he works with. He is currently running for president of the United States.

General Warfare

General Warfare is a superhero soldier created by the U.S. military. General Warfare has the powers of super strength and a gun/flamethrower that can shoot normal bullets, fire, and fire and bullets at the same time. General Warfare currently lives in a government base and is roommates with XZ. General Warfare is a true American hero and he is a loyal ally to The Gifted and the U.S. military.
Darrel The Useless Superhero
Darrell The Useless Superhero is a fat 30-something African-American man who is basically a loser who wants to be a superhero. Darrell has no powers and he’s basically retarded. Darrell only became a superhero as a form of amusement and he somehow becomes an ally to the other “That Spells Action Heroes!” But Darrell isn’t all that useless, somehow when he hears the sound of bell he basically becomes a superhero savant. But only ten minutes after Darrell hears the sound of bell he reverts back to his old lazy self.  Mostly Darrell shows up when he pleases so he isn’t around fighting crime a lot. He is quite a surprise to the other much more qualified “That Spells Action Heroes!” but oddly enough Darrell is pretty much a great guy and a loyal friend to boot.
Hank Hunter
Hank Hunter is the brother-in-law of Lester BarnSwallow and is a cameraman for a local TV news station. Like his brother-in-law, Hank Hunter likes to work alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and he’s always there to film their battles. Hank Hunter secretly dreams of becoming a superhero, instead he just likes to hang out with them. Hank Hunter is also an internet blogger and he blogs about his adventures with the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bucky Talk's Home Movie Tribute!

Movies are my life, I've been making my own home movies long before Youtube existed. Just imagine if Youtube was around when I was a kid, my cousins and I would have gone nuts creating and uploading videos to share with the world. My home movies included my cousins and I doing skits, me playing with my toys (my failed attempt at stop motion animation, my god damn hands would get in the way, that used to piss me off as a kid that my hands would show up on camera). But it's been fun rediscovering these old home movies, now having the ability to upload these classics on Youtube. So to sum up this blog post, I thought you might like to see the early years of my home movie career. Be warned, some of these videos kind of suck and are just plain annoying (we were all stagehogs). Here's a blast from the past! Click any of the links below to view history in the making!

Art Class Comics!

Even though I dropped out of the class, I took an art class at MCC and I decided I will show you the comic strips I made out from my homework (I got bored so I doodled over my homework, teacher didn't get mad, okay the teacher just didn't care so it was cool) So here they are, the comic strips I made in art class. Now they are all connected to an assignment (since this was homework after all) but I've forgotten the assignment. Maybe you can figure the connection for yourselves. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays: A Tribute to My Holiday Themed Comics!

I made many holiday themed comic strips over the years and I thought I would talk about them on my blog. I know it's only September but the next three months are filled with the big three holidays (Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving). Some of these comic strips appeared in Silly Comics while others were made before the creation of Silly Comics. Well, I guess it's time for you to laugh at my holiday themed comic strips. Enjoy!

Silly Squad's First Appearance Revisited!

I remember how I came up with the idea for the Silly Squad. My cousins and I created a superhero team back in the day called The Super Storm. Now that got me thinking of a way to make a crossover series featuring our funny characters. Even though I came up with the basic idea, I knew I needed my cousins help to bring this idea to life. In a way the Silly Squad is the legacy of our Silly Comics magazine. After their first appearance and the only time my cousins got involved in the series, the series still lives on. Now to end this blog post here is the first appearance of the Silly Squad. The legend is born!

Remembering Silly Comics Magazine!

Another tribute to a magazine I created with my cousins. Silly Comics was hosted by Mr. Bunny and a nerd who's name I've forgotten. Back then my cousins and I had a weird sense of humor and we truly just entertained ourselves. Silly Comics legeacy is that it gave us many characters, some now lost with time, some newly rediscovered, other still in my books today. Those were the good old days when me and my cousins created something that made us work together and made all three of us entertainers 4 life. Now to end this blog post here's some of the surviving comic strips from the Silly Comics Magazine. Enjoy!

Remembering Spotty's Magazine!

My first and favorite character is Spotty, so why not give him his own magazine. My cousins and I used to make magazines for fun and I felt that along with our Doodles Magazine and Silly Comics main man Spotty needed his own magazine. Spotty's Magazine featured comic strips, news, movie reviews and other basic magazine stuff. I stopped making new issues of Spotty's Magazine but for you the readers of my blog I shall end this blog post with some comic strips that appeared in the many issues of Spotty's Magazine. Enjoy!


Comic Book Land: First Issue Revisited!

When I wrote and drew Comic Book Land #1 it was my first attempt at making comic strips. The characters that appeared in that first issue have evolved over the years. It's amazing that some of these characters appear in newer books I'm writting currently and my characters are like my children and I never want them to die or be forgotten. So to end this blog post I've included each comic strip that appeared in the first issue of Comic Book Land. Enjoy!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Woody Dog Vs. The Rabbit Army!

