Saturday, April 1, 2017

"The Beast & The Bow" Movie Idea!

The Beast & The Bow is a new spin of the classic Beauty & The Beast tale.  Brick Archer, a former thief and bounty hunter is on the trail of a fugitive when he himself is taken by the royal guard and summoned to the queen.

The queen wants Brick Archer to help in slaying an ogre.   She will pay him a big cash reward to do so. Brick Archer and the captain of the royal guard, Misty Mount begin their quest to slay the ogre.

When they encounter the ogre, he is actually friendly and peaceful. The ogre’s name is Oliver and all he wants is to just go home to his castle. Brick Archer and Misty Mount help Oliver get back home to his castle.   They actually enter another ogre’s castle by mistake. This ogre is named Olivia and she and Oliver seem to connect.

For you see, Oliver and Olivia are cursed and turned into ogres by an evil witch. This witch just so happens to be the queen Brick and Misty are working for. Our heroes eventually learn, along with Olivia and Oliver, that Olivia and Oliver are actually royalty.

Oliver and Olivia are actually in an arranged marriage to end the war between their kingdoms.  Oliver and Olivia fall in love with each other without the knowledge of the arranged marriage. The witch erased Oliver and Olivia’s memories when she turned them into ogres to make herself the new queen of the land.

As the secrets keep unfolding as to the true identity of Oliver and Olivia, Brick finds out that Misty Mount has a secret of her own. That secret is that she is actually an ugly brutish giant-human hybrid that the witch turned into a beautiful young woman.  This is why Misty works for the queen.

Once our heroes find out the truth, it’s up to Brick to slay the witch.  He succeeds in his mission.  After our heroes defeat the witch, the curse is broken and Oliver and Olivia are human again.  The story is not over yet.  The witch returns for revenge and turns Brick into an ogre.

The heroes have to break another curse and luckily they do so. With the witch defeated again, Brick and Misty now are partners and together they became a powerful bounty hunter duo. They all live happily ever after!

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