Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter Free Preview: Day 1 in Holly Land

My sisters, Budweiser the Turtle, and I were inside Holly Dog’s head, we were in Holly Land! Holly Land is a paradise to every dog in the world. It has a bunch of things dogs love to do. “Hey look,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. It was a bunch of Mr. Squirrels and soon we saw Holly Dog. “Oh no, that dog is going to kill me,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. “Don’t worry Budweiser, I got your back,” said Bucky. “Holly, come on girl,” said Nikki Butler. “I’m Predator Holly,” yelled Predator Holly. “I think that’s not our dog,” said Nina Butler. Then another Holly Dog comes out. “Hi, I’m Loveable Holly, we are Holly Dog’s personalities,” said Loveable Holly. “Hey there’s another dog, which one is that,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. “Oh, that’s just Lazy Holly, she sleeps all the time,” said Loveable Holly. Then we see a skeleton running down by us. “Hey, I need your help, some guy wearing a prisoner’s uniform just stole my wallet,” said the skeleton. “Who Bones,” asked Predator Holly. Bones was a talking skeleton wearing a blue t-shirt who ran a dog food and bones store in Holly Land. “I know who it is,” said Bucky. “You can’t catch me,” yelled a mysterious voice. It was Fred and he soon got away using his teleporting remote control. “Hey, something is wrong with those squirrels,” said Nina Butler. “Must kill Holly,” yelled all the Mr. Squirrels. “I think we better run for it,” yelled Loveable Holly. “Let’s see the Wise Old Squirrel, he controls all of the squirrels in Holly Land,” said Bones. “Why are all the Mr. Squirrels evil in Holly Land,” asked Bucky. Now we are going to see the Wise Old Squirrel and see what was going on.

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