Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long’s Tournament-part 2!

It’s the final match of the entire tournament and the winner will fight Long. It was Max Storm vs. The Skull Slasher who were former friends and now enemies once more. “Sorry it had to come to this Skull,” said Max Storm. “I’m just sorry I’m going to kick your sorry ass,” said The Skull Slasher. “Now fight,” yelled Long. Then Max Storm and The Skull Slasher started fighting each other. Hours later Max Storm had won the tournament and then Long started applauding at Max Storm’s victory. “I guess it’s time Mr. Storm, Mr. Arms, fight him and crush him,” cried Long. “Wait, I won the entire tournament, you said the winner is going to fight you,” yelled Max Storm. “Well you did win this entire tournament, this is just a warm-up match with Mr. Arms, now fight,” yelled Long. Soon Mr. Arms and Max Storm started fighting each other and hours later Max Storm defeated Mr. Arms. “You’re next Long,” yelled Max Storm. “Fine, so be it,” said Long. Soon Long and Max Storm were in the tournament ring and soon they started fighting each other. It was the final battle of light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, and hero vs. villain. Max Storm and Long were evenly matched and not even they knew who would win this battle. Soon after a long battle, Max Storm defeated Long and soon Long was knocked out and they cages he created disappeared. “I did it, I defeated Long, I saved the mortal realm,” yelled Max Storm. Then the demon skin came off of Long, and then started growling at Max Storm. “Oh crap, the demon skin, it gives the demon king his powers, and now that I defeated Long, I’m the new demon king, crap,” cried Max Storm. “Not on my watch,” yelled The Skull Slasher. Then The Skull Slasher jumped in front of Max Storm and soon he was covered in the demon skin. “Yes, I’m the new demon king, bow down to The Skull Slasher, or now called Demon King Skull,” yelled The Skull Slasher. Then The Skull Slasher started laughing evilly and soon the demon skin formed a cocoon around his body. “Wait to go Mr. Storm, now we have another evil demon king,” yelled Veg. “What do you mean Master Veg,” asked Max Storm. “What the talking schnauzer is trying to say Max is that you were chosen to become the demon king long ago, after me, but what has been happening your fearing ways of avoiding your destiny is causing the demon skin to always go to the wrong people, now you failed again,” said Demon King Mogw. “What have I done,” said Max Storm. “Let’s head home, and wait the reign of Demon King Skull,” said Veg. Now it seems that The Skull Slasher is the new demon king, and what is going to happen to our heroes now? Let’s just hope the true demon king will accept his fate in the near future!

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