Thursday, March 23, 2017

"The Giant & The Dragon" Movie Idea!

“The Giant & The Dragon” is about four thieves named Sam, Grub, Mist, and Old Pete who are planning a great heist to steal The King’s gold. Sam is the leader of the group, and he actually has a history with The King. Before Sam turned to a life of crime, he used to be a soldier in the royal guard. After Sam fell in love with The King’s daughter, Princess Courtney, he was fired from the royal guard because The King didn’t want his daughter marrying a commoner. Just before the four thieves could rob The King of his gold, the royal guard catches Grub, Mist and Old Pete, but Sam is able to avoid capture.

With Princess Courtney in tow, Sam flees to the forbidden mountains. When Sam and Princess Courtney arrive at the forbidden mountains, they encounter a giant and a dragon that happen to be lovers. The Giant and The Dragon are banished from their kingdoms because their love is considered sin due to both being male and of different species.  Sam befriends The Giant and The Dragon and he later finds out they are both royalty. Sam also discovers a secret about Princess Courtney. She is not a human, but actually a dragon.  Sadly, Sam’s freedom is short lived because the royal guard tracks him down.  The royal guard captures him along with Princess Courtney, The Giant, and The Dragon. Just before Sam and his gang of thieves are going to be sacrificed to The Giant and The Dragon in a large area of people from the kingdom, Mist teleports them all to safety.  A great war between the kingdoms of man, giants, and dragons begins forcing the gang to return. The war comes to an end when the kingdom of man returns the dragon princess, Princess Courtney, to the dragon kingdom. Now that the three kingdoms are at peace, Sam marries Princess Courtney, The Giant and The Dragon are welcome back to their kingdoms, and are free to marry as well. And they all lived happily ever after!

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