Monday, August 17, 2015

“The Cursed Kingdom” Remake Story Idea!

Plot Summary: In a once peaceful wonderful kingdom there lived a beautiful young princess named Jessica Kinling. She was very spoiled and only cared about herself. Then one day, a wizard came into her kingdom. The wizard wanted food because he came many miles with no food or water and heard stories of this peaceful kingdom being the kindest in the land.  The king and queen didn’t give him any food or water but were sympathetic to his situation but they didn’t quite truly believe he was a wizard because of his homeless appearance and look of ill health and the king and queen ordered him to leave because even though they were sympathetic they didn’t think his problems affected their kingdom as a whole. But he would not leave, and Princess Jessica called the wizard an ugly drunken bum. But the wizard told Jessica you shouldn’t judge someone based on his or her outer appearance for true beauty comes from within. Princess Jessica laughed and said luckily I’m both beautiful on the inside and out. Soon the wizard thought about what she said and he thought that this spoiled princess needed to learn a lesson in humanity. So the wizard placed a curse on not only Princess Jessica but her entire kingdom as well to teach her a lesson in humanity. The wizard turned everyone in the kingdom, even the king and queen into animals, and as for Princess Jessica, the wizard turned her into a horrible ugly ogre. She was very upset because she was once a beautiful young woman. Now the only way for her to get rid of the curse was for her true love to kiss her and that her true love must learn to love her inner beauty more than just her outer. But she gave up hope, knowing that no one would ever fall love a monster and that she began to even question if she even really has inner beauty. But a couple years would pass and in different kingdom a young handsome peasant named Arthur Willings dreamed of becoming a knight and longed for an adventure. Arthur and his friend Roddy Komp were going to see if they could become knights of their kingdom. Their king said Arthur and Roddy can become knights, on one condition, they must travel to the Cursed Kingdom and kill the beast who brought said curse upon it. So Arthur and Roddy journeyed to the Cursed Kingdom and along the way they befriend three lumberjacks named Spotty, Stork, and Binky Bear who would join them on their quest to the Cursed Kingdom. But when our heroes arrived they learned the truth, that the ogre wasn’t the one who cursed this kingdom, the ogre was the one who was cursed. Jessica soon realizes Arthur maybe the one who could break the curse, but she still thinks no one would ever love her. But Jessica would later learn, Arthur might be her true love. The story basically follows their relationship and the fact that Jessica says at first that a prince must kiss her (she says this out of fear because she thinks Arthur might be too good for her and she doesn’t deserve a guy like him). But now Arthur is aiding Jessica in breaking her curse and protecting her from the villainess Black Knights who wish to kill her.  Arthur is slowly seeing Jessica’s inner beauty and Jessica is finally learning her lesson in humanity because though her relationship with Arthur she’s learning how to be a better and caring person. Will Arthur and Jessica fall in love with each other? What is the story behind the Black Knights? Can Arthur see passed Jessica’s outer appearance and truly love her inner beauty? Will the curse be broken? Even though “The Cursed Kingdom” isn’t that old of a story, it’s time a new version of it is told! This remake will focus mostly on the original story but yet may contain themes and characters from the later sequels as well! How will this version be different? Read “The Cursed Kingdom” remake when it comes out very soon!

The Cast of The Cursed Kingdom!
·      Jessica Kinling
·      Arthur Willings
·      Roddy Komp
·      Amy
·      Sparky the dragon
·      Prince Gary
·      Spotty
·      Coyote
·      Terry the Tapir
·      Stork

·      Binky Bear

New Magic Wars Series Characters 2015: Part 1!

Yuryevnanina is the daughter of Domhnall and Sylvia Freida Takeappen. She is a half panda half alligator shape shifter and she has her mother’s personality. Yuryevnanina is a very good student and a very likeable person. She is a very skilled archer and she can also play the flute. Yuryevnanina is currently a soldier in the Magic Council army and she is fighting in the Magic Wars. She also has a bit of a dark side but yet she still has a good heart and is not necessarily evil herself but she just has a bit of a temper.  Yuryevnanina is the future wife of the recently resurrected and reformed villain Deadler and together they’ll have a son named Deadler Jr.

Wagner Seldenio is the son of Gwendoline and Moreau Verne Seldenio. He is half Grumper, half beeotaur, half human, half horse and half gremlin creature. Wagner Seldenio is a bit of a ladies man and like his father is a bit of a thief and a con artist. He is also a really good singer and swordsman. Wagner Seldenio may be a jerk sometimes but all in all he’s a pretty good person. Wagner Seldenio is currently a soldier in the Magical Council army and is fighting in the Magic Wars. He also wishes to someday become a teacher and he suffers from OCD, which affects him in battle sometimes.

Kimeaver Finger is the daughter of Broome Finger Jr. and Blanchette Smawpwiig. She is a half snake half ostrich shape shifter. She has her mother’s personality and she’s also the best friend of Yuryevnanina. Kimeaver Finger dreams of becoming a member of The Sky Knights like her grandfather Broome Finger but she still has to be chosen by them. But at least through her grandfather she inherited the powers of a Sky Knight even though she doesn’t wear the armored glove. She is also a shy and caring young woman with the mind of a warrior. Kimeaver Finger is a bit of a rebel and she loves to read. Kimeaver Finger is also the future wife of Beothor even though Beothor is million years older than her but since he’s been frozen for so long Beothor still has the body and mind of a 28 year old man and now Kimeaver Finger is a member of  the royal family of Mount Watahui through her marriage to Beothor. Kimeaver Finger and Beothor together will have a son named Broomothor.

