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The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Future Wars 2: Part 1!

In the year 2048 the rebellion tried to clone the god of Buckyism, Steven Butler Jr.  and the top scientists did just that, but soon the Skull Lords found out and soon wanted to steal a clone and make it evil. So the rebellion destroyed all the clones that were created, but one survived. But our story takes place in the year 2054 and the war between the Skull Lords and the rebellion was still going on. George who is half-human and half-cartoon teenager and he is the chosen one to take Steven Butler’s place as the god of Buckyism. 

George led the rebellion quite well after the death of Steven J. Butler, Jr. Evil Dino-Skeleton survived the blowing up of one of his many headquarters and Terry the Tapir is running in his absent. The Phoenix Monks also want to destroy the chosen one and be the rulers of the world. Since our world and the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson merged into one, chaos roamed the new world. The current pope of Buckyism Lenny Lynx is helping the followers of Buckyism live in peace around evil. The humans that believed in Buckyism lived in hiding spot that is run by the rebellion. Rick Rooster became the top wizard of the rebellion after the death of Shane Lu. Spike is now co-head of the rebellion right next to George. The rebellion hopes to end this war once and for all. Now we go to the battlefield where George is leading his army against the Skull Lords. 

The Skull Lords demon army rode living Velociraptor skeletons on the battlefield. The rebellion’s army is small compared to the Skull Lords. But George doesn’t give up hope, and he hopes to end this war once and for all. George led his army into battle, but they were losing to the Skull Lords. George fought with his soldiers in battle, and during many of the battles the Phoenix Monks usually interfere. Now that the battle has began let’s tell this story once and for all. Also, George is also on a mini-quest to find his girlfriend Roxy who was kidnapped by the Skull Lords.

Now we go to a Skull Lords archeological find of the ruins of an old Skull Lords headquarters. Terry the Tapir wanted to show Evil Dino-Skeleton what the Skull Lords had found in the old headquarters. “This better be good Terry or else, if you know what I mean,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Oh it is master, and I think you’ll know who it is,” said Terry the Tapir. “Wait what,” asked Evil Dino-Skeleton. “We found a body perfectly preserved in the ruins of the old headquarters, we think it’s a cyborg,” said Terry the Tapir. “A cyborg,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. 

Then demons set the cyborg on the table. “Oh my god, I know who it is, we found him,” yelled Evil Dino-Skeleton. “We think we can bring him back to life, and since you know who it is we can try,” said Terry the Tapir. “Let me take a crack at it,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. Then Evil Dino-Skeleton put his hands on the cyborg’s chest, and then shocked him with electricity from his hands. Then the cyborg woke up and went crazy. He grabbed Terry the Tapir. “Where I’m I,” cried the cyborg. “Calm down, Night Watch,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Wait, Evil Dino-Skeleton is that you, where the hell I’m I,” yelled Night Watch. “You’re in what used to be a Skull Lords headquarters, now it’s abandoned,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “What, but it just opened two weeks ago,” yelled Night Watch. “My friend, that was years ago, welcome to the year 2054…Night Watch,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Wait, you mean everybody I knew or cared about is dead,” yelled Night Watch. “Well, I’m alive and I knew you, but yah, they’re all dead,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “So is this guy I’m choking is on our side,” asked Night Watch. “Yes, that’s Terry the Tapir, he’s my henchman,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. Then Night Watch let Terry go. “Damn, I need a drink,” said Terry the Tapir. Then Terry the Tapir started walking away. “So Night Watch, want to work for me again,” asked Evil Dino-Skeleton. “How much does it pay,” asked Night Watch. “99 billion dollars, and nothing more,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “So, what do you want me to do,” asked Night Watch. “Kill the chosen one, his name is George,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. “Could I repair myself real quick, I’m a little rusty,” asked Night Watch. “I’ll have my top mechanic work on your suit, welcome back with the Skull Lords, Night Watch,” said Evil Dino-Skeleton. Night Watch finally returns, and so George will meet a new foe!

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Sai Bong’s Story: Part 1!

