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Magic Wars 3: Part 1!

It has been a couple of years since our last adventure. Tubbles and Penny We announced their engagement and Tubbles lost a lot of weight due to working out. Devon Lee and Stephanie Sith announced their engagement as well. Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F. announced their engagement and Brie J.F. was pregnant with their first child. Chris We and Angelina Longfellow began dating and they are beginning to fall in love with each other. After Curt’s death, his daughter Christy became the new head of the Magical Council while Tubbles the Wise became the new head of the Wizard’s Court. Also Ryū, Lalu, and Huan joined the Magical Council army. Plus Lo-Chow became a member of the Wizard’s Court and Lalu joined the Wizard’s Court school for training. Our story begins when King Lark’s son Tojo took over his father’s throne and now Tojo started a new war between the Magical Council and the dragons. Also King Tojo Lark formed an alliance with the troll kingdom and it now seemed King Tojo Lark’s takeover was unstoppable. Our story begins when Chris We and Angelina Longfellow were talking to each other while in the heavens Chris We’s former lover Princess Ayako Lark watched in jealousy. “I can’t believe Chris forgot about me…and now he’s with someone else…that makes me mad,” said Princess Ayako Lark to herself. “Perhaps I can be of assistance,” said a mysterious voice from behind Princess Ayako Lark. Princess Ayako Lark turned around and saw Loki standing behind her. “Who are you,” asked Princess Ayako Lark. “My name is Loki…would you like to make a deal,” asked Loki. “What kind of deal,” asked Princess Ayako Lark? Now we return to the mortal realm where Chris We and Angelina Longfellow were making out. But halfway during the making out…Chris We pulled back and sighed. “What’s wrong,” asked Angelina Longfellow. “It’s just…I miss Ayako, I still wish she wasn’t dead…but I still love her a little and I’m beginning to fall in love with you and…,” said Chris We. “You still have feelings for Ayako,” said Angelina Longfellow. “Yah…but I’m…oh my head…I,” said Chris We. Soon Chris We began to feel weird. “Chris what’s…oh I’m feeling weird too,” said Angelina Longfellow. Chris We then looked at his hands and they were getting bigger. Chris We soon realized he was becoming an ogre again and Chris We panicked. “Angelina…I have to go,” cried Chris We. Chris We then fled and soon Angelina Longfellow realized she was turning into a troll. “What the…I’m becoming a monster…like my mom was once…I can’t let Chris see me like this…,” cried Angelina Longfellow. It now seems like her mother Vanessa, Angelina Longfellow was turning into a troll. Angelina began to think that the gods don’t want her and Chris We to be together. But little did Angelina and Chris know was that Loki turned them into monsters because that was the deal he made Princess Ayako Lark. Princess Ayako Lark told Loki to turn Chris We into an ogre again to make him think that Angelina Longfellow was not his true love while Loki turned Angelina Longfellow into a troll so that Angelina would think Chris won’t love her anymore because she’s a troll. “Thanks Loki…soon Chris We will wish me back to life and then I’ll be his true love once more,” said Princess Ayako Lark. Princess Ayako Lark began to laugh evilly. “See you later Ayako…I have other god stuff to do,” said Loki. Loki then fled the scene and then Loki began to laugh evilly.

