Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 the first day of Apocalypse!

I was playing with my friend Bucky, and his dog Holly. When all of a sudden a thunder storm came and Bucky was nowhere in sight, Holly was sitting still like a rock and Budweiser the Turtle was sitting right next to Holly (because Bucky and I let him walk around). “Bucky, someone, where is everybody,” yelled Frankie Cuffan. Soon some fog came in and Holly and Budweiser were gone. I got hit by lighting and was knocked out. “Hello, speak friend of god,” yelled a mysterious voice. “Who said that,” yelled Frankie Cuffan. “It’s I Mr. Raccoon and we need you for the Time Lords army and why is god not with you,” yelled Mr. Raccoon. “Who, what,” yelled Frankie Cuffan. “Hey Bucky’s friend down here,” yelled Holly. “You can talk,” yelled Frankie Cuffan. “Well, you’re not home anymore and this is a world Bucky made, like, for example his characters are real and they live here so anything he wrote in his books are alive here,” yelled Holly Dog. “Hey should we get him some weapons,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. “Good point, follow me,” said Mr. Raccoon. And as Mr. Raccoon and I were walking Mr. Raccoon stepped on a land mine. “Who the heck put a land mine in the middle of the hallway,” yelled Mr. Raccoon. Sign #1 of their return. “Hey who are those two guys,” asked Frankie Cuffan. It was Michal & Jordan Spotty’s scientist friends, who were the Time Lords top weapon makers for the Time Lords. I soon got a gun and hand grenades and I was soon wearing a Time Lords uniform. I was ready to fight. Now we go to Mike Storm who was at the Buckyism Church at the Time Lords headquarters (which was in room 105) and he looked at a picture of God (Bucky) wearing a jesters hat! Sign #2 of their return. Who is going to return and why? Nobody knows!   


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