Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 of The Big Return-part 1

It’s been a couple of months now and it seems that everything has changed after the war between The Skull Lords and The True Heroes. Evil Dino-Skeleton’s Ghost is still in jail along with his other henchmen. Plus, the leader of the Phoenix Monks Burn is also in jail at the True Heroes headquarters. But our story begins when a random attack occurred at the True Heroes headquarters. The True Heroes headquarters is now in chaos and now is the time that they need help, from their god. The True Heroes soldiers were trying to kill the attacker, but to no prevail. At this time I also like to mention that the attacker is none other than Hellfire from the “Magic Wars” series. Hellfire soon freed all the prisoners in the True Heroes headquarters jail and it now seems that every powerful villain is on the loose. “Come with me beings of darkness, the demon king Moeguya is going to take over,” yelled Hellfire. “Thanks for the freedom big whatever the hell you are, General Toast, let’s get the heck out of here,” said Burn. Burn and General Toast started walking away when demons came right in front of them. “Sorry, but by orders of Moeguya, you two Phoenix Monks have to come with us, or else,” yelled Hellfire. Then Terry the Tapir stood out in front of Hellfire. “What, Terry, where were you all this time,” cried Coyote. “Well funny story, I was trapped in another dimension for a couple of years, woke up in the future, then I was sent back to the past to help out in this war, pretty funny eh,” said Terry the Tapir. “You people follow Mr. Tapir to the Demon Realm while I finish off destroying this headquarters now go,” yelled Hellfire. Soon Terry the Tapir opened a portal and all of the prisoners of the True Heroes jail followed him into it. Little did they know was that Pope Spotty of Buckyism overheard the conversation and went to warn the others. “Man god, Moeguya is still alive, I have to find the others, but I think we need help from our savior Steven J. Butler, Jr. and I only hope that he can return,” said Pope Spotty. Soon Hellfire destroyed the True Heroes headquarters on Battle Field, but don’t worry, most of the True Heroes escaped in a huge spaceship, that is so big it’s a flying headquarters. “Now, let’s start a storm,” said Mike Storm. You only wonder what he meant by that!

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