Now we return to the Magical Council where a new Wizard’s Court student was behaving badly. That student’s name was Mike and little does Mike and the Wizard’s Court know is that Mike’s real name is Moeguya Jr. and that Mike (Moeguya Jr.) is the son of Moeguya. Now we go to a meeting between Tubbles the Wise and Mike (Moeguya Jr.) because Tubbles began to worry about him turning to the dark side. “Mike…we at the Wizard’s Court are worried because we sense dark energies…and there’s just some questions I must ask you,” asked Tubbles. “Like what,” asked Mike (Moeguya Jr.). “Who are your parents or related family,” asked Tubbles. Mike (Moeguya Jr.) began to tell Tubbles that he never knew who his father was but he was abandon by his mother when he was really young. Mike (Moeguya Jr.) also began to tell Tubbles that he feels angry a lot and that he always loved to kill things. Mike (Moeguya Jr.) was also very power hungry. “Mike…I’m sorry but I have no choice but to perform an exorcism,” said Tubbles. “Exorcism on me,” cried Mike (Moeguya Jr.). “Or at least one of the Wizard’s Court elders…now stay here while I get further instructions from the Wizard’s Court elders,” said Tubbles. Tubbles then left his office and while he was gone Mike heard voices inside his head. These voices were evil and then Mike heard a voice in his head that would turn out to be his father. “Son, avenge me…,” cried Moeguya. “Dad…are you talking to me inside my head,” asked Mike. “Yes…I’m your father and those idiots who want to perform an exorcism on you killed me…escape son and from this day fourth you shall be known as Moeguya Jr.,” said Moeguya. “My real name is Moeguya Jr. and Mike is my slave name,” said Moeguya Jr. (Mike). “Yes…hurry free my followers from the Magical Council prison and only you can rule the Magical Universe and kill all the ones who killed me…hurry…before those idiots capture and kill you,” cried Moeguya. Mike then realized he really is Moeguya Jr. and now Mike is truly a demon/human hybrid. Moeguya Jr. then fled Tubbles’ office and he then went to the Magical Council prison. Moeguya Jr. soon freed from the Magical Council prison many of Moeguya’s loyal henchmen. Moeguya Jr. was soon building an army and Moeguya Jr. wants to avenge his father’s death. Moeguya Jr. also formed an alliance with King Tojo Lark and the troll kingdom and thus the Magic Wars have started all over again. Moeguya Jr. now was truly fulfilling his destiny. Now we go to a meeting between Riddle Fox and Christy. “Christy…I fear that the Chosen Four alone can’t defeat Moeguya Jr., and the only person I knew who could defeat Moeguya himself was one man,” said Riddle Fox. “Who,” asked Christy. “Your father…I hate to go against his wishes…but we have to wish Curt back to life,” said Riddle Fox.

Now we go to Riddle Fox and Christy who summoned Charlie the Genie to grant some wishes. “What are your wishes masters,” asked Charlie the Genie. “First wish…I wish my father Curt was alive again,” said Christy. “Done…,” said Charlie the Genie. “Second wish…I wish my father Curt would be 21 years old again,” said Christy. “Done…,” said Charlie the Genie. Not only was Curt alive again but now Curt’s 21 years old again. “Last wish…I wish for more light crystals,” said Christy. “Done, thanks for granting wishes with me” yelled Charlie the Genie. Charlie the Genie then was sucked back into his lamp. Riddle Fox and Christy began to fill Curt in on what’s happened after his death. “Wait…Lee and Hector are dead…I’m 21 years old again…Sith hasn’t been seen in ages…and now Moeguya’s son is plotting a takeover and I’m the only one who can stop him…again did I not say I wanted to be wished back to life…even if I am the only one who can stop the enemy…but I forgive you…now I must train for my upcoming battle with Moeguya Jr.,” said Curt. And just like that Curt was alive again and Curt was preparing to fight a new foe. While Curt was training, Chris We began to talk to his sister Penny We (Wild Girl II). “Brother…rhy are rou an ogre ragain,” asked Penny We. “I don’t know…but I can’t let Angelina Longfellow see me like this…and I love her but I don’t know if she is really my true love…I mean Princess Ayako Lark broke my curse…but Ayako’s dead and I beginning to fall in love with Angelina…what should I do Penny,” asked Chris We. “Ralk ro Angelina…rif she’s rour true love…ra-then she’ll love rou ro matter ra-how rou look,” said Penny We. “Sis can you just give me some beauty potions…I know what must be done,” said Chris We. Now we go to Angelina Longfellow talking to her cousin Snow White Jr. “Snow…I can’t let Chris see me like this…who would want to be with a monster…,” cried Angelina Longfellow. “He’s going to find out sometime…and if Chris really loves you he won’t care how you look…and maybe he’s the one who can break the curse,” said Snow White Jr. “But why would he want to kiss a troll,” said Angelina Longfellow. While this conversation was going on…the troll army made a surprise attack on the Magical Council headquarters. The troll army kidnapped Angelina Longfellow because since Angelina Longfellow was a troll now the troll’s wanted to bring her back to the troll kingdom to be with her kind (even though Angelina is only a troll by a curse). Chris We found out Angelina Longfellow was kidnapped by the trolls and he went to save her. But Chris We doesn’t know Angelina is currently a troll…Chris still thinks Angelina is human. Angelina doesn’t know that Chris We is currently an ogre and not a human. Curt was still training for his battle against Moeguya Jr.

