Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Silly Squad’s New Rival!

Silly Squad INC. is the #1 entertainment company of its class. They still do entertaining at birthday parties, TV shows, movies, internet clips, merchandising, a theme park, and “The Silly Squad Channel” which is a subscription video on demand television service and it now has over 200,000 subscribers. They own both Shekys INC. and True Funny INC., which at a time were their biggest rivals. They also now own Bros. Ink and Lixey Bros. Studios. Soon Silly Squad INC.’s CEO Flea-Boy the Clown announced that Silly Squad INC. is now a public company and trades on the NYSE. Also Silly Squad INC. just acquired the Japanese animation film studioUncle Akira Productions” which made many successful Japanese cartoons and some of them have never been seen in America. Silly Squad INC. just also recently acquired rival media conglomerate Liarmun Media. Liarmun Media is an owner of 65 daily newspapers, 50 local independent television stations, and 30 local radio stations nationwide. With the acquiring of Liarmun Media, Silly Squad INC. is now one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world today. Flea-Boy the Clown’s vision of making people laugh is now one of the most successful corporations in the world today. Now we go to Coyote Corp headquarters where Coyote was thinking about the future of his company. Coyote began to think that he should enter the entertainment business. Coyote already owned a boxing promotion called “Coyote Corp Boxing” but he wanted to expand his entertainment business. Around the same time the relationship between Larry Lixey IV and Flea-Boy the Clown soured. Larry Lixey IV wanted to buy back Lixey Bros. Studios from the Silly Squad but Flea-Boy the Clown wouldn’t sell it back to him. So Larry Lixey IV may have lost his family’s movie studio but he had enough money left to start another. Larry Lixey IV opened up a new independent movie studio called “Stop Sign Studios”. It wouldn’t be long before Coyote noticed Larry Lixey IV’s new independent movie studio. After a couple of months in business “Stop Sign Studios” began a very successful independent movie studio. Soon it was announced that Coyote Corp was going to buy “Stop Sign Studios” from Larry Lixey IV and make “Stop Sign Studios” a division of Coyote Corp Entertainment. Soon Stop Sign Studios became a division of Coyote Corp Entertainment and Larry Lixey IV was named the new head of Coyote Corp Entertainment. But Coyote wasn’t satisfied with owning only Stop Sign Studios and Coyote Corp Boxing…he wanted his entertainment division to grow. Coyote then wanted to buy a legendary film studio that is actually a business rival of Lixey Bros. Studios. Coyote wanted to now buy a legendary film studio called “Projector Rick’s Pictures” and make it a division of Coyote Corp Entertainment. Projector Rick’s Pictures was founded in 1914 by a former Lixey Bros. Studios employee and has been a business rival of Lixey Bros. Studios for years. But by now Projector Rick’s Pictures was losing steam. Projector Rick’s Pictures hasn’t released a hit movie in years and is close to facing bankruptcy. But will Coyote Corp be able to buy Projector Rick’s Pictures or will Silly Squad beat them to it? Read on to find out!

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