Monday, March 3, 2014

"Team Freak" Story Idea!

Team Freak is about three popular beautiful teenagers (a girl and two boys) that drove into the woods one day and when a meteor crash landed in front of them, the meteor spilled a strange slime. The strange slime from the meteor transformed these three beautiful teenagers into monsters. The beautiful popular girl became a mutant gorilla-human hybrid (Gorilla Girl). The one boy transformed into a monstrous mutant with one huge eye and many legs and arms (Mutant Man). And the other boy transformed into a living pile of garbage (Garbage Pit). Ashamed of their freakish appearances, the three teenagers hid in the sewers and they soon met a mutant goldfish. This mutant goldfish (Master Fisheyes) looked very humanoid and had telekinetic abilities. They would befriend the mutant goldfish and the four of them would soon form a super hero team called “Team Freak”. These freakish superheroes will fight the super villains Raptor Claw, Dr. Duck, Komodo King, Ivan the Crusher, Dr. Hurt, Dirtclog, Bug Boy, Rat Man, Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito.

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