Monday, December 9, 2013

Camel and Dina Jr. look for the Beast of Gévaudan

Camel and Dina Jr. were looking for the Beast of Gévaudan in France. “I still can’t believe that my best friend Cool Fox, is now a human being, and he treats me like I’m his pet or something, just because he is human now,” said Camel. “Dude, be quiet or else my dad and his minions would get the Beast of Gévaudan before us,” said Dina Jr. Then Dean the Giant caught the Beast of Gévaudan. Now Dina has the Beast of Gévaudan. Dina Jr. and Camel went back to the government headquarters. Camel was in his room talking to General J. “Listen, can you turn Cool Fox back into a fox again, he’s been a human being for 2 weeks now, don’t you have a cure for him,” yelled Camel. “Listen, Cool Fox maybe human now, but he is still our top agent, and also his human girlfriend, Mary Y., is now pregnant,” said General J. “Wait what,” said Camel. “Cool Fox maybe the father,” said General J. Is Cool Fox the father? Nobody knows!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Advice I Got From A Legendary Puppeteer!

Dear Steven,
Enjoyed hearing from you and learning of your interest in puppetry. The Henson Company definitely is the major group creating today's puppet video. There is a magic in puppetry that resides somewhere between animated cartoons and real people. My advice would be that you create the most interesting characters you can, write the best script your imagination can conjure, and videotape a 5 minute segment that makes the viewer want to see more. This will be your demo tape, an absolute necessity to getting media companies interested in your work. Then offer to send it to anyone connected to children's entertainment. By all means get feedback from people who are in the entertainment business themselves.

Best wishes for your success,

Bill Jackson

Here's What He Looks Like!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Magic Wars 2!

It has been a couple of months since our last adventure. Curt We and Elizabeth were now engaged to be married and they were still in love with each other. Elizabeth is no longer an ogre and is now very beautiful. Also Curt We and Elizabeth are taking care of their new pet Happy the Griffin, and also Elizabeth no longer understands Happy the Griffin’s language (because only ogres can understand stand the language of griffins and dragons). Lee Jr. and Christy were also dating and they were both deeply in love with each other. Lee Jr. thought Christy was sexy for a nerdy cat person. Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) had finally met his father Sith and they soon grew a father-and-son bond. Sadly other people died in the magical universe recently, of course you know The Wise Wizard and Moeguya died, but four others died of natural causes. The four people who died of natural causes were May Charming, Roupy the Minotaur, Henry K. Faun, and Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. Since the death of Henry K. Faun, the founder of the Magical Council, Curt became head of the Magical Council and also his daughter Christy became the new head of The Wizard’s Court after The Wise Wizard died. Also the Magical Council has the Demon Door again and they locked it away in their vault. It seems all is peaceful…for now. Now we go to Moeguya’s other castle which is inside Mt. Sith where Mr. Hats, Salizard, Alfred Charming, Maten, Felicity, and Dark Mark were thinking of revenge for their fallen leader Moeguya. “Now what do we do, Moeguya’s dead, and soon should we,” said Alfred Charming. “This sucks, my husband’s dead, what are we going to do now,” said Felicity. “People, I have something that could help us bring Moeguya back from the dead,” said Salizard. Then Salizard pulled out the glass tube that contained Moeguya’s blood inside it. “Moeguya’s blood, you don’t think…,” said Mr. Hats. Then Mr. Hats, Salizard, Alfred Charming, Maten, Felicity, and Dark Mark started laughing evilly. Now it seems that Moeguya may return from the dead…or that a new demon king will take his place. But Mr. Hats told the villains that only a relative of Moeguya could consume his blood and thus that relative’s body would be taken over by Moeguya. Also, the relative have to have a dark heart in order to bring Moeguya back to life. Felicity soon came up with an idea on how they can bring Moeguya back….and Christy was the key to her plan. “So we break Christy’s heart and that sadness will lead to anger thus the darkness will be so strong Moeguya will return,” said Felicity. “But how are we going to break Christy’s heart,” asked Salizard. “I bullied her for years…she has problems with her looks if we trick her into thinking that her boyfriend Lee Jr. doesn’t love her because she’s a monster, the rest will be easy…but first we need to make her into a beautiful human women....and then we’ll turn he into a monster,” said Felicity. “Yah if she’s turned into a monster no one will love her…what if we make her go back and forth from beautiful into beastly,” said Alfred Charming. “Yes that plan may work but how will we turn her into anything,” said Mr. Hats. “Leave that to me….I know a guy,” said Felicity. Now we go to a dark alley in Magic Town where we see Patrick Pangolin tricking a gnome in a dice game. “Alright buddy, know…you pay up,” said Patrick Pangolin. Patrick Pangolin is a magical shaman and a wish granter. Patrick is kind of a con artist and sometimes the wishes he grants backfire. Patrick is a long-tailed pangolin and he speaks with a Cajun accent. Patrick rarely cares about others and mostly cares about himself. “Here’s your money,” said the gnome. The gnome handed Patrick some money, but Patrick noticed it wasn’t enough. “This feels a little light boss,” said Patrick. Just then a mysterious black hooded person appeared in front of Patrick and the gnome. “You gnome…get the hell out of here,” said the mysterious black hooded person. The gnome fled the scene and Patrick grinned. “Do I owe you money,” asked Patrick. The mysterious hooded person pulled down her hood and it was Felicity. “Hello Patrick, you remember me right,” asked Felicity. “Aren’t you the girl I tricked into handing me your diamond ring….I gave it up at the pawn shop honey, so I take it you’re with Moeguya right,” said Patrick. “How do you know I work for Moeguya,” asked Felicity. “I know things, now what does your master want,” asked Patrick. “It’s not what he wants….it’s what I need you to do to bring him back to life,” said Felicity. “Go on,” asked Patrick. “We’ll pay you quite handsomely if you grant a wish to a powerful young wizard,” said Felicity. “Who is this wizard,” asked Patrick. “Her name is Christy and all you have to do is make her beautiful by day and a monster by night, now here’s the plan,” said Felicity. Felicity soon began to tell Patrick her plan.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bucky Butler/Marvel Comics Crossover!

