Saturday, March 1, 2014

Max Storm vs. Mogw the Demon King!

Our heroes were walking through the government base, and dead bodies were everywhere. Max Storm soon found the control room and then out of nowhere, Mogw the Demon King popped out. “You, what are you doing here,” yelled Max Storm. “Well, I killed every Red Cricket, and before I killed the Red Brothers, they opened the demon ruby, and look at what was inside,” said Mogw the Demon King. Then out of the cracked demon ruby, a black, gooey, puddle came out of it. “You see Max, you’re the chosen one to wear the demon skin, and the demon skin is given to the greatest warriors full of hated and evil, and you fit the bill,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. “But I’m not evil, I protect the world from monsters,” cried Max Storm. “You’re evil because even though you are saving the world from monsters, you have killed the innocent, like the werewolves who were cursed, and that makes you evil,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. Then Max Storm pulled out his gun and shot Mogw the Demon King. “You want to fight aye, now then let’s fight, but to give you a heads up, demons can never die,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. Then Max Storm and Mogw the Demon King started fighting. Little did our heroes know was that Mike Storm was putting the bomb in place, and because of the demons, he put holy water on top of the bomb. Then Max Storm pushed Mogw the Demon King to the ground, and then Max pulled out of his pocket some holy water and poured it on Mogw the Demon King. “Ah, it burns,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. And then out of nowhere, a demon attacked Max Storm. “Thank you minion,” said Mogw the Demon King. Then the demon turned into a human, and it was Long, the leader of the Red Crickets. “You, but how did you…,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. “The demon skin went to me, and soon the demon skin made me into a demon, and also it healed me,” yelled Long. “But you’re not the chosen one, how did it give you the powers of a demon,” yelled Mogw the Demon King. “Easy, I’m pure evil, and now I’m going to kick your sorry ass to the ground,” yelled Long. Then Long turned into a demon and started fighting Mogw the Demon King. Max was awake and saw Mike Storm. “Dad, come on this place is going to blow,” cried Mike Storm. Then Max and Mike ran out of the control room to get out before the bomb blows up. Will the bomb save the day, and will our heroes make it out in time? Nobody knows!

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