Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in the Fishing Forest

Binky Bear was fishing with Donny Duck when all of a sudden Holly Dog fell on to a dock by a lake. “Hello any buddy here,” yelled Holly Dog. “Hey who is that dog,” asked Donny Duck. Soon Budweiser the Turtle was swimming by the dock. “Hey, you stupid dog we have to work together,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. “Hey, I got something,” yelled Binky Bear. Then Binky pulled his fishing pole up and a Water Demon caught the hook. “Donny, fly away… now,” yelled Binky Bear. Soon Binky Bear and Donny Duck bumped into Holly Dog and Budweiser the Turtle. “Hey, bear and duck lets them up,” said Holly Dog. Then Wolf was right in front of our heroes. Wolf was holding a gun and had a symbol of a skull on his t-shirt. “Bow down before the Skull Order Binky Bear and give me some fish, now,” yelled Wolf. “What happened to you Wolf?  Guns aren’t toys, and are you going to kill us?  You were just a bully and now you just gone too far,” yelled Binky Bear. “The Skull Order gave me power, now die or join us,” yelled Wolf. Then Evil-Dino Skeleton in his human form came down right beside Wolf. “Do it Wolf and you will become pure evil,” said Evil-Dino Skeleton.    

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