Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in the Pirate Seas!

Nina, Holly, Budweiser, and I were on a boat going to find Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate and his crew’s pirate ship. “What are we doing, Bucky,” asked Nina. “Nina, I’m god of this world and you are helping me save it, were looking for a pirate ship with Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate, and once we find it will join his crew,” said Bucky. “Look,” yelled Holly Dog. Holly saw someone falling from the sky it was Coo-coo Bird. Coo-coo Bird is from the Coo-coo Bird and Dingo stories they lived in Australia and chased each other with cartoonish gags (like hammers, T.N.T, and anvils). I went over to him and he was not moving, but he was still breathing but was really injured. One of Coo-coo Bird’s wings was broken, and his head was cut wide open. “Holly, hand me the walkie-talkie,” said Bucky. I called the ship and told them to pick up Coo-coo Bird before he dies. Then the spaceship was right by us, and Coo-coo Bird went inside by a stretcher. The nurses Ashley Stork, Penny Greyhound, and Judy Brown were healing Coo-coo Bird. Now we go back to Nina, Holly, Budweiser, and I, and we were on Gus Peterson’s Pirate ship. “Hello, what do you guys want,” asked Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate. “I’m god, I created you Gus Peterson,” said Bucky. “Prove it,” said Gus Peterson. Then I whispered something into Gus’s ear. “O my god, you are god come and meet my crew,” said Gus Peterson. Gus’s crew was Roddy the drunk, Snowball the Yeti, Lewis the farter, Kolry the Zulu Warrior, Lucky the Dog, Rico the parrot, and Gus’s girlfriend Sally Jackson. Sally Jackson looked like a supermodel, with long blond hair, and wears a red dress and high heels. “Why is a girl like that with a guy like him,” said Nina Butler. “You’ll find out,” said Bucky. Now we go to Peg Leg Lenny’s pirate ship, Peg Leg Lenny is Gus Peterson’s enemy. Soon Peg Leg Lenny meets Coyote, and Ghost of the Skull Lords. Is Peg Leg Lenny going to help the Skull Lords? Nobody knows!

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