Cindixsu is a young female coruptoren and one of the few surviving coruptorens.  Cindixsu is a thief and a con artist and the bodyguard of Deadler after Xzodin resurrected him. Xzodin would later hire both her and Deadler to aide him in his quest to kill his foe Beothor. Along with being his bodyguard and partner in crime, Cindixsu looks up to Deadler as her mentor and Deadler thought of her as his sister even though they weren’t related by blood.  Both Cindixsu and Deadler would soon have a change of heart and became heroes instead of villains. Cindixsu also carries a battle-axe, which she uses as her main weapon, and she’s a skilled martial artist. Cindixsu is also the future wife of Wagner Seldenio and together they’ll have a daughter named Misaki Seldenio.

“An untitled LGBT Modern Day Fairy Tale” Story Idea!

“An untitled LGBT Modern Day Fairy Tale” is about a young cross dresser named Mary Ginger (a.k.a. Bill Ginger) who is coping with feelings of wanting to be a woman and he/she is thinking of getting a sex change operation. But besides the financial reasons that he/she can’t get the surgery, Mary Ginger comes from a strong Christian household and Mary’s father hates Mary’s lifestyle. One day after leaving a drag queen show, she is attacked by three men due to her being a cross dresser. Also it should be noted even thought Mary Ginger dresses like a woman, Mary skill looks little mannish and just looking at Mary you’ll already know that Mary’s a cross dresser. But luckily after the attack, Mary Ginger meets a man claiming to be her guardian angel. Now this guardian angel is a bit of a bro (by which I mean a guy that espouses the fraternity bro culture a.k.a. a white dude) and he has been watching Mary his whole life. Mary’s bro guardian angel is named T. J. Mark and he finally meets Mary to grant Mary’s wish. T. J. Mark was sent by god or as he refers to him “Big G” to see if Mary would make a deal with him where that if Mary accepts, Mary will become a real woman for a month. Sadly it’ll only last a month and it’s only a one-time opportunity. Mary accepts the deal even though Mary doesn’t quite believe it. The next day when Mary wakes up she finds out that she has been transformed into a beautiful young woman with real lady parts and such. T. J. Mark then appears to tell Mary that this isn’t a dream, that Mary didn’t become this way through surgery but was born a woman in this reality. Mary later finds out T. J. Mark made it so that for this month in this reality Mary was never a man, was always a woman, never been gay because since in this reality because she is a woman and always had liked men would make her basically heterosexual anyway. Also everyone Mary knew knows her as a woman even her own family (a la Mary’s is her father’s daughter not his son and she had sisters and is not their brother but another sister).  Plus T. J. Mark gave Mary a new job, because in this reality he granted another one of her other wishes…to be a supermodel. Before T. J. Mark leaves he told Mary that he’d appear when ever she needs help or has a big question about this reality. Now for a month Mary will live life as a real woman and while she’ll enjoy some of the perks of this reality, she’ll find the negatives too. Like that most of her gay friends don’t know her, her father doesn’t like her being a supermodel because he considers it a life a sin and the fact that her Christian family still doesn’t like gay people that much. Mary begins to notice that she’s able to pick up more men now that she’s a beautiful woman and she meets the man of her dreams in a Black American young man named Marcus Jake. When Mary and Marcus Jake begin to fall madly in love with each other, Mary is scared because when the month is over and she’ll turn back into her old mannish self she fears Marcus Jake probably won’t love her anymore. But little did Mary know is that Marcus Jake has a secret he’s hiding from her too! What’s Marcus Jake’s secret? What will Mary Ginger learn from this experience of being a real woman for a month? How will Mary deal with having real lady parts and dealing with more womanly things like periods, the chance she could have babies, etc.? With a feel good twist ending, this story truly deserves a chance at being a modern day fairy tale for the LGBT community and will help non-LGBT people understand what it might feel like for people to have feelings of wanting to be accepted and feeling like they weren’t born in the right body! See a story were someone finally learns what life is like in the body they had always wanted in “An untitled LGBT Modern Day Fairy Tale” when it comes out very soon!

“An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story” Story Idea!

“An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story” is a future “Spotty” story themed around the old TV show Gilligan's Island with the characters of the “Spotty” series playing the parts of the characters of the show. Basically this story will be a parody of Gilligan's Island but even though it’ll still be a “Spotty” story, it’ll also feel like a normal episode of Gilligan's Island. Which “Spotty” character will play which Gilligan's Island character? This time will they get off the island? Read “An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story” when it comes out very soon!

The Cast of “An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story”!
·      Spotty as Gilligan
·      Beardy as Thurston Howell III
·      Spotty Jr. as Mary Ann (don’t worry folks, he’s a male version of the character in this telling of the story)
·      Penny Greyhound as Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell
·      Coyote as The Professor
·      Terry the Tapir as The Skipper

·      Heather (Spotty’s Daughter) as Ginger Grant