Now we go to the jungle where Ryū and Lalu were sent to fight in the dragon army. Lalu who was now an ape creature began acting weirdly once she got into the jungle. Lalu soon went nuts and feld Ryū. Ryū then went to look for his wife Lalu. Lalu soon we meet another ape creature…and this ape creature somehow has a connection with Lalu. “Another monkey man…who are you…,” asked Lalu. “My name is Dexter…I was a former alpha male of my tribe…before I was dethroned by a younger ape…what is a girl as beautiful doing in the open…the dragons capture apes who are stupid and you look stupid,” said Dexter. Dexter talked in a Russian accent and little does Lalu know is that Dexter is her biological father. Dexter is a very strong old ape creature who has a lot of knowledge and battle wounds. Also little does Lalu know is that the dragons capture ape creatures and force them into slavery. Dexter and Lalu stuck together and Lalu continued to look for Ryū.

Now we go to King Tojo Lark and Moeguya Jr. having a conversation. “I shall avenge my father’s death and my sister’s death by destroying the Magical Council once and for all,” yelled King Tojo Lark. “Now then, King Tojo Lark…let your anger flow through you….it makes us stronger,” said Moeguya Jr. Then we see two big trolls walking into King Tojo Lark’s throne room. “Sir…we found a ogre and a troll who claim they aren’t working for us…,” said one of the trolls. “Bring them in here,” said King Tojo Lark. The troll guards brought in Chris We (who is an ogre) and Angelina Longfellow (who is a troll). “So, who are you two,” asked King Tojo Lark. “My name is Chris We…I work for the Magical Council…I only came here because I ran away,” said Chris We. “Chris We…you mean the Chris We who dated my sister Princess Ayako Lark,” asked King Tojo Lark. “The very same…I loved your sister a lot…but I moved on after she was killed….I found someone else…but she won’t love me anymore,” said Chris We. “She still loves you Chris,” said Angelina Longfellow. “What do you mean she still loves you troll,” asked Chris We. “Chris…it’s me, Angelina Longfellow…I’m a troll now but I was too scared to come to you because I didn’t want you to see me like this,” said Angelina Longfellow. “Likewise Angelina…so I take it you’re cursed too,” asked Chris We. “Pretty much,” said Angelina Longfellow. “Enough…Chris We…I challenge you to a fight….if you defeat me…you and your troll friend are free to go,” said King Tojo Lark. “I’ll kick your ass,” said Chris We. Chris We then attacked King Tojo Lark and soon Chris We and King Tojo Lark were fighting each other.
Back in the jungle Ryū found Dexter and Lalu. “Lalu…you’re alive,” cried Ryū. Ryū and Lalu began to make out with each other. “What the…Lalu…you is this human,” asked Dexter. “Dexter…this is my husband Ryū,” said Lalu. “You married a human…I forbid it,” cried Dexter. “Why…we barely know each other Dexter…,” said Lalu. Then our heroes heard a loud noise and soon Devon Lee who was flying the magical flying bed landed in front of Ryū, Dexter, and Lalu. “Thank goodness I found you guys…hurry we have to get back to Magical Council headquarters,” said Devon Lee. “Dexter, can you come with us….maybe you can speak to the Magical Council about freeing our people,” said Lalu. “I would love to Lalu…but I’m scared to fly,” said Dexter. Devon Lee then flew Ryū, Dexter, and Lalu back to Magical Council headquarters. Dexter would soon become the representative of the ape creatures for the Magical Council. Dexter now works on freeing his people from slavery and building a relationship with his daughter Lalu (Lalu by the way still doesn’t know Dexter is her biological father).

Chris We and King Tojo Lark were still fighting each other. But half way during the fight Tubbles the Wise, Penny We (Wild Girl II), Devon Lee, Stephanie Sith, Brie J.F., Snow White Jr., Ryū, and Lalu came to Chris We’s aide. “What took you guys so long,” asked Chris We? Soon Moeguya Jr. fled the scene while our heroes were fighting the troll and dragon army. During the battle…Angelina Longfellow was injured from fighting and Chris We rushed to her aide. “Angelina, don’t worry we’ll get help,” cried Chris We. “I love you Chris,” said Angelina Longfellow in pain. Chris We then kissed Angelina Longfellow. After Chris We and Angelina Longfellow kissed each other…both Chris We and Angelina Longfellow turned back into humans again. “Hey…you are my true love Angelina…you broke my curse,” said Chris We. “Likewise,” said Angelina Longfellow. Devon Lee threw a healing potion to Chris We. Chris We handed the healing potion to Angelina Longfellow and Angelina drank the healing potion. The healing potion cured Angelina’s injures and she began to fight alongside her friends once more.

