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Saturday Morning Toons Character Bios!

Lenny the Leopard is the star of a cartoon from the 60’s called “The Lenny Leopard Show” and he loves to be a hero. Lenny the Leopard is cocky and cool.  Lenny the Leopard is a very proud citizen of Wackyland Lenny the Leopard has many friends including his best friend, roommate and sidekick Snapper the Snapping Turtle.

Lenny the Leopard loves playing baseball when he’s not out on adventures or battling his rival Flea-Boy the Clown.  Lenny the Leopard loves pie, but his favorite kind of pie is cherry.   He has super speed.  Lenny the Leopard has lived most of his life not knowing he is a fictional cartoon character. One day he finds out the truth about who he really is and he, along with Snapper the Snapping Turtle, begins hopping through different cartoons on Saturday mornings.

Lenny the Leopard comes to realize that his show has been in reruns for decades. He hasn’t done anything new and it’s been the same thing everyday. First, Lenny uses this newfound ability of hoping from TV show to TV show to go on new adventures and be an even greater hero. But Lenny grows homesick and tries to find his way home back to his own show.  After many adventures, he makes it back to his show.

Lenny the Leopard also finds out he’s the mascot of “Funtime Animation Studios”, the studio that created his show. Lenny the Leopard is all in all a great guy and a very loyal friend.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle is Lenny the Leopard’s nerdy sidekick. Snapper is a little cowardly and rarely tries anything new. Snapper loves reading and his favorite book is Don Quixote. Snapper is a loyal sidekick of Lenny the Leopard.  One day he and Lenny gain the ability to go to different Saturday morning TV shows.  Even though Snapper is depressed to learn that he is actually a fictional character, as he enters other shows he gains a confidence he never had before.  Snapper is able to do things he would never do in his own show.   He is more powerful and assertive.

While Snapper is hopping through different TV shows, he gets the chance to be a wrestling heavyweight champion and he has a girlfriend who is a female anime superhero Expo Flight.  Over time, he is less and less of a coward.

During the journey through different TV shows, Snapper the Snapping Turtle begins to question his friendship with Lenny.   The pair even gets some counseling from Dr. Piz on his talk show.  Snapper cares about Lenny even though know they rarely see eye to eye.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle learns to finally stand up for himself and begins to realize that he can be more than just some goofy sidekick. Snapper is a voice of reason and logical while also being a pretty fun guy.

Flea-Boy the Clown is a bad guy who loves being bad. The leader of a gang of evil clowns and the rival of Lenny the Leopard, Flea-Boy the Clown will do anything to take over Wackyland.

Flea-Boy the Clown loves to smoke cigars and is a skilled inventor. Through a magical event, Flea-Boy the Clown is given a magical paintbrush by an animator from his show and gains the ability to alter reality. With Lenny and Snapper now gone from their show, Flea-Boy the Clown, using his magical paintbrush, begins to take control of Wackyland. He makes himself the star of Lenny’s show, going as far as to rename the show, “The Flea-Boy the Clown Show”.

Along with wanting to be the ruler of Wackyland, Flea-Boy the Clown wants to be a star and a leading man. When Flea-Boy the Clown learns that he’s a fictional character, the first thing he asks is, “How famous am I?”  Flea-Boy the Clown becomes more evil and power hungry each and every day.  Flea-Boy the Clown soon wants to take over more than just Wackyland, he wants to rule the entire universe and declares himself a god.

Flea-Boy the Clown is very greedy and would do anything for money. Flea-Boy the Clown luckily is always defeated, but dreams that one day he’ll win in the end.

Neil is a 9-year-old boy who loves cartoons. Neil always watches Saturday morning cartoons except on the Saturdays when he can play baseball. Neil besides loving cartoons really loves baseball and will always play it even though he isn’t very good.

But the Saturday he was supposed to play his big game, a thunderstorm was the first thing he woke up too the day of his big game. So with it raining all day, Neil is stuck inside watching TV all Saturday morning instead of playing baseball.  But this thunderstorm caused something magical to happen to Neil’s TV. Neil happened to be watching “The Lenny Leopard Show” when lighting hit Neil’s TV antenna and caused Lenny and Snapper to be trapped inside Neil’s TV. Now whenever Neil changes the channel, Lenny and Snapper end up on whatever show Neil is watching.

