Thursday, July 30, 2015

Future Stories I Wish To Work On As Soon As Possible!

“Goddiess 2014” is a new short story collection featuring the continuing adventures of the lost god Goddiess. “Goddiess 2014” is about Goddiess teaming up with mythical figures, historical figures and other “That Spells Action Heroes” in many different quests with one mysterious connection. Goddiess will team up with mythical figures and historical figures like Joan of Arc, Jason and the Argonauts, Odysseus, Perseus, Hercules, and Harry Houdini. Plus Goddiess’s old allies Ted Brook, Rob the Ogre, Doggiess, Professor Faun, Opie the Centaur, Sobek, The Green Demon, Holy Death, Ozman and Lee will also aide Goddiess in his many different quests. Goddiess will face familiar enemies like The Yellow Shogun, Red Rhino, Death Clown, Sator Wee, Ares, Hades, Devil Devil the Pig, Dean Deathlock, Kraeoo and Chaos the Demon along with some new enemies. Can Goddiess save the day once again? Read “Goddiess 2014” when it comes out very soon!

“Coyote & the Tyrants” is a new Spotty story about Coyote cloning history’s most evil tyrants in order for them to help him kill Spotty. Evil tyrants Coyote cloned include Nero, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Henry VIII, Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon Bonaparte, Shaka, Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Ayatollah Khomeini, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Al-Gaddafi, and former U.S. president Chester Alan Arthur. Coyote has to work together with these tyrants but it proves more difficult than it sounds. Because as this story unfolds Coyote gets annoyed by the behavior of the evil tyrants so Coyote has to keep the team together. Examples of the tyrants’ personalities include Nero singing everything he says, Vladimir Lenin being insane and gun crazy, Henry VIII being a glutton, Napoleon Bonaparte short temper, and Adolf Hitler acting a little like a homosexual. While the only reason former U.S. president Chester Alan Arthur was cloned was to be the servant to Coyote and the other tyrants like ordering pizza for them or taking care of cleaning the headquarters. But in the end Chester Alan Arthur turns out to be the craziest and the evilest among the tyrants. Will Coyote and the evil tyrants kill Spotty? Sadly they won’t, because Spotty always wins! So be on the lookout for “Coyote & the Tyrants” when it comes out very soon!

“Alien Hunter Squad” remake!

Plot summary: A secret organization created by an unknown group of secret agents to hunt down alien invaders and this organization is called the Alien Hunter Squad. New agents are recruited by the unnamed Head of the Alien Hunter Squad. Agents can either be human or good aliens. The Alien Hunter Squad basically protect our world from alien invaders and they also work closely with the GUF (the Galactic Universe Federation). The Alien Hunter Squad hide in their headquarters which is in the center of the Earth to await when the world needs their help.

The Cast of Alien Hunter Squad!
·     Agent Girl
·     Agent Guy
·     The Alien Blob Thief
·     XZ
·     Gun Expert Agent
·     The Head of the Alien Hunter Squad
·     The Monster Worm

“Jungle Safari” remake!

Plot summary: There is a jungle island where a scientist named Dr. Hurke lives with his wife and nephew. His nephew is basically a skilled hunter and former soldier. Dr. Hurke does his research on his island while his nephew protects his aunt and uncle from the evil animals that try to kill them. The animals on Hurke Island have gained intelligence through genetic experiments done by Dr. Hurke but instead of obeying him the now want to take over his island. Dr. Hurke and his family must fight off the animals to keep control of his island. Also Dr. Hurke must keep the evil animals from leaving the island as well.

The Cast of Jungle Safari!

·      Fearsome the Alligator
·      Joe F. Sanarilee
·      Dr. Hurke
·      Mrs. Washington Hurke

An untitled Shekys Fairy Tale Adventure story” which will star The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4) in an original fairy tale story. The story begins when a beautiful princess is kidnapped by an evil wizard and his troll army. The Shekys are royal court jesters and they seek fame and fortune. Sheky 1 comes up with an idea. If the The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4) save the princess not only will they become heroes, but the reward will be enormous. So The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4) team up with a handsome prince, a kindly young female troll, and a wanted thief to rescue the princess. Along the way they battle a dragon, run away from many bounty hunters, and meet a conman witch doctor. Also the unlikely band of heroes learns many secrets about themselves and the history of their fairytale world. This story will also feature cameos by familiar characters including Fatty the Elephant Seal, Boogie Man, Fearsome the Alligator, The Evil Clowns (Evil, Happy, & Sad), Kazam, Dr. Slamin Salmon, and Mr. Raccoon. This story will be narrated by Spotty and Stupid Kid. Plus there will be many plot twists throughout this story. Will The Shekys save the day? Read the untitled Shekys Fairy Tale Adventure story” when it comes out very soon!

