Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 again in Cool Club Land!

Now we go to Evil Pig destroying the city. “Roar, Roar, oink,” roared Evil Pig. Cool Fox and the gang were fighting Evil Pig. “Damn, how can we stop this huge pig,” yelled Camel. “You know the U.S. army could take care of this right,” said Bob Jordan. Then some True Heroes soldiers came in and started fighting Evil Pig. “Who are they,” yelled Cool Fox. “Were here to help you,” said Bucky. Then we started talking to Cool Fox, and then we heard that reporting’s of the Phoenix Knights. Now we go to Tom T-Rex where he was counting his money. “Dam, I hate how my son is in jail again, I knew I’m a better super villain then him,” said Tom T-Rex. Then Tom hears a noise. “Who’s there,” yelled Tom. Then Burn leader of the Phoenix Monks came walking in, and so did Evil-Dino Skeleton. “Hey, do you want to help us take over the world,” asked Burn. “Yah, but what’s in it for me,” asked Tom T-Rex. “How about half the Lost Worlds, as you said, you’re a better super villain then your son,” said Evil-Dino Skeleton. Then some Phoenix Knights came in, and then Tom T-Rex started laughing. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

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