After a long battle, our heroes finally defeated King Tojo Lark and his army. Ryū then killed King Tojo Lark with his samurai sword. Our heroes then headed back to the Magical Council headquarters. Now we go to the Demon Realm where King Tojo Lark was trapped there. “Damn those fools….I can’t believe they’ve killed me,” said King Tojo Lark. Just then Moeguya Jr. appeared in front of King Tojo Lark. “Hey buddy, want to return to the world of the living or what,” asked Moeguya Jr. King Tojo Lark nodded his head and soon Moeguya Jr. brought him out of the Demon Realm. King Tojo Lark was back in the world of the living even though he was killed. It now seems Moeguya Jr. was plotting his next plan to attack…but a new threat would soon emerge that was just as powerful as Moeguya Jr. But that’s a different story!

It has been a couple of months since our heroes defeated King Tojo Lark and everything was peaceful.  Tubbles and Penny We were now married and Penny We was pregnant with their first child. Devon Lee and Stephanie Sith were also married now too. Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F.  were now married as well and Brie J.F. gave birth to a son who she named Kenny White. Little do Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F. know is that their son Kenny will grow up to become a powerful warrior who will be a member of another Chosen Four incarnation. Chris We and Angelina Longfellow announced their engagement and Angelina Longfellow was pregnant with their first child. Curt also wished The Wise Wizard back to life to aide in the battle against Moeguya Jr. Like Curt…The Wise Wizard wasn’t brought back to life as an old man…but as a young adult. The Wise Wizard and Curt began to figure out how they would save the Magical Universe from the wrath of Moeguya Jr. and his army. Now we go to a city hidden inside a cavern. But this was no ordinary city hidden inside a cavern. This hidden city is the home of the last surviving coruptorens. Now we go to a celebration of the coruptorens new king who would help his people rule the entire Magical Universe. At this celebration was a coruptoren named Ku-Ba Jr. Ku-Ba Jr. was the son of Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. “Fellow coruptorens, please welcome our new king…he has returned to us after years of living with the non-coruptorens…please welcome…King Sith,” yelled Ku-Ba Jr. Sith then walked out to greet his people. It now appears Sith is the new king of the surviving coruptorens’ kingdom. Sith and Ku-Ba Jr. are teaming up to take over the magical universe and they now seem unstoppable.

Sith has grown a friendship with Ku-Ba Jr. After years of being loyal to the Magical Council…Sith has reverted back to his old ways. Sith now rules a kingdom of surviving coruptorens and Ku-Ba Jr. is Sith’s royal adviser. Basically Sith has been brainwashed by Ku-Ba Jr. who plans to overthrow him. Ku-Ba Jr. doesn’t know that Sith is actually stronger than him but Ku-Ba Jr. is very power hungry. Ku-Ba Jr. has three very loyal coruptoren bodyguards named Knahag, Kenni-Munk, and Deadler. Sith and Ku-Ba Jr. are planning a huge takeover of the magical universe and the destruction of the Magical Council. Without Sith’s permission…Ku-Ba Jr. secretly formed an alliance with Moeguya Jr. and his demon army. Now the coruptorens were starting to become unstoppable. But the Magical Council was preparing for the coruptoren takeover and they were ready to fight. But sadly…the Magical Council was losing money. You see the Magical Council was being funded by the Faun family’s vast wealth. The founder of the Magical Council Henry K. Faun came from a very wealthy family and the remaining members of the Faun family can’t afford to fund the Magical Council anymore. How did the Faun family make their fortune? The Faun family owns the Faun Magical Potions Corporation which is a huge provider of magical potions and magical equipment. Due to a huge economic recession in the magical universe, the Faun Magical Potions Corporation has been losing a lot of money. Thus without funding from the Faun family…the Magical Council began to lose momentum and the Magical Council’s future looked bleak. Our story begins when Ku-Ba Jr.’s loyal coruptoren bodyguards Knahag, Kenni-Munk, and Deadler stole the ruby that trapped Ku-Ba Jr.’s father Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard from the Magical Council vault. Soon Knahag, Kenni-Munk, and Deadler gave the ruby to Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba Jr. smashed the ruby on the ground. The ruby broke and thus Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard was free again. “Father, welcome back,” said Ku-Ba Jr. “Son, you’re still alive after all these years,” said Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. “We coruptorens live long…now father…meet the new coruptoren king…Sith,” said Ku-Ba Jr. Sith walked into the scene and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard stared at Sith with anger in his eyes. “You…you’re king…you killed me…son why’s he in charge,” cried Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard in anger. “Because I’m a surviving member of a coruptoren royal family…plus I’m now on your side master,” said Sith. “Okay…I forgive your previous actions and accept your alliance,” said Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard and Sith then shook hands. Secretly Ku-Ba Jr. whispered something into his father’s ear...what he whispered is a secret we’ll find out later.