Team Freak is about three popular beautiful teenagers (a girl and two boys) that drove into the woods one day and when a meteor crash landed in front of them the meteor spilled a strange slime. The strange slime from the meteor transformed these three beautiful teenagers into monsters. The beautiful popular girl became a mutant gorilla-human hybrid (Gorilla Girl). The one boy transformed into a monstrous mutant with one huge eye and many legs and arms (Mutant Man). And the other boy transformed into a living pile of garbage (Garbage Pit). Ashamed of their freakish appearances, the three teenagers hid in the sewers and they soon met a mutant goldfish. This mutant goldfish (Master Fisheyes) looked very humanoid and had telekinetic abilities. They would befriend the mutant goldfish and the four of them would soon form a super hero team called “Team Freak”. These freakish superheroes will fight the super villains Raptor Claw, Dr. Duck, Komodo King, Ivan the Crusher, Dr. Hurt, Dirtclog, Bug Boy, Rat Man, Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito.

“Warriors” remake!

Plot Summary: In a magical realm, there was a young elf prince named Lee who is destined for more than being mere royalty. Lee was the chosen one to save his entire world from the demonic forces of evil led by Salizard (though his master Moeguya). A war would soon break out between the demonic armies and our heroes. Lee is a not so ready to assume his chosen one duties. Instead Lee ran away from home at a very young age to become basically a thief living in the woods with his best friend Gully. But when Lee meets a beautiful young princess named Princess Julia, he agrees to aid her in the fight against Salizard. Along the way our heroes would make friends and mentors who would become allies in their quest. Can our heroes defeat Salizard and his demon armies and restore their realm to it’s former glory? Read the “Warriors” remake when it comes out very soon!

“Dark West” remake!

Plot Summary: This story takes place in a wild west town when different time periods co-exist in the same time period. Soon this wild west town is overrun with dinosaurs, mediaeval knights, pirates, dragons, and other people from other ancient civilizations. Our story takes place when a young sheriff’s deputy Todd Fredstone becomes a chosen one to save the time space continuum by a powerful wizard named Polbm who gave him a powerful sword that transforms Todd Fredstone from a cowboy sheriff’s deputy into a powerful mediaeval knight called Dark West. Now it’s up to Dark West (Todd Fredstone) and his allies to save his world and make things right. Fighting many powerful foes along the way. Can Dark West save the day? Read the “Dark West” remake when it comes out very soon!

An “untitled prequel to The Beast & The Bow” will focus on the story of Misty Mount before the events of “The Beast & The Bow”. The story begins with Misty Mount a young female giant/human hybrid living in the woods outside of a magical kingdom. Misty Mount is very kind and just wants to be left alone, but villagers of the magical kingdom fear her as a threat even though in reality she’s harmless. The villagers capture her and bring her before the king and queen, but before they kill her…Princess Olivia saves her life. Princess Olivia soon orders the villagers not to kill Misty Mount but for her and the villagers safety Prince Olivia makes Misty Mount her servant and bodyguard. Throughout the story Princess Olivia and Misty Mount become friends. But sadly, when Misty Mount is deceived by The Witch (who was working as a servant of Princess Olivia), she teams up with her to curse Princess Olivia and her kingdom thus the story of “The Beast and The Bow” begins. The “untitled prequel to The Beast & The Bow” will feature cameos by “The Beast and The Bow” characters like Prince Oliver, Brick Archer, Simon, and Hugo. A new story before the story is about to be told, read the “untitled prequel to The Beast & The Bow” when it comes out very soon!

“Sith Vs. Sikios: Rapture’s Delight!” is a new story is the “Sith Vs. Sikios” series. This story begins when Sikios who left W.H.O. to return to being a lone bounty hunter is called back to join W.H.O. when they need his help in a battle against a new threat to the world inside a crystal ball, which is the demon king Oouguya. Now Sith and Sikios are partners again as they face a very powerful foe. Also the story is called “Sith Vs. Sikios: Rapture’s Delight!” because throughout the story characters in the world inside a crystal ball will be raptured out of it by the creator of the world inside a crystal ball The Wise Wizard and return to the real world. Also new characters will be introduced to the series and those characters include Gacy Gein Dahmer, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Paul Proboscis Monkey, Yunko the Clown, Sator Wee, Caveman Jr., Gar Jong, U Tucker, Hud Howler Monkey, Chillie Chinchilla, The Shrew King and The Frog. Will Sith and Sikios be able to work together to defeat Oouguya? Will Sith and Sikios be raptured? All we know for now is once the very few are raptured those left in the world inside a crystal ball will face an apocalypse the likes of which has never been seen! This might very well be the final chapter in the “Sith Vs. Sikios” series and read “Sith Vs. Sikios: Rapture’s Delight!” when it comes out very soon!

“An untitled Prequel to the Entire Magic Wars Series” tells the story of how the Magical Universe was created and the founding of the Black Knights. The story begins with a young solider in the Black Knights army who begins to have second thoughts. Because even though he was trained and told to think of magical creatures as an enemy he soon befriends one. He befriends (and soon falls in love with) a female beast who at first he tried to kill. Once he saw she harmless, he sets out to protect her. Along the way he becomes a fugitive and becomes the savior of all magical creatures. He also befriends a nerdy young wizard and now he must fight off his former mentor who now wants to kill him. Also he discovers a threat in a demon overlord named Oouguya who wants to take over the entire universe. Then he discovers that a group of wizards are trying to create a whole universe basically another dimension for all magical creatures. So now not only is there going to a war between the Black Knights and the magical creatures, but the threat of Oouguya’s demon army is also going to arise. Maybe to the point where the Black Knights must soon form an unlikely alliance with the magical creatures. Can this young soldier and his unlikely group of heroes save the day? What will happen in the tale set many centuries before the Magic Wars? Read “An untitled Prequel to the Entire Magic Wars Series” when it comes out very soon!

