Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Battle Field

Now we go to the Underworld, where Evil-Dino Skeleton was going to make a deal with Hades. “So, you want demons from me, what’s in it for me,” asked Hades. “Well, well give you all of Battle Field to rule over,” said Evil-Dino Skeleton. “Hmm, I could use a new world to rule, you got yourself a deal,” yelled Hades. With Hades was, Loki the Norse god of mischief, Chaos the Demon who is Goddiess enemy, and Rob the Ogre who is general of the demon army in the Underworld. Rob was once a human being, he used to be a gladiator, Rob was very greedy and mean man, Rob was the greatest gladiator, because he never lost a fight, Rob soon got killed in one of his fights and was sent to the Underworld, and as a punishment Hades turned Rob into an ogre. Soon Rob the Ogre was running out of Hades meeting room. Then though the Underworld, Rob soon saw two men, they were Goddiess and Professor Faun. Rob the Ogre was actually a spy for the other gods, so that means he is a good guy. “Any news, Rob,” asked Goddiess. “Well, some group called the Skull Lords made a deal with Hades, and if Hades gives them his demons, they would give him a world called Battle Field,” said Rob the Ogre. “Oh, I know how we can get to Battle Field from the Underworld,” said Professor Faun. Then Loki and Chaos the Demon came out. “Sorry, but you guys are so dead,” said Loki. Then with one swing from his Green ax, Goddiess knocked out Loki and Chaos the Demon. “Let’s go find the way to Battle Field,” yelled Goddiess. Now we go to Battle Field were my team and I were in a huge field (since Battle Field was basically forests, fields, and a mountain), I soon said that we should build a headquarters right on this field. “Professor Smith, can I have the Summon Team 2.0 remote control,” asked Bucky. “Why,” asked Professor Smith. Then he gave me the Summon Team 2.0 remote and I called Charlie the Genie, and I soon wish for a headquarters with a prison, hotel, bedrooms, laboratory, cafeteria, bedrooms, a hospital, a spaceship hanger, a church of Buckyism, and offices. I also wished for an army and also I wanted to call it the True Heroes, and I gave the headquarters the Buckyism symbol and every army man had the symbol of Buckyism on their armor. Now everybody had moved in to the new headquarters. But there will soon be a funeral, but who will die?   

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