Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Castle Saloon Town!

Dark West lives in a strange wild west town, he is really Todd Fredstone the Sheriff’s deputy, but what makes this place strange is that it has different time periods in one, like 1400’s, 1700’s, and even dinosaurs roam around. Todd became Dark West when he met Polbm the Wizard, who gave him knight’s armor and a sword and he became Dark West. And by the way he calls himself Dark West, because he’s from the Wild West and is a knight from the Dark Ages! Holly Dog, Kenny, and I were walking in the desert when Kenny saw some Dragons, and then we began fighting them. Soon I saw something, it was some kids. Who were they, but then they came down too us and helped us kill the Dragons. Wait, it’s my old classmates Mike Calvert, CJ Horn, and Jacob Spencer. “Hey, how did you guys get here anyway,” asked Bucky. “Well, that Mr. Pencil guy brought us here, so, let’s kick some butt,” yelled CJ Horn. Now the old team is back with me again! Soon we found ourselves in a little Wild West town, but something was different, there was a monk, a white monk almost from way back when. “Hello, god son,” said the monk. “Wait, you mean me right,” asked Bucky. “I’m the Wise Monk, I have some news to tell you,” said the Wise Monk. “What,” asked Bucky? Then a big fat man in a cowboy suit came out. “Sorry about that folks, this guy acts like he’s from a different time or something,” said the fat cowboy. “And who are you,” asked Holly Dog. “Why I’m the Sheriff of course, now you guys better be on the lookout because Freddy the Kid is on the loose, in fact, I could use your help,” said the Sheriff. “What do you need help with,” asked Bucky. “Well, since you boys look like you can fight, help me find Freddy the Kid, I’m pay you $200,” said the Sheriff. Then out walks a young man. “Oh boys, this is my deputy Todd Fredstone, he’ll help you boys,” said the Sheriff. “Hello, Todd, or should I say Dark West,” said Bucky. “How did you know I’m…I mean I’m not…,” said Todd. “Don’t worry, it’s a long story, but I’m god,” said Bucky. Then the Wise Monk came running down. “Guys, follow me,” said the Wise Monk. We followed the Wise Monk and then we saw some Phoenix Knights. “Guys, let’s fight,” yelled Bucky. Now we started fighting the Phoenix Knights. But who will win? Nobody knows!

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