Other Characters in “An untitled Prequel to the Entire Magic Wars Series”!
·      Oouguya
·      Lord Loveland Frog
·      Head Master Riddle Emu
·      Riddle Ocelot
·      Riddle Hyena
·      Riddle Puffin
·      Riddle Coati
·      Louie Leprechaun
·      Sid Saiga
·      Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard
·      The Anti-Four (War, Famine, Pestilence, & Death)
·      Tinker Bell
·      Ling-Hoh
·      Patrick Pangolin
·      War The Rhinotaur
·      The Knight
·      Charlie the Genie
·      Poseidon
·      King Lark of the Dragons
·      Mr. Hats
·      Henry K. Faun
·      Moeguya
·      Doeguya
·      Tomhagi
·      Oouguya Jr.
·      The Spirit Guardian
·      Ron Roc
·      Dr. Ankylosaurus
·      Harris the Hare
·      Roupy the Minotaur
·      Sikios
·      Craig Evan Baruchel
·      Irwin Mark
·      Donna Paige
·      Ewen Black
·      Xarpheus

“KWE/BWC Wrestling Storylines Series” is a new short story series set in the world of KWE/BWC Wrestling. “KWE/BWC Wrestling Storylines Series” is basically about what goes on backstage at a KWE/BWC event and the events that led up to legendary matches. So basically it’s the build up to a match or the origins of a new legendary rivalry. Through “KWE/BWC Wrestling Storylines Series” you the fan can see what goes on inside the KWE/BWC Arena outside of the ring in places like the wrestlers’ locker rooms, the boiler room, Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly’s office, and other places throughout the KWE/BWC Arena. Plus “KWE/BWC Wrestling Storylines Series” will have interview segments with the KWE/BWC wrestlers, KWE/BWC managers, and KWE/BWC staff. So what will happen before the bell rings and what happens after the match is over? Read “KWE/BWC Wrestling Storylines Series” short story series when it comes out very soon!

“Jack Sports Interviews Legends” is a new short story series where legendary KWE/BWC wrestling announcer Jack Sports interviews KWE/BWC wrestlers. “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” lets you learn more about KWE/BWC wrestlers lives outside of the ring. See a wrestler’s mindset and learn more about the wrestlers themselves. Also “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” is co-hosted by Alex Norman. If you just want to learn what makes a KWE/BWC wrestler legendary, evil, forgettable, a hero, a loser or anything else about them as an individual read “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” when it comes out very soon!

“Stork Gets Married” is the Stork story we’ve all been waiting for! Stork and his longtime girlfriend Ashley Stork are finally getting married and every character from the “Stork” series past and present will be in attendance. Stork’s best friend and occasionally foe Hawk who originally hooked up Stork with Ashley Stork, will have the honor of being Stork’s best man. Also “Stork Gets Married” will have many plot twists and surprises throughout the story that will change the future of the “Stork” series forever! What will happen when Stork finally ties the knot? Read “Stork Gets Married” when it comes out very soon!

“An untitled two princesses and their annoying brother story” is about in a faraway fairy tale kingdom live two beautiful princess sisters who share a special bond and also one younger annoying brother. After the deaths of the king and queen a.k.a. their parents, due to the younger annoying brother being the only male in the family he inherits the royal throne but yet he wishes one of his more responsible older sisters would be the next ruler of their kingdom even though by royal rules they can’t be. Because this young prince isn’t power hungry nor is he wanting to become a king…the young prince, his pet a talking miniature schnauzer named Hogan, and his other pet a talking giraffe named Mandela run away from home and after they run away his two loving older sisters go on a quest to bring him home. During their quest to find their younger annoying brother, the two older sisters must battle an evil dragon, two dim-witted ogres, and a horrible harpy. While running away, the young prince battles a bunch of giant spiders, deals with a con man leprechaun, befriends a group of barbarians, and battles an army of living skeletons. Also throughout the story the three siblings discover that each other them has a special magical power like the eldest sister discovers she has the power to make ultrasonic screams, the middle sister discovers that she has the power of precognition, and the young prince discovers he has the power of probability manipulation. Plus, little do the three siblings know is that they are being secretly watched by five evil witches who want to kill them. Along the way the three siblings’ relationship grows stronger and so does their love of each other. In the end, even though at times they may not get along, they all learn that they all care about each other and that in the end they are still a family! Will the two princess sisters succeed their quest to bring their younger annoying brother home and will the younger annoying brother discover his true destiny? Read “An untitled two princesses and their annoying brother story” when it comes out very soon!

“The Death of Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean)” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline where Dr. Laser will be beaten to death by Ivan the Crusher. Ivan the Crusher finally killed a member of The Gifted and after Dr. Laser’s death, Dr. Strong wants revenge for his fallen teammate and best friend. Will Dr. Strong kill Ivan the Crusher? Is Dr. Laser really dead? Find out when “The Death of Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean)” story comes out very soon!