When I was a kid, I drew a couple of comic strips starring me and the legendary characters of the Marvel Comics Universe. In one comic strip my dog Holly and I fought Doctor Doom and I also drew new original adventures for these legendary Marvel superheroes. Like I drew a comic strips starring the X-Men, the Hulk, and even Spider-Man without me or my other characters. Now for you the blog reader I'm sharing these classic comic strips I drew starring the legendary characters of Marvel Comics. Plus as a bonus I've included the front and back covers of an old story I wrote called "The Hulk Meets Dr. Frankenstein" with these comic stripes. Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Silly Squad Sells Out!

Silly Squad INC. is the #1 entertainment company of its class. They still do entertaining at birthday parties, TV shows, movies, internet clips, merchandising, a theme park, and “The Silly Squad Channel” which is a subscription video on demand television service and it now has over 200,000 subscribers. They own both Shekys INC. and True Funny INC., which at a time were their biggest rivals. They also now own Bros. Ink and Lixey Bros. Studios. Soon Silly Squad INC.’s CEO Flea-Boy the Clown announced that Silly Squad INC. is now a public company and trades on the NYSE. Flea-Boy the Clown’s vision of making people laugh is now one of the most successful corporations in the world today. Now we go to the country club where Flea-Boy the Clown and his successful business friends Termite and Mr. Hunter were playing a game of golf. “Damn it, where the heck is Coyote, he was supposed to meet us here at five,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “Let’s play without him,” said Mr. Hunter. Then Coyote came driving towards them on a golf kart. “Sorry I’m late gentlemen,” said Coyote. “So Coyote, why did you want to play golf with us today,” asked Termite. “Well gentlemen, this is sort of a business meeting, you all now I own Coyote Corp and I specialize in technology and weapon manufacturing, plus I also own a boxing promotion as well, but you see gentlemen, the reason I’ve called you all here is that I want to buy all of your companies,” said Coyote. “Say what,” said Flea-Boy the Clown, Mr. Hunter, and Termite at the same time. “Well, I want to buy you out so that we could become a mega corporation, I need your companies to do it,” said Coyote. “So you want to buy us all out so that Coyote Corp will become a mega corporation, what’s in it for us,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Well I’m willing to pay you guys a lot of money,” said Coyote. Then Flea-Boy the Clown, Termite, and Mr. Hunter looked at each other and then started laughing. “Man you’re nuts, we won’t sell you our companies for freaking money, we make it brother,” laughed Mr. Hunter. “Fine, since you won’t sell me your companies, we are now going to be business rivals,” said Coyote furiously. Then Coyote drove out of the country club and now Coyote Corp is now adding new divisions that could hurt not only Silly Squad INC., but also Mr. Hunter’s Pies/Ken’s Burgers Corp and Termite’s Insurance Company as well!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dudes & The Perfect World!

