Saturday, April 1, 2017

"30 Days" Movie Idea!

“30 Days” is about a young cross dresser named Mary Ginger (a.k.a. Bill Ginger) who is coping with feelings of wanting to be a woman while considering a sex change operation. In addition to being financially unable to get the surgery, Mary Ginger’s father does not condone the lifestyle due to his strong Christian faith. Mary Ginger conducts her daily life as a woman, but her masculine features make it obvious she is a cross dresser.  One day after leaving a performance at her drag queen show, a gang of homophobic men mugs and steals all the money she has made at the show.  Alone and traumatized by the events that just happened to her, Mary Ginger’s guardian angel appears before her.    This guardian angel espouses the fraternity bro culture a.k.a. a white dude and he has been watching Mary her whole life. Mary’s bro guardian angel is named T. J. Mark.  T. J. Mark is sent by God or as he refers to him, “Big G”. He is there to grant Mary’s wish to become a real woman, but there is a catch.  The wish will only last a month and it’s only a one-time opportunity. Mary accepts even though Mary doesn’t quite believe it is a legit offer.  The next day when Mary wakes up she finds out that she has been transformed into a beautiful young woman with real lady parts and such. T. J. Mark appears to tell Mary that this isn’t a dream, that Mary didn’t become this way through surgery, but was born a woman in this reality. Mary finds out in this new reality, she has never been man, has always been woman, has always liked men and is completely heterosexual. Everyone Mary has ever known knows her as a woman, including her dad and family. In this new reality, Mary’s wish to be a supermodel is granted.  Before T. J. Mark leaves, he tells Mary that he’ll appear whenever she needs help or has a big question about this reality. For a month Mary lives life as a real woman. While she enjoys some of the perks of this reality, she finds the negatives too. Most of her gay friends don’t know her and her father doesn’t like her being a supermodel because he considers it a life a sin.  Mary notices men are very attracted to her now.  In the short time Mary is a woman, she meets a Black American young man named Marcus Jake who is a football player that she met at a party.  Mary and Marcus Jake fall madly in love with each other.  Mary is scared because her month as a woman is almost over and she’ll return back to her old life as a man wanting to be a woman.   She fears Marcus Jake won’t love her anymore once he knows the truth about her. But little does Mary know, Marcus Jake is hiding a secret from her too! Marcus Jake is actually a woman who wants to become a man.  When Mary’s 30 days as a woman expire, she finds out Marcus has been given the same wish from his guardian angel.  Mary and Marcus learn they don’t really need to completely transform, but can love and be with each other as they are.

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