Now we go to a meeting between Christy, Riddle Fox, and Ernest B. Faun. Ernest B. Faun is the CEO of the Faun Magical Potions Corporation and the last living heir to the Faun family fortune. Christy and Riddle Fox went to meet with Ernest B. Faun to discuss the future funding of the Magical Council. “Please Mr. Faun…we need funding…,” said Christy. “Look, it’s an economic recession and I think the Magical Council is a waste of time,” said Ernest B. Faun. “But why…we help spread peace throughout the magical universe…we help in wars and other good things,” said Christy. “Look, it’s just I have a lot of problems okay…the Faun Magical Potions Corporation is facing tuff competition and loss of customers…half of the stores that sold our products don’t want our products anymore…plus more kingdoms don’t want business with us,” said Ernest B. Faun. “Look Mr. Faun, your company is our biggest financer…if we lose you then we lose all of our funding…hell our sponsors aren’t as big as your company…they’re small businesses compared to you,” said Riddle Fox. “I hate to say this because of my grandfather’s sake in the Magical Council…but I think you need funding from my competition…because they only way my company can still fund the Magical Council is to lay off some employees and replace them with golems,” said Ernest B. Faun. “Golems…why should you replace your employees with golems,” asked Christy. “Because golems work for free, golems don’t eat, golems don’t sleep, and golems don’t think, but I hate to fire half of my employees just so I can fund the Magical Council…I’m in a rut here,” said Ernest B. Faun. “Sir…we need funding from you…so if that means you need to fire a few employees and replace them with golems, then so be it….we have a war to fight and the Magical Council is a big part of ending this war…please think about it,” said Riddle Fox. “But Riddle Fox you know how many employees he’ll have to fire….millions will be out of jobs…and they’ll probably riot or something,” said Christy. “Christy…the Magical Council is more important than workers’ welfare, please think about us Mr. Faun, we could really use your help,” said Riddle Fox. Riddle Fox and Christy then left and Ernest B. Faun sighed. “I guess I have no choice…I half to lay off half of my employees to fund the Magical Council…it’ll be the only way to end the Magic Wars once and for all,” said Ernest B. Faun. Just like that, Ernest B. Faun announced the next day that the Faun Magical Potions Corporation was lying off half of their workforce and replacing them with golems. Millions lost their jobs to golems and soon the fired workers rioted throughout the magical universe. Millions were unemployed and work was harder to find. Ernest B. Faun and the Magical Council were now hated for the first time ever.
Not only does the Magical Council have to deal with war…but now the fired workers of Faun Magical Potions Corporation began planning terrorist attacks on the Magical Council. But the only good thing about all this was now the Magical Council had funding and the Faun Magical Potions Corporation was making record profits. Golems soon made up half of the Faun Magical Potions Corporation workforce and golems were better employees as well. Moeguya Jr. soon formed an alliance with the fired workers of Faun Magical Potions Corporation and Moeguya Jr. became an anti-hero among most of the magical universe. Moeguya Jr. also began plotting his next attack on the Magical Council. The Magic Wars have now begun.
Now we go to a meeting between Curt, The Wise Wizard, and Tubbles. “I fear that the world is basically going to hell and that the Magical Council is going to be destroyed,” said The Wise Wizard. “What should we do…not only do we have the Moeguya Jr. problem but the coruptorens are growing in power,” said Curt. “But you two are both the most powerful wizards in history, you can stop these guys right,” asked Tubbles. “I fear we may actually lose this war….god help us all,” said The Wise Wizard. Then Curt, The Wise Wizard, and Tubbles heard a loud explosion from outside of Tubbles’ office. The Magical Council headquarters was beginning invaded by a coruptoren army led by Sith. “Oh my god….it’s Sith…he’s back,” cried Curt. The coruptoren army soon attacked the Magical Council soldiers. Sith then began to laugh evilly. “Soon the magical universe will be mine,” yelled Sith. Curt, The Wise Wizard, and Tubbles were soon fighting Knahag, Kenni-Munk, and Deadler while Sith was wreaking havoc around the Magical Council headquarters. Sith then was about to kill a Magical Council soldier when his son Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) appeared. “Dad….as much as I hate to do this…I’m going to kick your ass,” said Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow). “Hello son…I wish you can join my army…but your only half-coruptoren…so you’re useless to me now,” said Sith. “Bring it on old man,” yelled Scott Sith. Sith and Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) began fighting each other and they were evenly matched. After a couple of hours of fighting, Sith and the coruptoren army soon fled the scene. Now the Magical Council headquarters was in ruins after the coruptoren attack. “That’s it…it’s defiantly a war now,” yelled Curt in anger.