Color Man was in an old warehouse, where he was going to steal the machine that gave Super Dude, Young One, Super Dudette, and Super Mutt their powers and made them cool, because Super Dude, Young One, and Super Dudette used to be nerds. “Man, I can’t believe the moved the machine, it used to be in some government laboratory and now it’s in an old warehouse outside of Hero City, now then, how do I move the machine to where I want it to go,” said Color Man. Then Color Man pulled out a box of crayons and a lighter and started smoking a crayon like a cigarette. “Hey guys get over here,” yelled Color Man while smoking a crayon. Then Color Man’s henchmen walked over. “What do you want boss,” said the henchmen at the same time. “Move this big machine and put it in the back of the pick-up truck, we have a special delivery to make,” said Color Man. Soon Color Man and his henchmen were driving away with the machine in the back of their pick-up truck. Now we go to Coyote Corp headquarters where Coyote was still working in his office after hours. “Man, with today’s crazy economy I need to think of a way to make some money fast before we all go bankrupt,” said Coyote to himself. Then Coyote heard tapping on his office window, it was Color Man who was floating in midair. “Who the hell are you,” asked Coyote. “Coyote, we both like making money, and I have a money maker you may like to see,” said Color Man. “Alright I’ll let you guys in, but I can’t be seen talking to criminals again so be quick about it,” said Coyote. Now Color Man’s henchmen set up the machine in a laboratory inside Coyote Corp headquarters. “So, what is this machine anyway,” asked Coyote. “While, it’s called Project Power and it originally belonged to the government, but this machine is what gave Super Dude is powers, I think we should duplicate it and sell it to the public, this thing can cure health problems Coyote so basically ever hospital will want one,” said Color Man. “How do we know it works,” asked Coyote. “Well, I worked on Project Power myself so I know it works, but we need a test subject to see if it will work, a human subject,” said Color Man. “Pablo get in here,” yelled Coyote. Then Coyote’s weak Mexican janitor named Pablo walked in. “We have a winner,” said Color Man. Now the bad guys are going to do something that will bring the end to all of the superheroes and super villains! 

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dude vs. Boogie Man!

“Okay gentlemen, I’m working for Satan to collect souls and now I just need the soul of one of you guys,” said Boogie Man. “I thought you were in jail,” said Super Dude. “Yah, the Satan got me out of jail, so, who wants to give up there soul for me, huh, anyone,” said Boogie Man. Then Super Dude punched Boogie Man in the jaw. Then Super Dude and Boogie Man started fighting each other. Then Super Dude pushed Boogie Man to the ground. “Please, let me get one of your souls, if I don’t Satan will take mine, I’m a monster looking to live please give me one of your souls,” cried Boogie Man. “But you have a criminal record, and you’re working for the devil,” said Super Dude. “Yah, I heard a kid turned you into the police 4 times,” said Young One. “Look, I not a criminal, I’m the god dam Boogie Man, the monster who lives under your bed, that little boy ruined my life, now I’m a wanted man, or even worse, I own Satan my soul,” said Boogie Man. “We’re not giving you our souls, understand,” said Super Dude. “Ah, to hell with it,” said Boogie Man. Then Boogie Man went up to Super Dudette and garbed her soul. “Score one for the Boogie Man,” yelled Boogie Man. Then Boogie Man ran away. “No, why Super Dudette, I have to stop him,” said Young One. “I’ll go with you,” said Super Dude. Then Super Mutt flew in and barked. “You too little buddy,” said Young One. “Well you guys are out could you get some more beer, we’re all out,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “When are you going home,” yelled Super Dude. “Hello, I’m right here,” yelled Super Dudette. “Wait, you’re alive, but Boogie Man took you’re soul,” yelled Young One. “Ah, well I guess he didn’t, so, what are we doing,” said Super Dudette. “I guess Boogie Man didn’t take her soul, what’s up with that,” asked Young One. “Let’s stop Boogie Man before he gets more souls,” said Super Dude. “You guys have fun doing that, I’m going to the mall, so long losers,” said Super Dudette. “What’s with her,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. What will happen next? Nobody knows! 

