Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in High Tech City

Nick Green was a normal teenager and is 14 years old. Nick’s dad was in the army and he died in action. He lives with his mother, sister, and his uncle. His uncle’s name was Ron J. Orson and he ran a computer company called Orson Computers. His Uncle Ron wanted to test out a project, which is to make a person one with machines and maybe even half robot. So when no one would volunteer to test his idea, he did it on his nephew Nick. So when he paid for an operating room, he made his nephew into a robot boy. Nick soon was half-robot and half-human, his powers were he can stretch 50 feet tall with metal legs and arms, his neck can stretch 50 feet tall too, jet-packs on his feet, springs on his feet, his hand can become a laser sword, he had a voice changer that can make any voice of any human or animal, and his brain is now a super computer. Soon Nick Green became the new super hero, High Tech Nick. But High Tech Nick would soon meet his match. A mafia man with a mutant Velociraptor hand named, Raptor Claw who was now working for the Skull Lords. “How can I stop High Tech Nick,” asked Raptor Claw. “I found someone who can help us, do you have a computer,” said Mr. Hunter. Then Mr. Hunter was on a computer and soon he put in a floppy disk. Then popped out of the computer was a man with no face but his body was a bunch of green 0’s and 1’s. “I give you, Virus a living computer virus, who was trapped inside the floppy disk,” said Mr. Hunter. Virus was a super villain that fought another super hero named Element. “Let’s give High Tech Nick a computer virus,” said Mr. Hunter. Now what will happen next? Nobody knows!

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