Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in the Ruins of Pit Stop Town-part 1

Bucky was walking around the Ruins of Pit Stop Town and it brought back many memories. “Man, what happened to this place,” said Bucky to himself. “It was destroyed by you,” yelled a mysterious voice. Bucky turned around and saw Mayor Mole and Mr. Raccoon standing behind him. “You two, what are you…,” cried Bucky. “God please, we no longer wish to work for the Skull Lords, we want to rejoin the side of light and be followers of Buckyism again,” said Mr. Raccoon. “Wait, you two want to be good guys again, I thought you guys hated me,” said Bucky. “We’ve learned to forgive you and we hope you can do the same for us,” said Mr. Raccoon. “Alright, I forgive you, we could use more help defeating The Skull Lords, but what do you mean by I destroyed Pit Stop Town,” asked Bucky. “Well, this was at one point Pit Stop Town, then Mayor Mole gave the town to the Skull Lords and they built a headquarters here, but when the war between the True Heroes and the Skull Lords ended the True Heroes blew it up, now it has become complete darkness and ruins after the explosion,” said Mr. Raccoon. “Come on, we need to find a way out of here, and if you guys are good you’ll come with me,” said Bucky. So now Bucky, Mr. Raccoon, and Mayor Mole were walking around the Ruins of Pit Stop Town. “You know God, I have a cell phone, maybe we can call your spaceship to get us out of here,” said Mr. Raccoon. “Good idea, but you better let me do the talking,” said Bucky. Mr. Raccoon handed his cell phone to Bucky and Bucky soon called the True Heroes spaceship. The True Heroes spaceship is able to pick them up but they can only pick them up on the other side of the mountain in Pit Stop Town. “Great, so we have to climb to the other side of the mountain and since we gave up dark magic we can no longer open a portal, I guess we better get going,” said Mayor Mole. As our heroes were walking towards the mountain they soon heard cannon fire. Bucky soon saw that Zygurat’s flying pirate ship was coming towards them. “Oh crap, it’s Zygurat,” cried Mr. Raccoon. Then Zygurat’s flying pirate ship landed and then Zygurat and his demon pirate crew walked out of the ship. “Attack and kill god, he dies here,” yelled Zygurat. Soon Bucky, Mr. Raccoon, and Mayor Mole were fighting the demons. “It ends here god, I will defeat you mate and these stinking traitors,” yelled Zygurat. Zygurat then began to laugh evilly. But the battle is not over yet!

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