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dude meets Super Dudette!

Color Man was in a government laboratory, where he was going to steal the machine that gave Super Dude and Young One there powers and made them cool, because Super Dude and Young One used to be nerds. “Oh, I can use this for evil, then the world will bow down before Color Man, who will not just have the lame power to change colors, but the same powers as Super Dude,” yelled Color Man. Then an owl flew into the government laboratory. “Hey you stupid bird, get the hell out of here, man I need my smokes,” yelled Color Man. Then Color Man opened a box of crayons and lit them with his lighter, yes he smokes crayons like cigarettes, it helps with his super power. “Be nice, we have a friend in are presence,” said Night Watch. “Hey, who the heck are you,” yelled Color Man. “My name is Night Watch, and that stupid bird is my pet owl, Oliver, and I’m going to stop the Super Dudes, with that machine,” said Night Watch. “No, I’m going to use it to stop the Super Dudes,” said Color Man. “Hmm, what if you and me work together to stop the Super Dudes, I’m sure with my brains and your skills we can stop our foes,” said Night Watch. “What’s in it for me,” asked Color Man. “Well, you’ll get 60% of the money I make from bank robberies,” said Night Watch. “Well, I hate to say this, but you got a deal, so, what’s the plan,” said Color Man. “Well, will use this machine to help us make our own villain, which will be just as powerful as Super Dude and Young One,” said Night Watch. “Yah, but who is going to help us,” asked Color Man. “You’ll see, my rainbow friend,” said Night Watch. Who is going to have the same powers as the Super Dudes? Nobody knows!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Evil Pig!

A scientist named Walter Loue was working on a cure for Dwarfism when it came time to test on animals. But the only problem with Walter Loue’s cure for Dwarfism was that only one animal could be used to test it. For some reason a pig was a perfect candidate for testing. But Walter Loue needed to find a pig. So Walter Loue went to a farm and he bought himself a pig. The pig Walter bought was basically the runt of the litter and he was basically the perfect candidate to test his cure. Walter Loue soon ejected the cure into the runt pig which he named Andre. I forgot to mention that Walter Loue worked for a pharmaceutical company. Slowly week by week Andre began to grow and grow. Walter Loue’s cure seemed now to work. But before they could test it on humans, Andre began to become insane. Andre was slowly becoming a giant monster nicknamed “Evil Pig”. Soon Andre a.k.a. Evil Pig went on a rampage and he began destroying the city. Now it was up to Walter to stop his creation. But can he defeat Evil Pig? Only time will tell!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Birds City!

Pigeon is a pigeon that lives in New York City and hangs out with other birds. Pigeon is very cocky and acts like he’s the coolest guy in the world. His mother lives in France and he visits his mother on occasion. Pigeon’s favorite food is popcorn and he has many friends. Cat is a tabby cat who is the enemy of Pigeon and all of the birds in the city. Cat has eaten many of Pigeon’s friends and foes and is a very fat cat. Cat currently lives in an animal shelter and is hoping he’ll roam the streets of New York once more. But our story begins two years before Pigeon moved to New York City and he was just about to leave France for America. The reason Pigeon wanted to move to New York City was because in his home country he was an outcast and a nobody. Pigeon wanted to start a new life in a new land. So he moved out of his mother’s nest and left for America. Even though Pigeon came from France he knew how to speak English already. Pigeon couldn’t really fly to America because he didn’t know where America was. So Pigeon secretly boarded an airplane to New York City and hide inside it. After a long flight, Pigeon came to New York City. Soon Pigeon would start his new life in a new homeland. But Pigeon would soon find out that New York City was very different from France. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

The Cast of The Samurai & The General!