Once upon a time in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, after the Phoenix Monks were formed they became a threat to the Time Lords. But our story is about a Phoenix Monk named Sai Bong and his adventures with his dear friends Flame and Broiler. Sai Bong was very strong and trained every day. Broiler was a skinny nerd with greasy hair and a heart of god. Flame was a beautiful young woman who cared about animals and the people she loved. These three best friends were all Phoenix Monks, but what makes them special is that they all have one thing a Phoenix Monk doesn’t have…a heart! 

Now we go to the Phoenix Monks temple where it was Broiler’s turn to feed the power source of the Phoenix Monks…The Great Phoenix. The Great Phoenix is a phoenix that gave the Phoenix Monks’ leader and founder Burn his powers. Now the Phoenix Monks hold the Great Phoenix prisoner just so they could have its great power. But today, our three friends are going to do something they’ll regret but that will make the Great Phoenix very happy. Broiler went in the Great Phoenix’s cell and feed it. Broiler noticed the Great Phoenix looked very sad. “Oh what’s wrong big guy, you’re hardly eating your food,” said Broiler. Then Flame walked into the Great Phoenix’s cell and she saw Broiler petting it. “What’s up with the Great Phoenix, Broiler,” asked Flame. “I think it’s sick,” said Broiler. Flame then touched the Great Phoenix. “No…it’s just sad, I think it wants to fly far away from here,” said Flame. “We can’t let it go Burn will kill us,” said Broiler. “No, we must let it go, Burn always says we should make the Great Phoenix happy, so we must let it go, is that what you want,” asked Flame. The Great Phoenix nodded and soon Flame and Broiler freed The Great Phoenix from its cage. The Great Phoenix roared loudly while it was flying away. The Great Phoenix was finally free, but our heroes are about to become outlaws, even among the Phoenix Monks!

Burn was sitting on his throne with General Toast by his side. Burn then jumped right off his throne in a sudden surge. “General Toast, I sense a disturbance in the force of our powers…the Great Phoenix escaped,” cried Burn. Now we go to Sai Bong who was headed to see his best friends Flame and Broiler. When Sai Bong saw Flame and Broiler…he found out they sent the Great Phoenix free. “Damn, what did you guys do…you know the rules…the Great Phoenix is not to be freed from its prison,” cried Sai Bong. “But it was unhappy and…,” cried Flame. Just then Burn and General Toast entered the room and saw it was Flame, Sai Bong, and Broiler who freed the Great Phoenix.”You three…what have you done,” yelled Burn in anger. “Look, my friends and I can explain, you…,” said Sai Bong. “No, there’s no explaining here…you three are to be punished, I won’t send you three out to look for the Great Phoenix…and for a crime as big as this the only punishment I find suitable is…death, guards…take them away,” yelled Burn. Then the Phoenix Knights came and then grabbed Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler. Soon Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler were being escorted to a holding cell by the Phoenix Knights. “Guys, follow my lead,” said Sai Bong quietly. Just then Sai Bong broke free and attacked the Phoenix Knights. Soon Flame and Broiler also attacked the Phoenix Knights. “Come on, we need to make our escape before more of these guys come,” cried Sai Bong. 

Soon Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler made their escape out of the Phoenix Monks temple. It wasn’t easy but our heroes finally escaped the Phoenix Monks temple and now they were on the run. “What do we do now,” asked Flame while running away. “The only idea I have is that we have to go to the Time Lords for help, or even Knowledge,” said Sai Bong while running. “Who’s Knowledge,” asked Broiler while running. “Knowledge is an old enemy of Burn, he knows everything and he once defeated Burn in battle, I figured he may be a good ally,” said Sai Bong while running. “So…where are we anyway,” asked Flame while running. “I don’t know…but we need to take off our Phoenix Monks robes so that we won’t be recognized as Phoenix Monks,” said Sai Bong while running. Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler soon took off their Phoenix Monks robes and soon they stopped running once they realized they were far away enough from the Phoenix Monks temple. Our heroes soon made camp and went to sleep. Sai Bong soon heard something and suddenly awoke. “Who’s there,” cried Sai Bong. “Someone who you can trust,” said a mysterious voice. 