So Neil is seeing Lenny and Snapper on every TV show he watches which kind of annoys him. But Neil’s Saturday gets even weirder when Lenny and Snapper come out of the TV and enter his bedroom.

Now Neil has to find a way to return Lenny and Snapper back home. With the help of Earl the TV repairman, Neil is able to get Lenny and Snapper back home.

Even though Neil wanted to spend Saturday June 9th 1997 playing baseball he ended up having a Saturday morning that must kids would dream of.

Earl is an elderly TV repairman and a former animator at Funtime Animation Studios.  After being laid off by Funtime Animation Studios, Earl began to learn how he can communicate with cartoon characters on TV. Earl inverted a special microphone which he can hook up to the TV and use to communicate with his creations.

Earl soon becomes a godlike figure among his cartoon creations and he gives his favorite creation Flea-Boy the Clown a magical paintbrush that can alter the reality of his cartoon. Earl likes being worshiped as a god and kind of cares the cartoon characters he had a hand in creating.

Earl happens to be a Neil’s house when the TV in Neil’s living room breaks and Earl discovers that Neil trapped Lenny and Snapper inside his TV.  Now Earl has to free his creations out of the TV and return them home. Earl knows that most of what happened this Saturday is his fault but being the TV repairman he must fix it.

Earl eventually gets Lenny and Snapper back home and fixes Neil’s TV. Earl also eventually takes back the magical paintbrush, which happened to be what he used to draw his cartoons.  Earl still likes to talk to his cartoon creations from time to time and Earl still holds a lot of power in Wackyland.
Expo Flight is from an anime show called “Team Expo” which is about a superhero team called Team Expo. Expo Flight is the only female member of Team Expo and she doesn’t quite get along with her teammates. Expo Flight has the power to fly and that’s about it.

One day, Lenny and Snapper arrive on her show and she joins them in their adventures.  Now that Expo Flight knows that she’s a fictional character she realizes that she can start a new life elsewhere because she’s tired of life on her show and they way her teammates treat her.

Expo Flight begins to develop a crush on Snapper and eventually throughout this adventure they start dating. Expo Flight also loves to dance and becomes quite happy when she ends up in a music video.

Expo Flight is a bit of a rebel and she often doesn’t really listen to Lenny and Snapper that much. Expo Flight  eventually realizes that even though she isn’t appreciated on her show, she knows her team needs her. Expo Flight along with Lenny and Snapper find their way home back to their own shows but Expo Flight still continues to talk to her now long distance boyfriend Snapper the Snapping Turtle.

Expo Flight also eventually gets a spin off show where she’s the star and doesn’t have to be a team player, she couldn’t be any happier.

Salizard is an evil wizard from a cartoon called “The Warriors” and Salizard in his world may be the bad guy but in reality he’s actually a pretty nice guy.

Salizard originally wanted nothing more than to rule the world but after he visited a preschool show it changed his personality to the point where he became a whole lot nicer.

Salizard now loves to give hugs and he has become quite a loyal ally of Lenny and Snapper in their quest to get home. Salizard loves polka music and dancing. Salizard now using his magical powers for good, helps defeat Flea-Boy the Clown and save the day.

Salizard is actually a little sad when he has to go back to his show because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore. But Salizard knows that he is an important part of his show and even though he hates it, he has to be the villain because that what he was meant to be. Salizard may be a bad guy but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

Funky Monkey is the mascot of Funky Flakes cereal and a very cool guy. Funky Monkey is straight out of the 70’s and he’s very hip and happening.

Funky Monkey befriends Lenny and Snapper after the hop into one of his commercials and now Funky Monkey joins Lenny and Snapper in their quest to get home. Funky Monkey slowly begins to realize he isn’t that cool or funky but yet he slowly becomes a better person in realizing he doesn’t have to be cool in order to have friends.

Funky Monkey also likes to hit on Expo Flight even though she has no interest in him and Funky Monkey is quite the ladies’ man. Funky Monkey is also a skilled martial artist, which makes him pretty good in a fight. After he helped Lenny and Snapper get back home, Funky Monkey returns to his commercial world and continues to eat his Funky Flakes with a whole lot of bananas.

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