·        Spotty

·        Beardy

·        Coyote

·        Terry the Tapir

·        Binky Bear

·        Stork

·        Hawk

·        Deer

·        Mole

·        Mr. Big

·        Evil Dino-Skeleton

·        Mr. Raccoon

·        Lion

·        Pigeon

·        Cool Fox

·        Sith

·        Senp

·        Jimmy

·        Fearsome the Alligator

·        Sikios

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Samurai & The General!

Long ago in a far away land there were two empires that were at war. One empire only wanted peace….while the other only wanted power. One empire was ruled by an emperor named Lion…but Emperor Lion wasn’t the true evil one. Emperor Lion’s top general who is known only as The General was the true mastermind. The General was plotting a huge takeover of the world…and Emperor Lion had no idea of The General true intentions. Our story begins when the peaceful empire’s emperor Fo-Pong and his wife welcomed a son. But, that son would not know his true destiny because sadly fate would intervene. One horrible night, Fo-Pong and his wife were killed by The General’s soldiers and The General soldiers kidnapped Emperor Fo-Pong’s son. But before The General’s soldiers could kill the son of Emperor Fo-Pong…he would be saved by three thieves. Those three thieves were named Spotty, Binky Bear, and Stork. The three thieves robbed The General’s soldiers and then they killed them. “Alright, let’s head back….hey….look it’s a baby,” said Spotty. Stork picked up the baby. “Whose baby do you think it is,” asked Binky Bear. “Guys we can’t just leave it here…let’s take it back to the hideout,” said Stork. “Hold it…would Mr. Big like us to bring a baby back to the hideout,” said Spotty. “We have no choice…let’s head back to the hideout,” said Stork. Spotty, Binky Bear, and Stork took Fo-Pong’s son with them to their hideout. Mr. Big who was the leader of a gang of thieves soon decided that they would raise the child. “What should we name this baby,” asked Binky Bear. “Let’s name him Ryū, after the greatest thief in the world,” said Spotty. So now Emperor Fo-Pong’s son has a new name Ryū and Ryū was raised by Mr. Big and his gang of thieves. Many years would pass and Ryū grew up to become a strong young man. Ryū grew up not knowing he was royalty and he lived the life of a thief. Ryū yet loved his life as a thief and he dreamed of one day he would become a big crime lord like Mr. Big himself. But Ryū would soon find out who is really is…because fate would intervene once again!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Faterella!

Once upon a time, there was a hobo named Spotty, a goofy dog, who has a story to share.  Spotty had just hopped off a train car, or should we say, got kicked off of a train car by some other mean hobos. As Spotty is about to get the boot, he pleads, “Come on guys, we’re all hobos here…this isn’t my stop and…”  Spotty hits the ground after being tossed from the moving train.  He gets up and dusts himself off.  “Oh hello, I’m hobo Spotty, maybe you’ve heard of me, or maybe not, but I have a fairy tale to tell you.  It takes place in a fairy tale world…hmm, what’s it called? Oh yah…Faterella. I am narrating this tale.”

 The story begins at a carnival, which is owned by a man named Mr. We.  Mr. We is a fat, bald man with a dark black mustache.  Mr. We grew up with a family of struggling carnies.  He is the ringmaster of the carnival.  Mr. We is evil, and is also mean to the employees at the carnival, especially to the freaks in his freak show.  He treats them like monsters, even puts them in cages like animals. 

 I bet you are wondering why our story is at a carnival freak show?  Let’s just say, this place is where it all began for the Charming Family.  We find Mr. We standing in front of a circus tent. “Come one, come all, to Mr. We’s carnival and freak show. Home to the very popular Wild Man…,the man that was raised by wolves and is the hairiest freaking person you’ll ever see!” yelled Mr. We to a crowd. During the time I am hearing about Wild Man I am rummaging for food in the carnival garbage can.  I said, “Oh, sugar!”  Mr. We is making his way over to me to bust me for looking for food in his garbage cans. Mr. We pulls out a whip, and begins to shoo me away while hitting me with his whip. “Get out of here you filthy mutt hobo!” yelled Mr. We in anger. I began to flee from Mr. We. “Give a guy some slack buddy,” I cried as I was fleeing away. Speaking under my breath I huffed, “Stupid carnival owner! Rotten man who doesn’t treat the homeless kindly!”  I shrug, and then began eating a rotten candy apple that I found in a garbage can. “Mmmm, the best food is expired food,” I said to myself. AND that’s the tale of how I, Spotty, got my first delicious candy apple…But I guess we should continue with our story.