Then from out of the shadows Sikios appeared. “Who are you,” asked Sai Bong. “My name is Sikios and let’s just say I have a special bond with Knowledge, even though I’m a demon I want to be your ally, but I must warn you…when you wake up….The Skull Order will be here, so sleep tight…and prepare to fight,” said Sikios. Sikios was about to leave but then Sai Bong stood up. “Wait…why would the Skull Order be here,” asked Sai Bong. “Because one, I’m the key to freeing Moeguya, and two…you a sleeping a couple of feet from one of their bases, so have fun,” said Sikios. Sikios then fled the scene and soon from out of nowhere demons appeared around our heroes. “Guys, wake up,” cried Sai Bong. Flame and Broiler awoke and saw the demons. “What the…,” cried Broiler. Then from out of the shadows Coyote appeared. “Well, if it isn’t the three former Phoenix Monks on the run from the law, so it looks like I’ll be the one who’ll turn you three in,” said Coyote. “Who are you buddy,” yelled Broiler. “My name is Coyote and I’m a dark wizard for the Skull Order, and the only reason I must stop you three is because you’re the key to helping the Time Lords win this let me let my demons take care of you, attack them boys,” said Coyote. Coyote then blew a black whistle with a skull on it and soon the demons attack our heroes. Coyote then fled the scene and Sai Bong, Flame, and Broiler began to fight off the demons. Can our three friends defeat the demons? Maybe they can when a new ally soon appears!

Dawn of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson: Part 1!

Long ago there was only one world in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. But over time, more worlds came out of nowhere. Soon each world had its own story, and the characters lived in peace. But that would soon change, and soon the Skull Order was beginning to rise in power. Founded by three of the most evil characters created by Buckstevenson, Mr. Hats a wizard from the Warriors stories, and Evil-Dino Skeleton a heartless dinosaur, and Bone Wings a Pterandon bounty hunter who was very good friends with Evil-Dino Skeleton. But little did the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson know was that a new reign of evil was going to begin, what was this evil? You’re going to find out! We go to a U.S. government lab were two scientists (their names are unknown), were working on a machine that can send them too other dimensions, they found the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. “What is this place,” said Government Scientist #1. “We found a new world, what should we call it,” said Government Scientist #2. “How about get the hell out of here,” yelled a mysterious voice. 

It was Bone Wings, and soon he flew over towards the government scientists. “Oh my, it’s a living dinosaur skeleton, looks like a Pterandon,” said Government Scientist #1. “Thanks captain obvious I’ll just be killing you now,” said Bone Wings. Then Bone Wings attacked one of the government scientists and knocked him out, the other one ran away. “I have to get out of here,” yelled Government Scientist #2. Then soon government scientist saw a phoenix in the sky, and the phoenix soon landed by the government scientist. “I’m the Great Phoenix, I live on the sun of the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, I will give you my powers, and you can destroy the Skull Order,” said the Great Phoenix. “What powers, what kind,” asked Government Scientist #2. Then the Great Phoenix touched the government scientist and was soon on fire. “You now have my powers, now what is your name,” asked the Great Phoenix. “My name is Burn,” yelled Burn (Government Scientist #2). The beginning of the Phoenix Monks has begun!   

Government Scientist #1 soon woke up and saw a little phoenix holding a green mask. “Oh man I have a headache, who are you,” asked Government Scientist #1. “Diablo, Diablo,” said the little phoenix. “I guess your name is Diablo, what are you holding,” asked Government Scientist #1. Diablo the Phoenix dropped the mask and soon the government scientist put in on. Soon the mask was beginning to become one with his face. “What’s happening to me,” yelled Government Scientist #1. Diablo the Phoenix soon gave the government scientist a note, and the note said that the mask will give him knowledge and god like powers. “Hey, who are you,” yelled a mysterious voice. 

