Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 again

I was feeding my box turtle Budweiser, I soon wanted to go outside and play. Holly Dog was outside to. I was playing with my stick, when all of a sudden I saw a storm cloud. “Holly, come on girl,” yelled Bucky. Holly didn’t move a muscle. Soon I was running to get Holly Dog, but she soon vanished into the storm cloud. I soon got hit by lighting and was knocked out. “Lord, wake up, or at least say something,” yelled a mysterious voice. “Who said that,” yelled Bucky. “I did, Professor Smith the head of the Time Lords scientists,” yelled Professor Smith. Professor Smith was a scientist from the Stork stories. He once fused Stork and Hawk together, Stork and Hawk soon became a stork/hawk hybrid, and once he turned into a monster by drinking a chemical. “The Time Lords, I’m in this dream again aren’t I,” said Bucky. “Well, look whose came back,” said Mike Storm. Soon Mike Storm told me that the Skull Order was joining forces once again. “Bucky, were back again,” yelled Holly Dog. “What the heck is this place,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. Then I turned around and saw AJ Lu, Shane Lu, Mike Calvert, CJ Horn, Jacob Spencer, and Mr. Pencil. “Hey Bucky, ready to save the world, again,” yelled AJ Lu. “In this place I’m god, sweet,” said Bucky to himself. So now the team was formed once again. Now we go to a meeting with Mr. Raccoon, Mike Storm, and Professor Smith. “Now, let’s see who are the wanted men who are a part of the Skull Order,” asked Mr. Raccoon. “Well, so far it’s Mr. Hunter, Ghost, Zig Zag, and Moe,” said Mike Storm. Mr. Hunter was a hunter who hunted Stork when it was open season. Ghost was Super Spotty’s #1 super villain. Zig Zag and Moe were aliens who abducted Spotty and Beardy and held them hostage. Zig Zag looks like a giant orange skinned alien with antennas, and Moe looks the same, but with a Miniature Schnauzer like face. A new war is about to start!  

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