 Entering the freak show exhibit of Mr. We’s carnival there is a freak called Horn Boy who is being beaten up by his handlers. You see, at Mr. We’s carnival, , the freaks live a life of imprisonment and are treated cruelly by everyone except other freaks. Plus, Mr. We makes the freaks fight each other to the death in a pit for the amusement of the carnival customers. Mr. We loves to make money off the misery of his freaks. Mr. We truly believes that these freaks are monsters, so that’s why he treats them as such. The freaks in Mr. We’s freak show care for each other like family. The real families of the freaks don’t give a damn about them.

 A little boy and his mother are standing outside one of the freak show exhibits. “Look, mommy, monsters,” said the little boy. The little boy throws a soda cup at the Wild Man and the little boy laughs. “Mommy…did you see that I hit that monkey man?” asked the little boy. “Come on…these people are starting to give me the creeps,” said the little boy’s mother.  Soon, the Wild Man is roaring wildly in anger. “Hey rittle roy…ran’t rou read that rign,” roared the Wild Man. Then Wild Man pointed at a sign that reads, “Don’t litter.” The sign is on the side of the cage, but it was too late for the little boy to read because the little boy has moved on to another part of the carnival. The Wild Man then begins to crawl around his cage on all fours in a huff. Who is the Wild Man, you ask?  I don’t quite know why, but Wild Man is most popular freak in Mr. We’s freak show. I know a secret about Wild Man. He really wasn’t raised by wolves and is actually a very intelligent man...just an intelligent man with a lot of hair and a speech impediment!

The freak inside a cage across from Wild Man is his younger sister Melted Girl. “Calm down brother, we’ll get out of here soon,” said Melted Girl. Melted Girl was born normal, but after a terrible tragedy she became a burn victim.  How did she get burnt?  She accidently played with fire when she was young and you can pretty put two and two together.  It’s a miracle Melted Girl is even still alive! The damage to her body also caused breathing problems. She struggles to breath and being trapped in a cage all day doesn’t help her struggles. Melted Girl then sighs and Wild Man looks at her with a frown on his face. “Re’ll rever get out rof here ron’t rou get’re monsters,” said the Wild Man.

The Wild Man and the Melted Girl are brother and sister. Little would you know they come from a very special bloodline. Wild Man and Melted Girl are actually royalty and the heirs to the throne of the Charming Kingdom. Their parents, the king and queen, were ashamed of their ugly appearances gave them to Mr. We when they were very young. The people in the Charming Kingdom have no idea about Wild Man and Melted Girl. BUT they do know that the king and queen of the Charming Kingdom have three children. Now when I say three children it is because Melted Girl and Wild Man have a brother named Alfred Charming. Alfred Charming has grown into a cruel young man who acts like he cares about his siblings when he really doesn’t. All Alfred wants is to be king.

Today, Alfred visits his siblings disguised by wearing a hooded robe.   He is followed by his bodyguard, El Killo. El Killo is a Luchador (which is a masked Mexican wrestler) and a former World Heavyweight Champion. After a scandal, El Killo was fired from his wrestling promotion and found a job as a bodyguard to the Charming royal family. “El Killo, as my bodyguard, it is your duty to protect me from the other freaks while I visit my family,” said Alfred. “Right boss…just remember to be careful here…I don’t want the paparazzi knowing that we’re here,” said El Killo in a Spanish accent. Soon, Alfred and El Killo are standing in between the cages of the Wild Man and Melted Girl. “Alfred, are you here to finally free us,” asked Melted Girl. “Yah brother, rou rowe rus…rou were the ronly rone rorn perfect rin rour family,” cried Wild Man. Alfred sighed, and then looked at both of his siblings with a sad face. “Sorry brother and sister but, the carnival is moving to another kingdom, there’s nothing that mom, dad, nor I can do about it…oh well…maybe it’s for the best,” said Alfred. Wild Man starts roaring angrily and then he stares down at Alfred.  Alfred grins at his brother. “What ro rou mean we have ro move rith this stupid carnival,” yelled Wild Man in anger. “Alfred…you promised you’d get us out of here…I miss mom and dad,” cried Melted Girl.  Melted Girl then began to cry while the Wild Man began to tear up a little. “Sorry…this is your life now…mom and dad don’t want the world to know who you guys really are…but I must go now…have fun…being freaks,” said Alfred. Alfred then grinned again and laughed evilly.  Mr. We, hearing all the commotion, entered the freak show exhibit. Alfred puts his hood back up when is sees Mr. We entering. Mr. We taps on Alfred’s shoulder.

