Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in the Kinling Kingdom-part 1

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. It had a king, a queen, and a princess. The princess’s name was Jessica Kinling. She was very spoiled and only cared about herself. Then one day, a wizard came into her kingdom. The wizard wanted food because he came many miles with no food or water. The king and queen didn’t give him any food or water, and ordered him to leave. But he would not leave, and so the wizard said he would put a curse on the kingdom if he didn’t follow his wishes. Then Princess Jessica called the wizard a bum, and soon the wizard cursed the whole kingdom. Turning everyone, even the king and queen into animals, and as for Princess Jessica, the wizard turned her into a horrible monster. She was very upset because she was once a beautiful young woman. Now the only way for her to get rid of the curse was for her true love to kiss her. But she gave up hope, knowing that no one would love a monster. Now we go to Bucky and Woody walking around in a small village. “Bucky, I think we’re not in the right place,” said Woody. “Woody, I wrote this book and the story doesn’t begin in the place we need to go, the Kinling Kingdom is just a couple a miles away, now we need to find to special people that can help us on our journey,” said Bucky. “Who are they,” asked Woody. “Arthur Willings and Roddy Komp, they’re training to become knights and they are going to where we need to go, so basically we have to help them out,” said Bucky. Bucky then saw Arthur Willings and Roddy Komp about to leave the village when Bucky stopped them. “Hey guys, wait up,” said Bucky. “Who are you,” asked Arthur Willings. “I’m a knight-in-training like you guys and I want to go to the Cursed Kingdom with you,” said Bucky. “Why you’re not a knight, you’re….,” said Woody. Then Bucky hit Woody before he could finish the sentence. “Alright, you and your dog can come, but be warned,” said Arthur. Now we go to Arthur, Roddy, Bucky and Woody in the middle of the forest when they soon saw Pope Spotty, Stork, and Binky Bear. “What are Stork and Pope Spotty doing here,” asked Woody. “They’re lumberjacks, I guess this world follows my book exactly, hey you three lumberjacks, want to make a ton of money and be heroes, you’ll get paid in a six bags of gold,” yelled Bucky. “Alright, we’ll go with you knights, because being a lumberjack doesn’t pay the bills,” said Spotty. Now our adventure begins!

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