Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Young One’s Fight Club!

An old foe of the Super Dudes Komodo King started an underground fighting club which was basically illegal street fighting. Some of Komodo King’s fighters were wanted criminals. Our story begins when Young One secretly joins the fight club as a uncover agent and Fat Lazy Karate Teacher became his handler/manager. Young One soon ruse through the ranks of Komodo King’s underground fight club that Young One and Fat Lazy Karate Teacher were making some money. People would bet on the fights and the fighters would get a cut of the profit. Young One soon became a skilled fighting and soon Komodo King began to wonder who he was. Now we go to one of Young One’s fights and Young One was evenly matched. “Come on kid, kick his ass,” cried Fat Lazy Karate Teacher from outside of the ring. Young One soon won the fight and Komodo King began looking for fighters to take Young One down. Now we go to the office of Komodo King where another villain paid him a visit. “Hello Komodo King, do you have the money,” asked Raptor Claw.  “I’m working on it boss, I’m just busy with other things,” said Komodo King. “Busy with what,” asked Raptor Claw. “Rumor has it one of my fighters is a spy sent to shut me down, but I won’t let it happen, we’re making so much money in the underground fighting scene,” said Komodo King. “You have 3 days to collect the money you owe me Komodo King, and you better be quick about it,” said Raptor Claw. Raptor Claw and his bodyguards soon left Komodo King’s office. “I wonder if that undefeated guy is the spy…who cares I’m losing money,” said Komodo King. Young One soon began training for his next fight and secretly he was getter closer to stopping Komodo King once and for all!

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