Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Guardians-part 2

Budweiser the Turtle was soon called by the Time Lords headquarters to look for Holly Dog. Budweiser the Turtle went to Lava World. “Hello, Guardian here looking for Holly Dog,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. Then Mr. Hunter popped right in front of Budweiser the Turtle. “Hi, turtle meet the new member of the Skull Order, Holly Dog,” yelled Mr. Hunter. Then Holly Dog popped out and started fighting Budweiser the Turtle. “I’m going to kill you turtle,” yelled Holly Dog. “Holly, snap out of it, the Time Lords are going to give you the job you wanted,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. “What, they will,” said Holly Dog. “Hey, kill that dumb turtle,” yelled Mr. Hunter. “Hell no, he is my friend,” yelled Holly Dog. Then Holly Dog bit Mr. Hunter. “Oh, you guys asked for it,” yelled Mr. Hunter. Then he pulled out his rifle and started shooting Holly and Budweiser. Then our heroes knocked out Mr. Hunter and ran away. Holly Dog was then giving the cure for demon blood and was a good guy again. “Holly, you are going to be a full time guardian with Budweiser the Turtle, but you most teach him everything we taught you about being a guardian, ok,” said Mr. Raccoon. “Okay, I will show him the ropes,” said Holly Dog. Holly Dog and Budweiser the Turtle are the guardians to the god of the lost worlds Buckstevenson, until the day they die!

The End

(Read the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson book for the other stories from the lost worlds)

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