It was Spotty, and he was with Mr. Raccoon and Stork. “My name is Knowledge,” said Knowledge (Government Scientist #1). “Where did you come from, and are you a member of the Skull Order,” said Mr. Raccoon. “I’m from the real world, and what is going on,” asked Knowledge. “We’re in war, and maybe the prophecy is true,” said Stork. “What do you mean by the prophecy,” asked Knowledge. “It says that our god, who is from the real world will save us in our time of need,” said Spotty. “God, what do you mean by that,” asked Knowledge. “Well, we believe in a religion called Buckyism, I’m Pope Spotty the 1st, and our religion is focused on our creator Steven J. Butler, Jr., and in our time of need, he will come to our worlds and save them,” said Spotty. “But how can he be the prophecy, he is older and is his name is not Steven J. Butler, Jr.,” said Stork. “But I can still help you guys right,” asked Knowledge. “Sure, even though you’re not our god you can still help us,” said Spotty. Then Spotty, Stork, and Mr. Raccoon started walking away. “Come on Diablo, were going on an adventure,” said Knowledge. “Diablo, Diablo,” yelled Diablo the Phoenix.    

KWE 2009 (Short Story Version)!

“Hello and welcome to the KWE, I’m Jack Sports and with me is my co-color commentator Dr. Wrestling, today’s matches are Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto vs. Men in Black for the KWE tag team championship, and our main event Jack Cutting vs. Ned the Neanderthal for the KWE Hardcore Championship,” yelled Jack Sports. Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto walked down to the ring. Then Men in Black walked down to the ring with aliens by their side. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Agent 2 started punching Stan McOtto and then Stan McOtto kicked Agent 2 in the nuts. Then Stan McOtto tagged in Lucha King Jr. Then Lucha King Jr. gave Agent 2 a piledriver. Then Lucha King Jr. climbed the top rope. 

Then Lucha King Jr. jumped off the top rope and landed on top Agent 2. Then Lucha King Jr. pinned Agent 2. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. Then Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto were given the KWE tag team championship belts and left the ring with them. “Wow, we have new KWE tag team champions Lucha King Jr. & Stan McOtto, and it’s amazing that both of them come from legendary wrestling families, now then…,” yelled Jack Sports. Now we go to the KWE locker room where Jack Cutting was preparing for his match. Then Fat Ass Sally walked in. “Hey there handsome,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “Oh…Ah…hey Sall…Sall…y, what’s up,” said Jack Cutting nervously. “Say, do you want to do me a big favor, as big as my fat ass,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “What,” asked Jack Cutting. “This title match you have, can you lose on purpose,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “What, I can’t…,” cried Jack Cutting. “Look, lose on purpose and I’ll let you touch my fat ass in bed,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. “Sex, with you…alright, I’ll lose the match, but you better know this, I’m still a virgin,” said Jack Cutting. “Okay, now go on to your big match,” said Fat Ass Sally sexily. Then Jack Cutting fled the scene. Then Dean Deathlock walked in. “So, he fell for it,” said Dean Deathlock. “Yah he did, the poor bastard thought I would have sex with him if he lost the title on purpose, so once he loses you’ll get a title shot,” said Fat Ass Sally. “You dumb whore, I wanted him to win not lose, now he’s going to lose and…I need to get out there and help him win, “said Dean Deathlock. Dean Deathlock then started running to the ring. “Wait, why are you going to help him, Dean, Dean, get back here,” yelled Fat Ass Sally. 

“Welcome back, now it’s our main event Jack Cutting vs. Ned the Neanderthal for the KWE Hardcore Championship,” yelled Jack Sports. Then Jack Cutting walked down to the ring. Then Ned the Neanderthal walked down to the ring with his pet dinosaurs by his side. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Ned the Neanderthal roared real loud and it scared Jack Cutting so much he fainted. Then Dean Deathlock ran to the ring with a chair in his hand. Dean Deathlock then attacked Ned the Neanderthal with the chair and then Ned was soon knocked out. Dean Deathlock then fled the scene. Jack Cutting woke up and then he went and pinned Ned the Neanderthal. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. “Wow, Jack Cutting is the new KWE Hardcore Champion, and why did Dean Deathlock help him, whatever it is we have new champions in the KWE, well so long and thanks for watching,” yelled Jack Sports.

The End!

The Cast of the Tron Fish Sketch!

Dix-A veteran fake profile who has been scamming people for years and the supervisor to the newest fake profile employee.

Zix-A new fake profile employee who has just started her job, she begins to feel guilt and questions her job.