Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Knowledge’s Library again-part 1

Bucky woke up lying in a bed in a strange room. “Where am I,” cried Bucky. Knowledge walked into the room. “I see you healed up quite nicely god,” said Knowledge. “Knowledge, why did you call me god, you came from the real world, remember,” asked Bucky. “Well, you in fact created me, I never existed in the real world, I was born here, in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, don’t you remember creating me,” said Knowledge. “Yah, I thought you would be a character in my super hero stories but that never happened so that must mean…,” said Bucky. “That means, you created me to be your ally and your source of information about the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson,” said Knowledge. “But if I created you, doesn’t that mean I created Burn and The Phoenix Monks too,” said Bucky. “Indeed, you created Burn and the entire Phoenix Monks, but unlike me, Burn doesn’t want to be the thing he and his group tried to destroy, which is a Toon created by you,” said Knowledge. “But, when we destroyed the Phoenix Monks, I thought we sent them back to the real world, don’t they,” said Bucky. “Don’t worry, your characters found their place in the real world, now once you feel completely healed I want to give you something,” said Knowledge. Knowledge then walked out of the room. “I think I rested enough,” said Bucky to himself. Bucky then was reunited with Woody Dog and Diablo the Phoenix. “Bucky, you’re all better,” said Woody Dog. “I’m fine, so where’s Knowledge,” asked Bucky. “He was getting a book for you, something about the Future Wars,” said Woody Dog. “Why did you have to spoil the surprise,” said Knowledge. “Sorry,” said Woody Dog. Knowledge then handed Bucky a book. “Read this, this will give you information on an alternate future if the worlds merged, I found well I was dusting the bookshelves, this could help you out in the future, but return when you can,” said Knowledge. “I still got my library card old friend,” said Bucky. “Ah, about an old friend, I want you to see someone special, you could say it’s a mentor, but I told her about you and the True Heroes and she’s willing to help you with something that could save The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson,” said Knowledge. From out of nowhere a huge golden door appeared with the letter “S” on it. “Go through that door and it’ll bring back some old memories,” said Knowledge. Bucky soon opened the golden door with the letter “S” on it and then walked through it. “Oh my, it’s you,” said Bucky.

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