Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Funtime Toy Store Local TV Show Info: Dream Projects!

The Funtime Toy Store will be a possible local kid’s show that I envision as an E/I program. The Funtime Toy Store host will either be Steven J. Butler, Jr. portraying a character or played a different actor. The concept is that there is a magical toy store called The Funtime Toy Store ran by the host of the show and each week they’ll be a customer (I envision that the customer of the week will be kind of a guest star and the catch is that they are a local Chicago celebrity like a local news anchor or another local entertainer). The Funtime Toy Store will be made up into a couple segments that are educational and entertaining. The host will also have sidekicks like puppets and a dog (if I could be the host I want my dog to play the part of the owner’s dog). Basically I think the show should educate in a way of morals and life skills but it can also teach school basics like reading and math. Now here’s a list of segments I would like to possibly use in a show.

The Opening Segment: Trying to find the customers toy!

This segment will basically be getting to know the local Chicago celebrity and the conclusion of the segment that the customer (local Chicago celebrity) will say what kind of toy he’s looking for in the store (like a teddy bear or something) Note: This will basically be kind of a kid friendly interview with the local Chicago celebrity.

The Second Segment: Feeding owner’s dog!

While I’m looking for the customer’s toy, the host’s stops and feeds his dog. He might sing a song or something.

The Third Segment: Toy history 101!

A mini documentary segment it’ll talk about a the history of a certain toy (like G.I. Joe or Barbie)

The Fourth Segment: The Short Story of the Day!

This segment will be a short story written by Steven J. Butler, Jr.  and it will basically be read through the television screen in a kind of a Reading Rainbow-like fashion where the book will appear on the screen. In conclusion, this segment will encourage kids to read along with the story while it’s on the screen….

The Fifth Segment: The Comic Strip of the Day!

This is just reading a comic strip that will appear on the screen with a possible narration by the host…

The Final Segment: What was today’s lesson!

This segment will basically be the host and the local Chicago celebrity telling what the moral of that day’s episode was…

Mostly the show will center on the certain episodes’ plot which might be something like talking about why stealing is bad (like a character steals a toy from the Funtime store and he feels guilty about it) or what happens when you don’t get any sleep (like a character on the show can’t get any sleep) so basically one of the characters will take part in that episodes’ lesson.

I picture this show being filmed locally at a television station in Chicago and this show is more meant for a local station that needs more E/I programming than it being a national show unless its possible popularity grows.

So I hope this show can become a legendary local kid’s show that will take its place with other Chicago local kids shows.

I will try to find a possible local television station that will help make this show possible. Hopefully they’ll accept unsolicited show ideas….but a man can try. 

Dream Guest Stars on The Funtime Toy Store (local Chicago celebrities)!

·        Joey D'Auria  as Bozo the Clown

·        Don Sandburg as Sandy the Tramp

·        Bill Jackson and Dirty Dragon

·        Marshall Brodien

·        Jack Mulqueen

·        Mary Hartline

·        John Conrad

·        Rich Koz as Svengoolie

·        Micah Materre

·        Tom Skilling

·        Dean Richards

·        The Garfield Goose Puppets

·        Cuddly Dudley

·        Karen Meyer

·        Roger Ebert

·        Verne Gagne

·        Steven McMichael

·        Michael Jordan

·        Scottie Pippen

·        Brad Miller

·        Welington Castillo

·        Jeffrey Glen Baker

·        Sammy Sosa

·        Jay Cutler

·        Eddie Williams

·        Richard Dent

·        Mike Ditka

·        William "The Refrigerator" Perry

·        Pat Foley

·        Jacob Dowell

·        Corey Crawford

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