Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Charming Kingdom

Now we got to Mr. We’s carnival and freak show. “The carnival is opening in three minutes…fry the foods, make the cotton candy, see if the rides are working, and try to make adjustments to rig all the games so nobody can win. Get to work all of you smelly carnies,” yelled Mr. We. Mr. We basically is a fat middle-aged man wearing a ringmaster uniform and he was very greedy.

Soon Mr. We went to the cages where they kept the freaks. Mr. We thought of his freaks as only monsters not people with emotions, so basically he treated them cruelly. “Wake up you monsters, the carnival is opening soon,” yelled Mr. We. All the freaks woke up, but just as Mr. We was walking out of the freak show stage, he saw a man. “Wow, a freak with a fake steel leg…I can make billions,” yelled Mr. We. “Hey pal, I got this leg because a dog named Bark bit it off and that’s not why I’m here,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. Then Coyote came out and stood by Insane Dog Catcher’s side. “Mr. We, how would you like to make a deal,” said Coyote. “A talking animal, I can make billions with you too,” yelled Mr. We. “We don’t want to be a part of your carnival, do or do you not have a Charming in this place,” yelled Coyote. “Who wants to know,” asked Mr. We. “The Skull Order, but let me ask you a question Mr. We…have you ever wanted to have power,” asked Insane Dog Catcher. “Well yes, you two can do that,” asked Mr. We. “Yes we can…but since you like freaks so much how would you like to have the best freak in the world,” said Coyote. “Go on,” said Mr. We. Then Coyote pulled out a black whistle with a skull on it and then blew it. A demon appeared after the whistle blow and it roared loudly. “Ah, I’ll take it, what do you guys want in return,” asked Mr. We. “Well, we want the Charmings you have in your show,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. Soon it was night and Hawk, Holly, and I walked out of the spaceship and went off to explore the Charming Kingdom. Soon I saw a sign that said “Mr. We’s Carnival and Freak Show”. Then I saw Riddle Fox floating along and I followed him to the carnival with Hawk and Holly. “Riddle Fox, need some help,” asked Bucky. “Well I got a call to help the Charmings and they’re not here,” said Riddle Fox. Then Mr. We came out and saw we didn’t pay to come in. “Hey, what are you guys doing here,” yelled Mr. We. I knew Mr. We was up to no good, so I asked him what he was up to. “Nothing, I just sold two freaks to a talking coyote and a guy with a fake leg who was holding a net,” said Mr. We. “You just made a deal with The Skull Order, I so knew you were a bad guy,” yelled Bucky. Then I hit Mr. We with my stick because he worked for the bad guys. “If it’s a fight you want then it’s a fight you’ll get,” yelled Mr. We. We were fighting Mr. We for hours until I knocked him out and we threw him in an open cage in the freak show tent. “Let’s go to Charming Castle,” yelled Bucky.

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