Now we go to the hidden coruptoren city where a meeting between Ku-Ba Jr. and Moeguya Jr. was taking place. “Now then…once those fools return from the Magical Council I’ll dethrone Sith and become king myself….plus you can have my soul Moeguya Jr.,” said Ku-Ba Jr. “Yes your soul…say I have something I need to do first,” said Moeguya Jr. “What,” asked Ku-Ba Jr. “Kill all of the coruptorens,” yelled Moeguya Jr. “What,” cried Ku-Ba Jr. Moeguya Jr. then knocked out Ku-Ba Jr. and Moeguya Jr. soon went on a rampage.

Moeguya Jr. and his henchmen were soon killing all the coruptorens. “Sorry to kill you all…but like my father says kill that which is stronger than you,” yelled Moeguya Jr. After a couple of hours, Moeguya Jr. and his henchmen soon killed every coruptoren in the magical universe except for Sith, Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard, Knahag, and Ku-Ba Jr. Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard soon became henchmen for Moeguya Jr. while Sith and Knahag joined the Magical Council (the only reason Sith and Knahag are helping the Magical Council and are now the good guys is because they want to advenge the deaths of their brethren). Sith soon apologized for all of his wrong doings and our heroes forgave him. Sith was happy to be with his friends again and a fellow fighter for the Magical Council. Knahag also befriended our heroes and Knahag also joined the Wizard’s Court. Knahag would soon discover he has magical powers which few coruptorens possess. Knahag is currently a student of The Wise Wizard and Knahag is now very kind hearted.

But now our heroes had to stop Moeguya Jr. and his arm from taking over the magical universe. Curt, The Wise Wizard, Tubbles, Sith and Knahag flew to Moeguya Jr.’s castle for the final showdown against Moeguya Jr. But when our heroes arrived they discovered Moeguya Jr. wasn’t there. But our heroes will now face Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard in a different final showdown. “Well it appears that the idiots at the Magical Council sent some pests to kill us…but we’ll take care of them won’t we father,” said Ku-Ba Jr. “Right son,” said Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. “Alright….we’ll work together to stop these guys once and for all…now let’s fight,” cried Curt. “Right,” said The Wise Wizard, Tubbles, Sith and Knahag. Curt, The Wise Wizard, Tubbles, Sith and Knahag began to fight Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard and they were evenly matched. After a long battle, Curt, The Wise Wizard, Tubbles, Sith and Knahag defeated Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard. Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard were very badly injured from their battle against our heroes. Soon Moeguya Jr. returned to the scene and Moeguya Jr. killed Ku-Ba Jr. and Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard on the spot. “Dude…why did you kill your own henchmen,” cried Tubbles. “Because they lost to you and they our dead weight to me….now then…I must go…face off against my other henchmen…have fun,” said Moeguya Jr. Then a bunch of demons attacked Curt, The Wise Wizard, Tubbles, Sith and Knahag while Moeguya Jr. fled the scene. After killing the demons our heroes headed back to the Magical Council headquarters. Sith and Knahag are now the only coruptorens left in the whole magical universe. It now seemed a new threat was slowly emerging….and that threat was created with help from the Magical Council.

It has been a couple of months since our heroes defeated Ku-Ba Jr. and everything was back to normal in the Magical Council. Tubbles and Penny We welcomed their first child a daughter they named Betty (Wild Girl III). Devon Lee and Stephanie Sith were also soon going to be parents because Stephanie Sith was pregnant with their first child. Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F.  were now raising their son Kenny White and they were proud parents. Little do Snow White Jr. and Brie J.F. know is that their son Kenny will grow up to become a powerful warrior who will be a member of another Chosen Four incarnation. Chris We and Angelina Longfellow are also now parents and Angelina Longfellow gave birth to their first child a son which they named Walter We. Ryū and Lalu celebrated their wedding anniversary and Lalu was pregnant with their first child. Knahag was still attending the Wizard’s Court school and Knahag is still training to become a stronger fighter. With the threat of Moeguya Jr. under watch a new threat is slowly coming. That threat is the revolt of the golems…but that’s a different story!

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