“Hey pal, my carnival is closing soon, and we’re going to move to another kingdom, so get out…my freaks may be amazing, but they will only be seen on my terms,” said Mr. We in a pissed off tone. “Oh, I’m sorry kind sir. I want to suggest to you that Wild Man should be neutered.  He seems awfully jacked up on testosterone,” said Alfred. “My freaks don’t need to see no doctors…now get out of here smartass,” said Mr. We again in a pissed off tone. “Good luck Mr. We…you’re going to need it,” said Alfred. Then Mr. We stares at Alfred like he has seen him before.  “Hey buddy…you look familiar and I don’t know why….wait I know who,” said Mr. We. At this moment El Killo taps Mr. We on the shoulder and Mr. We turns around. El Killo grabs Mr. We and pulls him up by his chest. “Leave us alone buddy or you’ll face the consequences pal,” yelled El Killo in anger. “Okay…I’ll let the kid see his family, but only for a half-hour meet and greet,” screamed Mr. We. Mr. We walks out mumbling to himself in pain.

El Killo taps Alfred on his shoulder. “Hey boss…you’re parents want you home by midnight,” said El Killo. Alfred looks at his watch, and took a quick look at Melted Girl and Wild Man.  “Well, its time for me to hit the open road…again, have a nice future,” said Alfred toward Melted Girl and Wild Man. Alfred began to laugh evilly. While he is laughing a bright light slowly appears in front of Alfred, El Killo, Melted Girl, and Wild Man. As the light begins to fade, a floating magical fox, whom is carrying a big book, appears in front of them. “What the f*** is that,” screamed El Killo.  My friends, I, Spotty, know who that is, he is the answer to their prayers.  His name is Riddle Fox. I know, Riddle Fox, what a weird name. His name is Riddle Fox because he’s good at telling riddles.

Riddle Fox addresses Wild Man, Melted Girl and Alfred. “Hello, my name is Riddle Fox, and with my magic all your wishes will come true,” prompted Riddle Fox. “Wishes eh…who are you again buddy,” asked Alfred. “Listen, I’m a fox wizard with a book called the Big Book. I have read all about you and your family’s problems in the Big Book.  I am here to help you guys. Yes, today is your lucky day,” said Riddle Fox. “Do you know what my wish is,” asked Melted Girl. “Yes, we all know that you and hairy want to get out of this hellhole. Now, what about me?” interrupts Alfred in a grumpy tone. “Yes, I’ll make all of you beautiful, so you can get out of here. You’ll both soon be more beautiful then you could have ever imagined,” said Riddle Fox. “Reautiful…I ron’t know if…but rokay,” said Wild Man. “Again, I know this is cool and all, but what about me? Don’t I get a wish as well?” asked Alfred in an annoyed tone. Riddle Fox then sighs and tosses Alfred a bottle filled with a magical potion.

“Here, drink this kid. I already know what your wish is…but remember that all these wishes have a price,” said Riddle Fox. Alfred catches the bottle and drinks the purple liquid magical potion that is inside the bottle. After he is done drinking the magical potion, Alfred’s hands start glowing with a bright light. “My wish came true, I have magic powers…this is awesome!!” cried Alfred with joy. “What about our wishes,” asked Melted Girl? “Yah, what rabout rus,” inquired Wild Man. Riddle Fox pauses and then smiles. “Of course I didn’t forget about you two,” said Riddle Fox. Riddle Fox snapps his fingers. After Riddle Fox snapps his fingers, Wild Man and Melted Girl slowly begin to transform into beautiful, supermodel-like people. Soon Wild Man and Melted Girl are no longer ugly…they are absolutely beautiful.

