Monday, May 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 of the Civil War

I was feeding my pet turtle Budweiser, and Nina was with Holly Dog watching TV. “Hey Nina, I’m going to annoy you,” said Bucky. “I’m going to let Holly out,” said Nina Butler. “But it’s raining like cats & dogs,” said Bucky. Soon Nina opens the door, and Holly Dog runs outside. “That’s odd, Holly never goes out on rainy days,” said Bucky. Then Budweiser the Turtle ran outside. Soon Holly Dog and Budweiser the Turtle disappeared into the storm. “Hey Nina, I’m going to get our pets okay,” said Bucky. Then I ran outside with my stick and I soon got hit by lighting. “Bucky,” screamed Nina. Nina ran outside and she soon got hit by lighting. “God, wake up, this is Pope Spotty,” yelled Pope Spotty. I woke up and I saw the True Heroes. “God, we need you the Skull Lords are going to tear down Pit Stop Town to make it a Skull Lords land headquarters, Mayor Mole is about to sell the deed to Pit Stop Town to Mr. Raccoon, and Evil-Dino Skeleton,” yelled Pope Spotty. “What’s going on,” asked Nina. Then the True Heroes came running down to the Pit Stop Town docks, where Nina, Holly, Budweiser, and I were on. “Nina, your brother is god of this universe, so to make a long story short his stories are real,” said Spotty Jr. The True Heroes were Hawk (a warrior with a golden axe), Stork (a gun expert), Zach (a spaceship repair stork), Bark (Stork’s dog), Beardy (a wizard), Spotty Jr. (a warrior in-training), and Pope Spotty (the pope of Buckyism). “Wow, Holly we can talk again and why is Nina here,” asked Budweiser the Turtle. “Hey Nina, come over here,” yelled Holly Dog. “Holly, how come you’re talking,” said Nina. “Because I can talk in your brother’s stories, and I’m going to be your guardian Nina,” said Holly Dog. “Hey, what about Bucky, he may need our help,” said Budweiser the Turtle. “Come on, we are getting ready for the Civil War,” yelled Mike Storm. Mike Storm was the former general of the Time Lords, but when they became the Skull Lords he ran away and stayed with the True Heroes. What is going to happen next? Nobody knows!


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