Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Camp Jason-part 1

Now we go to Bucky, Woody Dog, Frankie Cuffan, Anthony Scornavacco, and Nina Butler walking around the camp. “Alright, this place is haunted but we can’t tell the campers that, now, we have to pretend we are campers here and we can’t tell anyone our true mission,” said Bucky. “So are we going to see monsters or something if this place is haunted,” asked Nina Butler. “Hell yah, come to think of it I have a feeling that the Skull Lords are already here,” said Bucky. Now our heroes saw Jimmy Rickson, Billy, and Jacklen talking with each other. “Hey, you campers, come over here,” yelled Bucky. “Who are you,” asked Jimmy. “We’re campers like you guys, now then, seen anything out of the ordinary around here, like ghosts, Bigfoots, or Swamp Monsters,” asked Bucky. “You know, we saw all those things, but there are these black creatures everywhere with skulls on their bellies and they look like black devils,” said Billy. “Demons,” cried Bucky, Woody, Frankie, Anthony, and Nina at the same time. “Demons, so that’s what those things are,” said Jacklen. “Look, where have you been seeing those demons, we have to know,” asked Bucky. “We saw a bunch in the woods, and since you guys are new here, the lake is closed because lake monsters are everywhere, and they have the same color as those demons you guys were talking about,” said Jacklen. “Come on Billy and Jacklen we need to investigate how to break this curse on the camp like the Groundskeeper told us,” said Jimmy. Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen soon fled the scene. “Bucky, there are water demons here too, should we try to find this Groundskeeper guy and see if he knows anything,” asked Frankie. “Look, I wrote this book and the Groundskeeper is a bad guy, he’s the one who put the curse on the place, but I have a feeling the Groundskeeper is working for Moeguya, so let’s go into the woods,” said Bucky. Bucky, Woody Dog, Frankie Cuffan, Anthony Scornavacco, and Nina Butler were now in the woods and soon the saw Native American ghosts dancing by a ghostly fire. “Wow ghosts, so are these guys good or bad,” asked Anthony. “They’re good guys,” said Bucky. Soon from out of nowhere demons appeared and they attacked the Native American ghosts. Then the Native American ghosts started fighting the demons. “Come on you guys, they need our help,” said Bucky. Soon our heroes and the Native American ghosts started fighting the demons together in a very short battle.

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