Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Computer Commandos" Movie Idea!

Computer Commandos is about a superhero team made up of robotic, cyborg, and tech powered superheroes.  The group, formed by the U.S. government, combats robotic threats against the country and the world. Even though some of the Computer Commandos members may have been forced to join the team and programed too, in the end they save the world and feel good about doing it.
The Computer Commandos are headed by General J. and aided by robotic inventors/scientists Ron J. Orson, Ken P. Fillips, Scott Diver and Rick Diver. The Computer Commandos are lead by two cyborgs, General Warfare and High Tech Nick. General Warfare is a cyborg super soldier that suffers from PTSD, but his mind has been reprogramed to the point he’s now an emotionless machine. Due to General Warfare losing his humanity, his teammates worry the higher ups will do the same thing to them.  They long to have their friend back to the way he was.
The Computer Commandos don’t always seem to get along.   Many of them struggle with their daily lives because the robot members wish to be human, while the cyborg members of the team want to keep their humanity.   High Tech Nick feels conflicted because he’s a 40 year old stuck in the body of a teenager and he’s tired of his daily upgrades that make him feel even more inhuman. 
The main enemies of the Computer Commandos include the mad scientist and businessman, X-Eye, who after not getting funding from the U.S. government for his inventions seeks revenge on the world.  X-Eye has the aid of his robotic henchmen, Mac Machine, Xane the Exterminator, Buzz & Kirk.
The Changers, who are transforming robots created by X-Eye, have since become independent of their creator and are now taking over the planet.  Computer Man, a living computer and member of the Computer Commandos is actually the true villain.  He is secretly leading The Changers while pretending to be the weakest member of the team. Computer Man’s main goal is to make machines the dominant species of Earth.
Along with fighting their enemies, the Computer Commandos face a greater threat created by Ken P. Fillips called the Ying Yang virus.  This is a computer virus created to take out all machines.  Even though they claim the Ying Yang virus is created to take out their enemies, some of the Computer Commandos feel it is a way to control them, destroy them and keep them from rebelling against their superiors.

Our story begins 4 years after the Computer Commandos disband due to being tired of being controlled and reprogramed by the U.S. government. Most of them just don’t want to be soldiers anymore.  Instead they want to just move on from their old lives of being Computer Commandos and truly have free will to do what they want. Some of the members are butting heads with the higher ups and even each other. The story ends with them reunited having defeated their enemies.  Losing many Computer Commandos members in combat and they now face an uncertain future. 

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