Thursday, March 2, 2017


Character Debates would be an animated segment where two fictional characters debate with each other. Examples include characters that are knockoffs of each other (like Aquaman & Namor, Green Arrow & Hawkeye, etc.). It would be characters who have opposite viewpoints, or classic match ups like Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny or Super Mario vs. Sonic. These debates could poke fun at the series the characters comes from (like the plot holes or goofy episodes from the series) or the character themselves (like how nobody seems to know Clark Kent is Superman just because he is wearing glasses, which isn’t much of a disguise). Sample jokes: (for Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny) Mickey Mouse says, “Why do you always dress up like a woman, Bugs?” Bug Bunny responds, “I don’t know! Why does your girlfriend look like you in drag, Mickey?” (for Captain America vs. Hulk Hogan) Captain America says, “Hulk Hogan is a racist and a steroid abuser, so I declare he is not to be a real American!” Hulk Hogan responds, “Look who’s talking, Cap, have you seen your comics from the 40’s? Have you even read your origin story? You fought Japanese stereotypes and got injected with a drug that gave you super strength! Cap, you’re a hypocrite, brother.” 

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