“Prison Planet” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alien overlord called The Warden coming to Earth to collect all of its criminals and bring them to a planet simply called “Prison Planet” which is an alien planet that was turned into a huge intergalactic prison. Since Earth wouldn’t give up all of its criminals, it just decided to give The Warden it’s super villains to take to “Prison Planet” but small time criminal Paul Ziser was actually sent to “Prison Planet” by mistake. Now Paul Ziser must escape “Prison Planet” alongside a couple of other super villains and return to Earth. But it won’t be easy because not only must they try to escape but they must also battle The Warden, The Warden’s guards, and alien criminals imprisoned on “Prison Planet” plus they uncover the truth about The Warden who himself is actually a criminal.  Can Paul Ziser and the enemies of the “That Spells Action Heroes” escape from “Prison Planet” and return home to Earth? Read “Prison Planet” when it comes out very soon!

“Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” is a story where the characters created by Steven Bucky Butler pay tribute in the form of a roast to their creator. Hosted by Spotty, all of Steven Bucky Butler’s characters will attend the show. But rumor has it is that Evil Dino-Skeleton and some other bad guys will try to do anything to ruin the show because of their hatred towards their creator. Plus for some reason Woody Dog claims to have a surprise for his best friend at the end of the show. What will happen at “Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” and will the guest of honor show up at all? Will the bad guys ruin the show? What’s Woody Dog’s surprise? Read “Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” when it comes out very soon!

“Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” is a future storyline in the “Magic Wars” series where Mr. We returns to start a wrestling promotion in the magical universe and Qullin the former street fighter needing some extra money decides to become a professional wrestler. Little does Qullin know is that Mr. We’s wrestling promotion is actually a kind of purgatory for fallen souls that are sold their souls to Oouguya Jr. and soon Qullin realizes the truth he now must find a way to return to his old life and defeat Oouguya Jr. and Mr. We. Can Qullin save the day? Read “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” when it comes out very soon! This is the first epic crossover between the “Magic Wars” series and the “KWE/BWC Wrestling” series and will feature characters from both series. KWE/BWC Wrestlers who are starring in “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” includes Kazam, Red Ogre, Bopf the Witch Doctor, Mr. Unknown, Dixie Jinx, Reaper, The Graveyard Knights, The Unknown Team (Mr. Unknown & Freddy Fear), Reaper & Mysterio, Coal & Killa, The Evil Death Makers, Coal, Arnold Martinez, The Role-playing Kid and Timmy Toys. Again to find out who else will appear, read “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” when it comes out very soon!

“The Lunar Losers” is about the adventures of a group of space misfits led by former convict and now space outlaw Paul Ziser. Paul Ziser is an African-American man from Earth and after he and Roncor escaped from Prison Planet, soon were captured by the Galactic Universe Federation. By the order of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) instead of going to prison were now forced to explore and protect the universe from evil. Paul Ziser and Roncor now must be co-leaders of a group of space misfits that includes Weirdo, Kjwleo, Gar Jong, Space Fighter, The Whatzit, Miss Whatzit, The Living Eyeball, The Yellow Fellow, Hologram Harry, The Wonderful Walrus, Steam Jet Joe, Computer Man, Transfoom, and 3-K. But actually they must work alongside top GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) officers G5 and Robot Red on their journey through the universe while also battling the evils of alien warlord Qazolu and other space villains. Can this group of misfits save the day? Want to learn more about the cosmic side of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Read “The Lunar Losers” when it comes out very soon!

The Cast of The Lunar Losers!
·      Paul Ziser
·      G5
·      Robot Red
·      Geball
·      Hands on His Head
·      XZ
·      Robot Blue
·      Roncor
·      Weirdo
·      Kjwleo
·      Gar Jong
·      Space Fighter
·      The Whatzit
·      Miss Whatzit
·      The Living Eyeball
·      The Yellow Fellow
·      Hologram Harry
·      The Wonderful Walrus
·      Steam Jet Joe
·      Computer Man
·      Bull Horns (Tough Horns)
·      Ga Nod
·      Co Nod
·      Princess Ei Nod
·      Boo Nod
·      Transfoom
·      Happy Leap Year Ghost
·      Happy New Year Ghost
·      3-K
·      Ke-li and Mortaki
The Enemies of The Lunar Losers!
·      Qazolu
·      Zrotk
·      Droid 6
·      Robo Rexes
·      Hacko the Wise
·      Emperor Rodgle
·      The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)
·      Gangster
·      The Jom-Eom King
·      The Alien Blob Thief
·      The Monster Worm
·      Hillax the Destroyer
·     Pink Flying Skull Man & Ring Arm
·     Zig Zag and Moe
·      Killax the Destroyer
·      Bang & Boom
·      The Warden
·      Hillax’s father

“Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about Ms. Giant’s (Dr. Vicky Good) twin sister who is the world’s heaviest woman. Ms. Giant feeling sorry for her very obese twin sister injects her with Chemical G1 and soon the once world’s heaviest woman becomes a sexy thin supermodel-like young woman. But Ms. Giant suddenly discovers her twin sister now has superpowers and she soon offers her twin sister to join The Gifted. With the power of an ultrasonic scream Ms. Giant’s twin sister now fights crime as Ms. Sonic Scream. What will happen when Ms. Sonic Scream learns to deal with her powers and her newly prefect body? And how will Ms. Sonic Scream get along with the other members of The Gifted? Read “Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” when it comes out very soon!

