Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mr. Big’s Cafeteria Time: Part 2!

Mr. Big was eating a drumstick and was watching the Funtime News Network. “Hello, I’m Joe and my partner today is Funclock, today’s top story is that Fred, a prisoner at Comic Book World Prison has escaped and is on the loose, a reward is available to anyone who can catch him,” said Joe. “Hmm, I could get some money for catching this guy, but I don’t know where he is,” said Mr. Big. Mr. Big then turned off the T.V. and then as he was going back to the cash-register, when soon he was being robbed by Fred. “Alright, give me all your money, a pack of gum, and a soda, now,” yelled Fred. Mr. Big gave him what he wanted, then Mr. Big called the True Heroes soldiers to arrest Fred. The True Heroes soldiers were running down to the True Heroes cafeteria, when soon Fred used his teleporting remote control and he soon got away through a portal. “Next time Mr. Big, call when there is actually an emergency,” said one of the True Heroes soldiers. “But, oh forget it,” said Mr. Big. Then Stork the Chairman of the True Heroes Organization came into the True Heroes cafeteria. “Mr. Big, get back to work or you’re fired,” yelled Stork. “Yes sir,” yelled Mr. Big. Soon Stork left and Pope Spotty came in. “Hey Mr. Big, can I get some more Mountain Dew,” said Pope Spotty. “Sure, I can give you some more, after all, it is the blood of god,” said Mr. Big.
Now let’s get back to the story!

(Mr. Big created by AJ Lu)

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