Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 on the Island of Giants

As we were landing I saw Peter Rocks, Sgt. Best, and Eggy the Oviraptor. “Look, I found three men who can help us, land right here,” said Bucky.

Holly, Spotty Jr., and I walked out of the spaceship. Peter, Sgt. Best, and Eggy were being attacked by demons. “Do something private or these black devils will kill us,” screamed Sgt. Best. Then Spotty Jr. stabbed a demon, and then I killed one with my stick, and Holly also killed one on her own.

“Who are you guys,” asked Peter. “We’re here to save you and we have to find a giant named Ozman,” said Bucky. “There are giants on this island, where the heck are they,” yelled Sgt. Best. “Come on let’s go,” said Bucky.

Soon we were walking in the jungle. Then a giant lion popped out from out of nowhere. “I’ll handle this guy,” said Spotty Jr. He stabbed the giant lion’s eyes out. Sgt. Best then threw some T.N.T into the lion’s mouth, and the giant lion soon blew up.

As we were walking we heard a loud roar. Then a huge T-Rex popped out in front of us. “Let’s work together to kill him on three, two…,” said Bucky. Then Ozman came out and grabbed his giant axe and killed the T-Rex by cutting off his head.

“Wow Ozman it’s you, can you take us to your village,” asked Bucky. “You are smart little people and you even know my name. My village will love to see you guys,” said Ozman. Ozman then picked up Spotty Jr., Holly, Peter, Eggy, Bucky, and Sgt. Best and as we were walking to Ozman’s village, little did we know we were being watched…

“Fo ko ka jh opu babbab,” yelled Kraeoo. Kraeoo was an ugly giant with fangs, green skin, and claws. On his side were Lita who was a giant woman warrior and Lopt who was a seventy-foot giant with red skin and floppy ears. One final minion of Kraeoo was Gopt. Gopt was an 89-foot green-skinned giant with two ten-foot horns.

Kraeoo and his minions decided that they needed more new evil members to join their fight. Kraeoo made a deal with the Skull Order to add strength and power to his small group. And now General Insane Dog Catcher, Coyote, and a whole bunch of demons are ready to help Kraeoo invade and conquer Giant Island.

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