“An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” is basically the story of Sleeping Beauty but with a twist. In this take the story isn’t between Sleeping Beauty and her prince, but her and a figure called a sandman. What is a sandman? A sandman is a person assigned to each individual person in the entire world who controls their destiny through their dreams. A sandman named Pevin is assigned a girl named Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin’s job is to make her through her dreams fall in love with the prince. But there’s a problem, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) is actually beginning to fall in love with Pevin. You see Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) actually saw Pevin once in her dreams and they began to grow a friendship. But Pevin can’t fall in love with her because it’s not her destiny. Plus Pevin is a chubby nerdy young man who’s not as good looking as the prince plus Pevin is half demon like all sandman so he’s known to be a little evil. Plus Pevin’s been Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)’s sandman since the day she was born so he almost feels like a father figure to her. But when Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) pricks her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel she falls into a death-like sleep from which she can only be awakened by true love's kiss. During that death-like sleep Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin relationship grows while they are both in the dream world. Pevin tries to convince her to love the prince because it’s her destiny, she refuses and is in love with Pevin. Plus Pevin’s co-worker a female sandman named Eleanor is also the prince’s sandman and the prince also is in love with Eleanor. Now Pevin and Eleanor are in a pickle because as sandmen they can’t be in relationships with their individual assigned to them nor any mortal once so ever. Plus it’ll ruin the assigned individual’s destiny. Can Pevin and Eleanor make Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince fall in love with each other? Or will true love find its way? How will Pevin and Eleanor do their jobs with love blinding? Should Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince follow their destiny or their hearts? Read “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” when it comes out very soon! Also “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” will be narrated by Binky Bear!

“Snapper the Snapping Turtle & Lenny the Leopard Get A Clue” is a future short story series where Snapper the Snapping Turtle and Lenny the Leopard become private investigators for hire. Snapper the Snapping Turtle and Lenny the Leopard solve crimes and mysteries that revolve around the plots of classic “Mrs. S Stories” and thus classic “Mrs. S Stories” will be retold in the form of a mystery novel with Snapper the Snapping Turtle and Lenny the Leopard changing events within the story that will eventually follow exactly what happens in the original story. Also throughout their cases, Fearsome the Alligator is messing up the plots of the classic “Mrs. S Stories” under the watchful eye of his mysterious boss Evil Dino-Skeleton. Also during their cases there our heroes will interact with chief of police Mr. Raccoon and his aides Apple & Lettuce who will try to solve the mystery before they do (mostly unsuccessfully of course). So basically the mysteries are heroes are solving our basically the plots of the classic “Mrs. S Stories” and the events of said stories may now have had a hand in happening because of our heroes actions. So which classic character will hire these private investigators first? How did Snapper the Snapping Turtle and Lenny the Leopard actions in these classic stories shape their plots? Can Snapper the Snapping Turtle and Lenny the Leopard stop Fearsome the Alligator and Evil Dino-Skeleton from ruining these classic stories? Will Mr. Raccoon and his aides Apple & Lettuce solve the mystery before our heroes do? Can’t wait to read these classic “Mrs. S Stories” in a new light? Read “Snapper the Snapping Turtle & Lenny the Leopard Get A Clue” when it comes out very soon!

“Computer Commandos” are a superhero team made up of the robotic, cyborg, or tech powered heroes of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe that was formed by the U.S. government to combat robotic threats against the country and the world. The “Computer Commandos” are headed by General J. and aided by robotic inventors/scientists Ron J. Orson, Element (Ken P. Fillips), The Scuba Diver Bros. (Scott Diver and Rick Diver), Business Man, Expo Speed, Dr. Wrestling and Hank Hunter. “Computer Commandos” members include Tech Spot, Nickbike, General Brown, General Warfare, Crane Man, High Tech Nick, R-Man, Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, Rusty the Changer, 3-K, and Chris “DJ” Edge. The “Computer Commandos” don’t always seem to get along and many of them struggle with their daily lives. Some members wish to be human while some feel they are being too controlled by their superiors. High Tech Nick feels conflicted because he’s a 30 year old stuck in the body of a teenager and he’s tired of his daily upgrades which make him feel even more unhuman because he feels his upgrades are making him more machine than man. Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, 3-K, General Warfare and Crane Man feel like they are outdated technology in a modern tech world they can keep up with. Also Rusty the Changer feels conflicted because he was reprogramed by the “Computer Commandos” because he used to be a member of an enemy group while some members like Chris “DJ” Edge and R-Man may secretly be helping the enemy so they aren’t very trustworthy among their fellow teammates. The enemies of the “Computer Commandos” are other robotic/tech based super villains that include X-Eye, Virus, Dr. Hurt, Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.), Buzz & Kirk, Dr. Sumo, Blue Jay, Night Watch, Dr. Duck, Robo-Spotty 4.0, Dr. Frankenstein, Professor Snout, Igor, Todd Hog, Japan Jenny, X/99, The Mugger, Robo Rexes, Coyote, Professor Vulture, Insane Dog Catcher, The Changers, Bang & Boom, Mac Machine, and Xane the Exterminator. Plus the “Computer Commandos” also don’t just fight crimes and wars in the present, they also face threats from the future that are coming into our present.  The enemies from the future include The Exterminators, Mega Mind, and Sure 5. The “Computer Commandos” also have allies from the future which include Mike Storm, X-Eye 3000 (Ben Q.), Grey H. Kenson and Jacob Q. (X-Eye 3000’s father). So can “Computer Commandos” protect our world from enemies from both the present and the future? Will the “Computer Commandos” ever truly feel human or will they become more machine than man? Would the “Computer Commandos” ever really want to be more human? Who can the “Computer Commandos” trust when anyone might be the enemy? Read “Computer Commandos” and learn more about the technological superheroes and super villains of the “That Spells Action Heroes” when it comes out very soon!

