Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Lost Adventures of Spy Lion #1

Spy Lion, Ms. Condor, and Deer Man were walking in the wood when little did they know a new assassin hired by X-Eye was going to try to kill Spy Lion and his name was Explanation Point. Explanation Point’s powers are that all of his weapons are explanation points, like guns shaped like explanation points with explanation point bullets, an explanation point sword, and a graveling hook that is shaped like an explanation point. His costume was all black with a black cape, black gloves with explanation points on them, and a black mask with a very big explanation point on it. Soon our heroes met Explanation Point. “Isn’t it a little early for Halloween,” yelled Spy Lion. “You’re going to die, very soon,” yelled Explanation Point. Then Spy Lion started fighting Explanation Point and Spy Lion was winning. As soon as Spy Lion knocked Explanation Point out our heroes tied him up and sent Explanation Point to jail. Spy Lion saves the day!   

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