Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 of the Last War!

I was with Frankie, and Nina, we were watching T.V. when. “Ah, Holly has to go outside,” said Bucky. “But it’s raining real bad outside,” said Frankie. “You guys, I’ll let her out,” said Nina. Then Holly Dog ran outside, and so did Budweiser the Turtle. “I’m going outside real quick,” said Bucky. “Bucky, don’t be an idiot,” yelled Frankie. I soon got hit by lighting, and Nina and Frankie ran outside. Nina and Frankie soon also got hit by lighting. “Wake up god, its Stork, chairman of the True Heroes,” said Stork. “No, not this dream again, what is the problem now,” asked Bucky. “Why do I have this same dream over and over, again,” yelled Nina. “Hey, I’ll be your bodyguard,” said Holly Dog. “How come you’re talking,” said Nina Butler. “Do I always have to tell you why I’m talking in these worlds,” yelled Holly Dog. “Hey Bucky, you’re cousins are here, and so is some chick,” yelled Frankie. It was AJ Lu, Shane Lu, and my sister Nikki Butler. “Let me guess Nikki, you’re weapon here is a boomerang,” said Bucky. “How do you know that, and why are Nina, AJ, and Shane here, why I’m I having a dream about your characters,” asked Nikki. Then Hawk, Beardy, Zach, Pope Spotty, and Spotty Jr. came running in. “Alright, god is back once again,” yelled Spotty Jr. “Maybe now we can stop those Phoenix Monks now,” said Hawk. “Phoenix what,” asked Bucky. Mike Storm comes walking in. “God, a new war is about to start,” said Mike Storm.

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