An untitled “Area 51 Jail Escape-like story” where a janitor who works at the Area 51 base helps an alien escape from the legendary top secret government base. This story will feature not only aliens and lore about Area 51 but it will feature things like dragons, Bigfoot, and other creatures being kept inside Area 51 along with these aliens.

“Holocaust Dog” is the story about a German Shepherd named Ezekiel who’s owner is an old Jewish man who was sent concentration camp and now Ezekiel goes through important events in history while gaining many new owners along the way. Owners include two famous people like Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Also his other owners throughout the story are a Nazi officer, an immigrant coming to America, and countless others. But Ezekiel still misses his first owner but he dreams that they will someday meet again. “Holocaust Dog” is basically the history of the holocaust and World War 2 through the eyes of this fictional dog. Read “Holocaust Dog” when it comes out very soon!

The Background Character Club: Plot Info!

Plot Summary: The Background Character Club is basically a reality show contest for characters that never were really that popular and are mostly unknown. These contestants will live together in a mansion and compete either in teams or by themselves in challenging games. Then at the end of the day a contestant will be eliminated. The winner of The Background Character Club will win a starring role in their own book and $50,000 in cash. Who will win? Who will you root for? Find out when “The Background Character Club” comes out very soon!

The Host of The Background Character Club!

Spotty is a talking dog with ADD and isn’t that bright. Spotty has many friends and just as many foes. He’s been everything from an adventurer to a superhero and he’s even the pope of Buckyism. Spotty is my favorite character and possibly my oldest continuing character. Spotty future is bright, and that’s not bad for an annoying talking dog you can’t help but love (or even hate)!

The Contestants of The Background Character Club!

Happy Jim is a wrestler who’s always happy. Happy Jim is also very annoying and he loves to drink energy drinks. Happy Jim has ADD and OCD. Happy Jim always runs down to the ring. Happy Jim wrestles in his underwear and he also wears a newspaper hat. Happy Jim currently wrestles for Fighting 4 Life Wrestling and Deathlock Promotions.

Jag the Jaguar is a friend of Yo the Rooster and a classmate of Binky Bear. Jag is a bit of a jock and he loves sports. Jag also loves to eat a lot and to work out. Jag is also dating Torti the Tortoise and Jag dreams of one day becoming a pro football player. Jag currently attends high school with his friends.

Mangnifico the World’s Strongest Man was a performer in the circus Flea-Boy the Clown worked at before he had gotten fired. Mangnifico the World’s Strongest Man left the circus after a pay dispute and soon Mangnifico joined the Silly Squad. Now Mangnifico the World’s Strongest Man is a member of the Silly Squad and the head of the Silly Squad’s gym.

Edward Bully is an evil wizard who worked with Moeguya. Edward became a wizard due to Tubbles giving him magical powers out of anger. Edward bulled Tubbles a lot and soon Edward didn’t want to be a good wizard…he thought darkness was the way to go. Edward Bully is currently locked up inside the Magical Council prison.

Brabe the Dog is the best friend and the only friend of The Scared Leopard. Brabe the Dog is very brave and he’s also a con artist. Brabe is a mutt and loves to hump The Scared Leopard’s leg. Brabe is also a backup member of the Summon Team and is somewhat lazy in battle.

Deer was an extra in a Stork story. He was running away from Mr. Hunter when it was hunting season. Deer is very good friends with Mole. Deer also was a color commentator at Stork’s Kart Racing 2006!

3-K is a wrestling robot created by Dr. Wrestling. He knows every wrestling move and has the brain of a computer. He is the only robot in the KWE, and maybe the first robot wrestler ever!

Hillbilly Joy weights 400 lbs. and is a big redneck. She is the sister of KWE wrestler The Lifeguard, and has very bad teeth.

Super Judy is Jack Sport’s sister. She thinks she has super powers and that she can save the world in one day, but she does not have super powers. She wears a mask and even sometimes wears a cape. She has wrestled Beauty Queen once, but she lost. She is now a KWE manager and the occasional valet of Mr. Hero.

The Librarian is a wrestler who acts like she works at the library. She uses books as weapons in the ring and she also always says be quiet. She is a former BWC Women’s Champion.

