Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hero City Movie Script: Part 3

Now we see Dr. Doom and Magneto walking around on a roof top.

Now we see Magneto.

Magneto: Doom, did you call this meeting or not?

Now we see Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom: No, but I think I’ll leave.

Then out of nowhere the Keeper pops out.

Now we see Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom: Who the heck are you?

The Keeper: I’m the Keeper, and I called a meeting with you two.

Magneto: So, what do you want with us?

The Keeper: I need your help to stop Mr. Hero, and I will pay you to do it.

Dr. Doom: How much?

The Keeper: $900,001 and I’ll throw in some weapons from Lex Corp.

Magneto and Dr. Doom (at the same time): We’ll do it!

The Keeper: Wonderful!

Then the Keeper started laughing evilly.

Now we go to a bar, and we see Brock Stonewall walk to the counter.

Now we see the bartender.

The bartender: What will it be sir?

Brock Stonewall: A Budweiser, and is there a Dr. Bruce Banner in here.

Now we see a drunken Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner: I’m right here pal!

Then Brock Stonewall walked up to Bruce.

Brock Stonewall: Are you drunk?

Bruce Banner: You be drunk if you had gotten fired by Lex Luthor.

Brock Stonewall: Look, your ex-boss told me you may know who framed Mr. Hero.

Bruce Banner: I think Lex Luthor framed Mr. Hero, and also I think he lied to you.

Brock Stonewall: Look, I talked to Luthor, and he told me you know who framed Mr. Hero, and was it you.

Bruce Banner: Look whoever you are, I’m here to get a god dam drink and leave me alone, and I know nothing about Mr. Hero.


Then Brock Stonewall pulled out a gun.

Brock Stonewall: Talk or I’ll shoot!

Bruce Banner: Please don’t make me angry, I don’t know anything.

Brock Stonewall then shot a bullet into Bruce Banner’s arm.

Brock Stonewall: I said I shot, and since I’m a detective, the law will be on my side.

Bruce Banner then grabbed Brock Stonewall.

Bruce Banner: You son of a bitch!

Then Bruce Banner started choking Brock Stonewall, and then Bruce threw Brock Stonewall.

Bruce Banner then starts turning into the Hulk.

Hulk: Mean man make Hulk angry, little weak man can’t hurt Hulk, but Hulk can hurt you.

Now we see Brock Stonewall.

Brock Stonewall: Holy shit, you’re the Hulk, a sorry I shot you, look calm down Hulky, I mean no harm.

Hulk: But you hurt Hulk, and Hulk mad.

Then the Hulk roared and then ran towards Brock Stonewall.

Hulk: Hulk teach you not to mess with Hulk.

Then the Hulk picked up Brock Stonewall and threw him out the window.

Then we see the bartender.

The bartender: Hey buddy, pay for your drink.

Hulk: You weak man, Hulk hurt weak man.

Then the Hulk started choking the bartender.

Then Brock Stonewall came back up from the ground.

Brock Stonewall: Alright, I only have one shot!

Then Brock Stonewall pulled out his gun and shot the Hulk in the neck.

Hulk: Ah, Hulk bleeding through neck, you hurt Hulk.

Brock Stonewall: I did, now calm down I’m not here to hurt you.

Then the Hulk spiked Brock Stonewall and ran out of the bar.

Now we see Brock Stonewall getting back up from the ground.

Brock Stonewall: Dam that hurt, I guess the Hulk didn’t kill me, now then, who else is on Mr. Hero’s list.

Brock Stonewall was about to leave the bar, and then we see him putting $20 in the tip jar.

Brock Stonewall: I hope this covers it, and sorry for the damage.

Then Brock Stonewall left the bar.

Now we see Lex Luthor and the Keeper talking to each other.

Lex Luthor: You know that Mr. Hero hired a detective right.

The Keeper: That detective is a drunk, and he doesn’t know that we framed Mr. Hero.

Lex Luthor: I hear Dr. Doom and Magneto are helping us now too.

The Keeper: Indeed they are, and I need to barrow one of your boats.

Lex Luthor: Why?

The Keeper: I have a feeling that Brock Stonewall is going to die at sea.

Then we see the Keeper grinning, and then we see Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor: So let me guess, we’re going to blow up that detective on a boat in Hero City harbor.

The Keeper: Correct.

Then Lex Luthor shook The Keepers had, and then gave him a key.

Lex Luthor: That’s for the boat, and if you use one of my boats please take off anything that points it was me.

The Keeper: Alright, and Lex, I need you to call the Ocean Master for me.

Lex Luthor: I’ll work on that, now go, I’m having a business meeting in 2 minutes.

The Keeper: Alright, see you real soon.

Then the Keeper flew away off the Lex Corp building and then we see Lex Luthor on the phone.

Lex Luthor (well on the phone): Joker, I want you to get the Ocean Master for me.

Now we see Brock Stonewall walking down a dark alley.

Brock Stonewall: Okay, now I have to find a guy named Spawn.

Spawn: Did somebody say my name!

Then we see Spawn flying down to Brock Stonewall.

Brock Stonewall: Are you Spawn.

Spawn: Yes, and what do you want?

Brock Stonewall: Do you know who framed Mr. Hero.

Spawn: No, but I hate what Mr. Hero did, even though I kill all the time, it makes me sick to see someone kill the mayor.

Then we hear laughing, and then we see Clown.

Clown: Hey Spawny, I know what really happened to Mr. Hero.

Brock Stonewall: Really, who framed Mr. Hero?

Clown: I know who, but I won’t tell, and is there a Mr. Stonewall around here.

Brock Stonewall: That’s me.

Clown: Here take this invitation for a free cruise, and it’s from Lex Corp.

Clown then hands Brock Stonewall the invitation.

Clown: Well I have to go!

Then Clown ran away, and then Spawn chased after him. 

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