El Killo and Alfred look at them in shock and awe.  “Alfred, help me get your brother and sister out of these cages before Mr. We comes back.  The king and queen now have children they can be proud of,” said El Killo. Alfred and El Killo free the newly beautifully transformed Wild Man and Melted Girl from their cages. “Remember you guys, I’ll always be there when you need me. Hope you enjoy your wishes, but remember to keep your hearts pure and use your wishes wisely,” said Riddle Fox. “I can’t wait to see mom and dad again,” cried Melted Girl in joy. Riddle Fox then handed them his business card and Riddle Fox disappeared while saying, “We will meet again.” Two of the freaks, Snake Man and Bearded Lady were overhearing the conversation between the Charmings and Riddle Fox. “Gosh darn it…why do those two losers always get the attention around here,” an agitated Snake Man said. “Because they are the ones who run the show around here…and I don’t just mean this damn carnival,” said the Bearded Lady.

 The process of closing down Mr. We’s carnival began. The lights were turning off. The carnival employees began to leave. Mr. We sat down and began to count his money. All of this occurring while the Charmings began their trip home.  Wild Man and Melted Girl can’t wait to get home! Alfred Charming begins to laugh wickedly.  Finally their wishes came true…but our story is far from over!

KWE/BWC’s Most Powerful Wrestling Families!

The McOtto Family members!

·        Kevin McOtto (Family Patriarch)

·        Luke McOtto (Son of Patriarch)

·        Steve McOtto (Son of Patriarch)

·        Dean McOtto (Son of Patriarch)

·        Andy McOtto (Son of Patriarch)

·        Gus McOtto (Son of Patriarch)

·        Stan McOtto (Grandson of Patriarch)

The Lucha King Family members!

·        Lucha King (Family Patriarch)

·        TNT (Brother of Patriarch)

·        San Luis Potosí (Cousin of Patriarch)

·        Lucha King Jr. (Son of Patriarch)

·        Mr. Danger (Son of Patriarch)

The Deathlock Family members!

·        Dean Deathlock (Family Patriarch)

·        Lenny Deathlock (Brother of Patriarch)

·        Mr. Danny Deathlock (Brother of Patriarch)

The Supersize Family members!

·        Amy Supersize (Family Matriarch)

·        Lisa Supersize (Sister of Matriarch)

·        Dolly Supersize (Daughter of Matriarch)

The Manly Family members!

·        Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly (Family Patriarch)

·        Grandpa Gary (Brother of Patriarch)

·        Mike Manly (Son of Patriarch)

Real Life Wrestling Legends That Are a part of the KWE/BWC Legends Program!

·        The Warlord

·        Ric Flair

·        Hulk Hogan

·        Andre the Giant

·        Stacy Keibler

·        Gorgeous George

·        Bruno Sammartino

·        The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)

·        “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

·        Dick the Bruiser

·        Frank Gotch

·        “Superstar” Billy Graham

·        Undertaker

·        Chief Jay Strongbow

·        Eugene

·        Sgt. Slaughter

·        Gorilla Monsoon

·        Verne Gagne

·        Bob Backlund

·        Abdullah the Butcher

·        “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

·        Jake “The Snake” Roberts

·        Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

·        Bill Goldberg

·        El Santo

·        “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig

·        Irwin R. Schyster

·        Koko B. Ware

·        Shawn Michaels

·        Leaping Lanny Poffo

·        The Big Bossman

·        Rick Rude

·        Jeff Jarrett

·        The Fabulous Moolah

·        The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

·        Sabu

·        Hiro Matsuda

·        Brian Knobbs

·        Earthquake

·        Dino Bravo

·        Fritz Von Erich

·        Sting

·        Tazz

·        Tommy Dreamer

·        Vader

·        Droz

·        The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid)

·        Bret “Hitman” Hart

·        The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch)

·        “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

·        Bam Bam Bigelow

·        Rikidozan

·        Maurice Tillet

·        “Macho Man” Randy Savage

·        “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

·        The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner)

·        Howard Finkel

·        “Mean” Gene Okerlund

·        Brother Love

·        Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

·        Slick

·        Jim Cornette

·        Paul Heyman

·        Vince McMahon Sr.