Buzz is a fighting robot created by X-Eye. Spy Lion broke off one of his arms and one of his legs and he seemed defeated until X-Eye repaired him. Buzz currently a loyal henchman to X-Eye and also his bodyguard.

Manatee is a nice manatee that lives in the ocean, and he’s friends with most of the creatures in the sea. Manatee is very slow and not that bright. Manatee probably eats all the time but he can swim very fast. Manatee was close to being hurt from a fishing boat motor but his dolphin friends saved him. Manatee currently lives in the sea and still has many friends.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle is Catfish Jack’s second best friend. Snapper is very lazy and is almost always sleeping. Snapper watches over Catfish Jack and has saved him from danger a lot. Snapper is very strong and he loves to workout. Snapper isn’t very bright but never get him mad.

Prince Leon was a handsome prince who wanted to marry Princess Stacy but it turned out he wasn’t her true love. Prince Leon currently rules his kingdom and is rumored to be married to someone else.

Bones is a living skeleton who lives in Holly Land. Bones is basically made out of dog bones and he’s very friendly. Even though Bones is basically living dog chew toy, he couldn’t be any happier.

Mr. Face is a big round smiley race with two arms with balls of hands and he wears a baseball cap. Mr. Face is a member of the Silly Squad and a member of the Summon Team. Mr. Face looks like he’s always happy, but he may not be happy most of the time.

Lita who was a seventy-nine foot giant woman warrior who was a henchwoman of Kraeoo and she’s almost Kraeoo’s bodyguard. Lita secretly had a crush on Ozman even though they were on two different sides.

Princess Prune is a very, very, very ugly princess and the want-a-be girlfriend of Fartio. Princess Prune rules the kingdom of the poop people. She’s ugly let’s end it at there.

Sam Soda is a living cup of soda that lives in Movie Land. His best friend is Popper Popcorn and Sam’s favor of soda is cola.

Mr. Cool is the funkiest and coolest hipster around. Mr. Cool is the definition of the word “cool”. He wears a cool hat and holds a cane. Let’s just say Mr. Cool is cool.

Steve the Janitor is a janitor at an elementary school and a good friend of Zach the Frog. Steve the Janitor is also the janitor of the True Heroes headquarters.

Dimmy Dodo is a talking dodo and the pet of Kenny White. Dimmy Dodo is a blabbermouth and he is very loyal Dimmy Dodo is currently a chef in the Magical Council cafeteria. Dimmy Dodo is actually very intelligent and Dimmy loves to play chess.

The Contestants of The Background Character Club!

The Future Sagas of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series!

The Titanfrud Ironcross Saga: Who is Titanfrud Ironcross? In the next book in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series he will be the main enemy leading a rebellion against our heroes. Titanfrud Ironcross used to be a high ranking soldier in the True Heroes army until he and a bunch of other soldiers were laid off due to budget cuts. Now Titanfrud Ironcross is seeking his revenge against our heroes by leading his army on a battle of taking over The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. Titanfrud Ironcross is an atheist and thus not a follower of any religion. But even though he’s an atheist he does have a bit of a god complex and he’s very power hungry. Titanfrud Ironcross is truly a new powerful threat and can our heroes stop him? Will Titanfrud Ironcross even form an alliance with Evil Dino-Skeleton and Oouguya? Or will Titanfrud Ironcross even be an enemy of both Evil Dino-Skeleton and Oouguya as well? We will find out very soon!

The Death of Bucky Saga: Bucky the god of Buckyism will finally be killed by his old foe Evil Dino-Skeleton. But is Bucky really dead for good and how will the people of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson react to his death? We will find out very soon!

Subplot 4: Bucky, Sai Bong, Sikios, Frankie Cuffan, Mr. Raccoon, and Knowledge will be going on secret missions throughout the story thus won’t be involved very much in certain battles. What are these secret missions that Bucky, Sai Bong, Sikios, Frankie Cuffan, Mr. Raccoon, and Knowledge will go on that even the highest ranking members of the True Heroes don’t know about? How will Bucky, Sai Bong, Sikios, Frankie Cuffan, Mr. Raccoon, and Knowledge’s secret missions affect The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson? How will this affect our heroes otherwise? We will find out very soon!

Succubus Saga: Moeguya has created three succubus demons to try and seduce Bucky. These three demons are named Thea Succubus, Shantelle Succubus, and Xackel Incubus and they all look like beautiful supermodels. These three siblings often are more likely to fight each other then try to follow their mission. Throughout the story Thea Succubus and Shantelle Succubus try to have sex with Bucky but throughout the story Bucky rejects them. While Xackel Incubus is basically cocky and a little more rebellious than his sexy sisters so he doesn’t really follow the mission he was given to seduce Bucky (plus him and Bucky are both dudes so it’s a little awkward). But luckily our heroes defeated Thea Succubus, Shantelle Succubus, and Xackel Incubus and they just went back to being henchmen of Moeguya.

Subplot 1:  Vach and Mr. Mask merged with each other to become a single entity. Now Vach not only has all of Mr. Mask’s memories but he also has Broiler’s memories too. Now Vach basically has a split personalities shifting from Mr. Mask to Broiler. So throughout the story Vach wants to achieve the goals of Mr. Mask and Broiler along with his own.

