Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Lost Adventures of Max Storm: Veg Returns Part 1

Max Storm was now a gun salesman, and Kim Storm was a gym teacher. Max Storm and Kim Storm have a son named Mike Storm. Caper was now the family dog and there not monster hunters any more…for now! Max was going to get another dog. Max Storm was at the pound and saw a nerviest Miniature Schnauzer that was looked like it was cold. “Hey boy you make me think of someone I know,” said Max Storm. “You make me think of someone I knew too,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “Ah, a talking dog, wait do you know a person named Max Storm,” asked Max. “Well I remember something like that I…,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “How much does this dog cost,” asked Max. Max thinks the dog he brought was the second coming of Veg a Wise Monk that he knew in his childhood. “Thanks for picking I don’t know why I’m so special,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “Hey do you know a Wise Monk named Veg he was a talking dog like you,” asked Max Storm. “Well I…,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. Then Max’s new dog was having memories of the thinks Max said. “Hey Max, I’m Veg you see I found a way to coming back to life my sprit went into the body of a Miniature Schnauzer puppy and I needed to tell you that a great evil is coming back but I’m really the same Veg you knew,” yelled Veg. Max was right. “What is this evil,” asked Max Storm. “The Red Cricket a monster that helped create the Red Crickets a gang of evil ninjas, you remember them don’t you,” asked Veg. “We need help but I promised Kim I won’t fight evil anymore,” said Max. “You have to stop him you’re the chosen one and possible one of the last Wise Monks on the Earth,” said Veg. “I know who we need,” said Max Storm. Now we go to a temple in the rainforest. The Skull Slasher, The Red Bros., and a new bad guy Tony Adams a former boxer turned bad guy when he lost his hands and got new metal ones. “Boys were going to free the Red Cricket okay,” said Skull. What will happen now!

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