Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 again in Pit Stop Town!

Soon Pit Stop Town once again was trying to find ways to attracting customers. “So any new ideas,” yelled Mayor Mole. “Hey look there here again man,” yelled Termite. So we landed and soon I met the True Heroes. “Hey, where’s god how come his not here,” asked Pope Spotty. “Well, he’s with the Shekys right now, so I’m here to help for now,” said Frankie Cuffan. So soon we got the help of the True Heroes and they were Stork, Hawk, Bark, Beardy, Zach, Pope Spotty and Spotty Jr. Then Deer ran up to Mike Storm and said. “My boss said that anyone working for the Time Lords should leave now, or else,” said Deer. “What, why does he hate the Time Lords so much,” asked Mike Storm. Soon Holly Dog was chasing Budweiser the Turtle around by the docks. “You’re going to die you stupid turtle,” yelled Holly Dog. “Over my dead body,” yelled Budweiser. Then as Ricky Kenson (Igor) was walking towards Holly Dog and Budweiser the Turtle on the dock a Water Demon popped out. “Oh man, we need some help over here,” yelled Ricky Kenson. Then I threw some hand grenades into the Water Demons mouth. It soon blew up. Soon Mayor Mole wanted to talk to me in his office. What does Mayor Mole have to tell Frankie Cuffan in his office? Nobody knows!

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