Subplot 2:  Smart Raptor is a counselor for The True Heroes headquarters. Smart Raptor is also a back-up member of The Summon Team. Smart Raptor now holds a support group for the former villains of the True Heroes and Bucky. The former villains who attend the support group are Igor, Mr. Raccoon, Mayor Mole, Jimmy, Broiler, Vach Jr., General Toast, Shantelle Succubus (she is no longer looks like a sexy thin supermodel but now she looks like a 400lb. young woman), Willie, a Phoenix Knight, a demon, a water demon, Fred, a former Red Crickets ninja, Rusty the Changer, Sikios, Frankie Cuffan, and Hawk. Some of the former villains who attend the support group long to be good but most of them are basically court ordered to attend. So throughout the story Smart Raptor counsels these former villains into being good and not evil. But for some of the villains it’s very hard to change sides.

The Ending to The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson: The Changers War (book thirteen)! The most recent book in the series!

The Ending: It now seems that everything is back to normal in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. The Changers were defeated and thus the Changers War was over. The True Heroes continue to fight the Skull Lords as usual. Vach still works for the Skull Lords but soon he is going insane because he’s wearing the Mask of Darkness. Evil Dino-Skeleton is now plotting his revenge and he is still loyal to Moeguya.  I soon awoke back home and I saw that Woody was sleeping. “God, why do I dream the same dreams all the time, I wonder what time it is,” said Bucky. I then left the room and Woody awoke. Woody then winked and shushed at you the readers and then he looked up to the sky. Now we go to Vach where he had just killed a demon. Vach was wearing the Mask of Darkness and he then looked at a picture of Flame and Sai Bong. “I’m coming home you guys,” yelled Vach.

The Cast of the future books in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Series!

First World: The True Heroes headquarters

First Allies: Bucky, Nina Butler, Woody Dog, Nikki Butler, James Okeeffe, AJ Lu, Shane Lu, Pope Spotty, Deer, Mike Storm, Igor, Mr. Pencil, Ashley Stork, Penny Greyhound, Termite, Judy Brown, Ms. Condor, Michael, Professor Smith, Veg, Stork, Hawk, Zach, Beardy, Barney Scott, the True Heroes soldiers, Jordan, Mr. Big, Diablo the Phoenix, Battle Field Bigfoot, Anthony Scornavacco, Sith, Bark, Lion, Pigeon, Where’s Bug, Steve the Janitor, The Dragon, The Giant, The Knight, The Scared Leopard, Eddy, Mr. Raccoon, Mayor Mole, Jimmy, Senp, Charlie the Genie, Joe, Funclock, Sai Bong, Rusty the Changer, Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow), Mike Calvert, Flea-Boy the Clown, Sikios, Frankie Cuffan, The League of Seven monks, Flame, Jeff, Broiler, The Frog, Dr. Slamin Salmon, Sammy T, Uncle “Anime” Akira, Ernest B. Faun, Heather (Spotty’s Daughter), Vach Jr., Hip Hap, Tim Bull, Clown, Bird, Happy, Nightmare, Gold Tooth, Mr. Beg, Mr. Sick, Tom, Transfoom, The Landlord, Funky Monkey, Smart Raptor, Mr. Ninja, and Spotty Jr.

First Foes: Evil Dino-Skeleton, Bone Wings, Burn, General Toast, Coyote, Ghost, Terry the Tapir, Big Mean Dog, Mr. Hunter, Insane Dog Catcher, Moeguya, the Phoenix Monks, the Phoenix Knights, Zig Zag, Moe, X-Eye, Dr. Hurt, Dr. Frankenstein, Roncor, Night Watch, Komodo King, Robo-Spotty 4.0, Oliver Owl, Cat, The Changers, Kip the Pirate, Zygurat, Exclamation Point, Fred, The Red Crickets, Long, Spider Hand, Bug Boy, Mr. Arms, Buzz, Kirk, Fearsome the Alligator, The Evil Clowns (Evil, Happy, & Sad), Mr. Mask, Vach, Moeguya Jr., Thea Succubus, Shantelle Succubus, Xackel Incubus, Louie Leprechaun, Brass Banshee, Bold Behemoth, Terry Tsuchinoko, Oliver Onza, Mort Mapinguari, Neal Nguma-Monene, Sid Saiga, Doeguya, Oouguya,  Killax the Destroyer, Bang & Boom, Yunko the Clown, Oouguya Jr.,  Deathbringer, Hillax the Destroyer, Willie, and a whole bunch of demons and water demons

“Big Twist” for The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson “Future Wars” series!

The future book in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson “Future Wars” series will reveal a big plot twist. The twist is…it turns out that the “Future Wars” don’t take place in an alternate future but instead on a world in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. So what this means is that this whole alternate future was just a story created by Steven “Bucky” Butler and was just one of the worlds in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. So this isn’t an alternate future, but just a world created by Steven “Bucky” Butler. So the big twist will be revealed in the final book of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson “Future Wars” series. So be on the lookout for the final book!