“Time for you to go potty,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. while letting Woody Dog outside. Woody Dog then went outside to his a gang of rabbits waiting to fight him. “What the hell do you rabbits want,” asked Woody Dog. “You killed our babies, now we shall kill you…attack men,” yelled the rabbits’ leader. Then the rabbit army attacked Woody Dog and Woody Dog and the rabbit army began to fight each other. Woody Dog was soon winning the battle against the rabbit army. “He’s tough…but we can’t give up men,” yelled the rabbits’ leader. “Bring it on,” yelled Woody Dog. Then Woody Dog continued fighting the rabbit army until there weren’t any rabbits left. “Retreat, this dog is to powerful,” yelled one of the rabbit soldiers. “No, we must use are secret weapon,” yelled the rabbits’ leader. Then the rabbit army pulled out a giant spray can and began to make the spraying noise. Woody Dog began to bark and bark. “No good, time to use our other secret weapon,” yelled the rabbits’ leader. Then the rabbit army pulled out a giant vacuum cleaner and they began to vacuum. Woody Dog just continued to bark and bark. “Woody shut up,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. inside while the battle was going on. “No good…one option left,” said the rabbits’ leader. “You don’t mean,” said one of the rabbit soldiers. “Yes, I mean…,” said the rabbits’ leader. Then the rabbit army gave Woody Dog a dog toy as a peace offering and Woody Dog began to chew his new dog toy. “That’ll keep him busy for a while…now let’s get the hell out of here before that crazy dog kills us,” said the rabbits’ leader. But before the rabbits’ leader left Woody Dog rushed over towards him and began to hump him. “What are you doing,” cried the rabbits’ leader. “First I hump you…then I kill you…it’s what I do,” said Woody Dog. “Nooooo,” cried the rabbits’ leader. Then “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. let Woody Dog back inside. “Hey Woody…oh…bad Woody…bad dog,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. Woody came in with the dead rabbits’ leader in his mouth and then “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. threw the dead rabbits’ leader in the trash. The rabbits then mourn their fallen leader. “Mark my words…I will avenge you…the time of revenge is nigh,” yelled one of the rabbit soldiers. Now we go to Woody Dog who was looking out the window. “I will continue to protect my family from the rabbit menace, and also protect my family from many other threats which aren’t really threats…and I will do it by killing and barking,” said Woody Dog. Will the rabbit army get their revenge? Can Woody Dog continue to kill rabbits and protect his family? Actually Woody is just stupid and the rabbits could just continue to mess with him by out running him. Rabbits are rabbits! That’s the best revenge of all! Also Woody bite “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. for the billionth time but “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. forgives him and loves him very much!

FUNTIME Haunted House Adventure!

Mr. Raccoon, Lion, Stunt Duck, Bob Jordan, Joe, Funclock, Apple & Lettuce,
The Scared Leopard, Eddy, Fearsome the Alligator, and Transfoom entered a contest where the winner would win their own mansion if they stay inside it 24 hours. But little did they know the catch was it was a haunted mansion. And since it’s a haunted mansion, whoever stays there the longest without running away in fear will win the contest. “Yeah…I won a mansion,” cried Eddy. “No I won the mansion,” yelled Transfoom. “You idiots…no one has won the mansion yet…we still have 24 hours left in the contest,” said Fearsome the Alligator. Then the contestants heard evil laughing. The Scared Leopard then screamed and fled the scene. “Wait…where are you going…I guess he’s out,” said Lion. “Fools…do you dare stay in the haunted mansion…if you do it’ll be your deaths,” cried a mysterious voice. That mysterious voice was Happy Halloween Ghost. Happy Halloween Ghost and The Annoyed Bats live in the haunted mansion together and they are to scare the contestants out of their home because they wanted to see that no one won the contest so that they could still live there. Four hours passed and Mr. Raccoon and Lion fled the scene out of fear and thus lost the contest. Seven hours passed and Joe, Funclock, and Transfoom mysteriously vanished from the haunted mansion. Nineteen hours passed and the only contestants left who weren’t scared off are Stunt Duck, Fearsome the Alligator, and Eddy. “Man…this house is annoying…I can’t stand having ghosts and bats living here…I’m out….totally not worth it,” said Fearsome the Alligator. Then Fearsome the Alligator left the mansion without being scared and Stunt Duck and Eddy are the only two contestants left. “I know how to get rid of these ghosts,” said Stunt Duck. Stunt Duck then lit a stick of dynamite and soon the whole mansion blew up. Now Stunt Duck, Eddy, Happy Halloween Ghost and The Annoyed Bats are standing outside the ruins of the old haunted mansion. “Thanks a lot…now we don’t have a home anymore,” said Happy Halloween Ghost. “I guess this means the contest has no winner right…because now…there’s nothing to win…oh well…that place was a dump anyway,” said Stunt Duck. “But it was our dump,” said Happy Halloween Ghost and The Annoyed Bats at the same time. Then Happy Halloween Ghost and The Annoyed Bats starting beating up Stunt Duck and Eddy began to laugh. “Yeah…bad story over,” laughed Eddy. Eddy then began to dance in celebration of this story ending!