Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Butler INC. & Disney Theme Park: Dream Project!

My dream is to one day own my own theme park. But since I may not have a lot of money…my dream is to team up with theme park giant Disney. Walt Disney World claims to have enough land for another theme park, my wish is that I could make a deal with Disney to make a theme park I’ve always wanted but with co-financing the project with Disney. Disney is a company that I wished to imitate and if we could work together on such a project my dreams will come true.
Ideas for what kind of Butler INC./Disney Theme Park might be made!
·        I would love to create a theme park called “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson” after the book series of the same name. This theme park would contain rides inspired by characters from Butler INC. & Disney. I would also like third-party characters to be in this park as well. It will follow the Disney tradition of the park having themed lands and the hob and spokes design in all Disney parks. This theme park will also possibly be park of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Butler INC. will have joint ownership in the project.
·        My second dream theme park with the possible Butler INC./Disney team up is one in my home state of Illinois. A possible location for this theme park will be over the grounds of the former theme park Santa's Village which was a theme park that operated in East Dundee, Illinois from 1959 to 2006. My dream is to turn Santa’s Village into a small scale version of a Butler INC./Disney theme park. Even though Santa’s Village recently reopened I would wish to buyout its current owners and make my wish of having my own theme park near my home town come true.
·        Inside one of the theme parks I would like to build a museum for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame and would form a partnership with the WWE on construction for the museum building within the theme park. If the WWE Hall of Fame Museum will be a separate admission or free once with purchase of theme park ticket is currently unknown. 

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